30 Fairycore Hairstyles 2024: Aesthetic Styles You’ll Love

On a hunt for magical hairstyles that will transform you into a fairy? This article unveils 30 mesmerizing Fairycore Hairstyles that would elevate your charm, whether your hair is long, short, curly, or straight.

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What are Fairycore Hairstyles?

Fairycore pfp aesthetic is an enchanting and whimsical style that will make you feel like you stepped straight out of a fairytale. This magical aesthetic is characterized by flowing, whimsical dresses, lace, butterflies, ribbons, glitter, pastel shades, and magical creatures. Hairstyles play a significant role in completing the fairycore look, with many options.

You’ll notice that fairycore hairstyles are often inspired by nature and soft, romantic elements, such as flowers, braids, and loose waves. Adding delicate accessories, like flower crowns or butterfly clips, elevates your hairdo to new enchantment levels. If you want to evoke the supernatural with your hairstyle, try incorporating pointy ears or other ethereal features that will captivate those around you.

When styling your hair in a fairycore aesthetic, don’t be afraid to experiment with different textures and styles. You’ll find that braids are a popular choice, offering versatility and elegance in equal measure. From simple three-strand braids to intricate fishtails, the possibilities are endless. Adding a few loose curls or waves can create a soft, dreamy effect that’s perfect for achieving the fairycore vibe.

Color is another essential aspect of fairycore hairstyles. While natural hues and pastel shades tend to dominate, you can also opt for more vibrant colors if that’s what you prefer. Remember, the goal is to embrace your inner fairy and channel your magical essence through your hair.

Finally, don’t forget about hair accessories. Adorning your locks with flowers, ribbons, or magical creatures will bring your fairycore hairstyle to life. Whether it’s a simple headband or an elaborate flower crown, accessories are a must to complete the fairycore aesthetic.

Essential Accessories for Fairycore Hairstyles

First off, ribbons and bows are must-have items in your collection. Their delicate and charming appeal can easily be incorporated into braids or tied around buns to add playfulness to your hairstyles. Experiment with different colors and textures to find the perfect ribbon for your fairycore look.

Flowers are another key element in fairycore hair accessories. Whether you opt for fresh or artificial flowers, they can be effortlessly added to your hair for a touch of nature. Opt for small blooms or even a cascading array of blossoms to mimic the ethereal beauty often seen in fairy tales.

Don’t forget about butterfly clips! These are a staple in the fairycore aesthetic, as they evoke a sense of whimsy and bring a magical touch to your hair. Choose from an array of colorful clips, and feel free to mix and match these tiny creatures for a truly captivating hairstyle.

A flower crown is the way to go if you’re aiming for a more regal look. This accessory can be easily crafted or purchased and adds an ethereal touch to your locks. Your flower crown can be as simple or elaborate as you’d like, incorporating a variety of flora to suit your fairycore style.

Finally, consider adding a touch of elegance to your hairstyles with a beautiful headband. This can be adorned with crystals, pearls, or even moss and twigs for a more rustic fairycore vibe. A headband not only adds a decorative element but also helps to keep your hair in place and looking flawless throughout the day.

Top 10 Fairycore Hairstyles

  1. Flower Crown Braids: Intertwine delicate flowers into a beautiful braid, creating a crown around your head. This hairstyle is perfect for adding an ethereal touch to your wavy or straight hair.
  2. Fairy Waves: Transform your hair into cascading, loose waves with the help of a curling wand. This effortless hairstyle has an enchanting, natural appearance suitable for shoulder-length or waist-length hair.
  3. Messy Fairy Buns: Embrace the carefree fairycore vibe with a messy bun. Pull your hair into a loose bun, letting a few strands fall around your face for a playful, enchanted look.
  4. Butterfly Clips: Channel the spirit of magical creatures by adorning your hair with butterfly clips. Scatter them throughout your wavy or straight hair for a youthful, charming effect.
  5. Pixie Cut with Elfin Bangs: Opt for a short, playful pixie cut and add some wispy elfin bangs. This hairstyle is perfect for those looking for a more daring yet enchanting, fairycore style.
  6. Woodland Braids: Create small, intricate braids throughout your hair and decorate them with tiny flowers, leaves, or beads. This hairstyle embraces the essence of a woodland fairy and looks especially whimsical with wavy hair.
  7. Loose Ribbon Braids: Weave ribbons through loose braids, adding a touch of colorful whimsy to your hair. This style works well with shoulder-length or waist-length hair and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.
  8. Glitter Roots: Add some sparkle to your look by incorporating glitter into the roots of your hair. This fun, dazzling touch is perfect for creating a standout fairycore aesthetic.
  9. Ombre Fishtail Braid: Give your fishtail braid a magical spin by incorporating an ombre color effect. Transition from darker roots to lighter ends to achieve a dreamy, enchanting hairstyle.
  10. Pastel Hair: Embrace the softness of the fairycore aesthetic by dyeing your hair in a pastel shade such as lavender, mint, or rose. This look will instantly transport you to a whimsical, fairy-tale world.

Must-Have Fairycore Outfits and Accessories

First and foremost, a flowy dress is the cornerstone of any fairy-inspired look. Opt for mid-thigh length, fluffy dresses with a distinct bodice, cinched-in waist, and off-the-shoulder sleeves like this one. Play with pastel colors and floral patterns to enhance your enchanting vibes.

Don’t forget about shoes! Fairycore footwear can range from cozy slippers to elegant open-toe shoes. Mary Jane shoes, in particular, perfectly balance feminine and grunge vibes.

Incorporating jewelry into your fairycore outfits is an excellent way to express your personality. Look for delicate necklaces, bracelets, and earrings adorned with flowers, leaves, or mystical symbols. Vintage-inspired lockets and charm bracelets are also a great addition to your collection.

Don’t forget to add a touch of sparkle to your look with fairycore necklaces. Layered pendant necklaces featuring crystals, flora, or fauna add a touch of ethereal sophistication. Browse some enchanting options on Etsy.

A romantic and airy blouse paired with a flowy skirt is another lovely option, perfect for laying in a sunlit meadow or exploring a magical forest. Combine soft fabrics like lace, chiffon, or tulle with loose, billowy sleeves for an effortlessly dreamy appearance.

When it comes to fairycore clothing, layering is your friend! Add a stunning corset over thin summer dresses or long-sleeved tops to elevate your look and accentuate your fairycore vibe. Check out some beautiful corset options here.

Finish off your outfit with some enchanting accessories, like flower crowns, lace gloves, or even delicate butterfly or fairy wings! These little touches can make all the difference in bringing your ethereal fairycore dreams to life.

Popular 20 Fairycore Hairstyles on TikTok

First off, we have the adorable braid crown, with users like @piscesxfairy and @djbabysosh flaunting their gorgeous locks and intricate braids. To achieve this look, divide your hair into two equal sections and braid each side down to the ends. Then, wrap the braids around the top of your head like a crown, securing them with bobby pins and tucking the ends underneath.

Another enchanting trend on TikTok is the loose, messy bun, showcased by creators like @xxbellatormenaxx and @ellecovesmusic. Embrace your inner fairy by pulling your hair up into a loose high bun, allowing a few strands to fall gracefully around your face. Weave small flowers or gems into the bun for an added touch, making your look even more ethereal.

If you’re craving something simpler, there’s the twisted half-up, with TikTokers like @ceira.walsh demonstrating a chic yet effortless style. Separate the front section of your hair from the rest, then twist it back and pin it in place. This hairstyle works well with various hair lengths and textures, leaving you feeling like a woodland nymph!

Finally, don’t shy away from incorporating accessories into your fairycore hairstyles. From floral headbands and butterfly clips to delicate ribbons and lace, be bold in your style choices and let your creativity soar. TikTok users like @charchiasson and @illusorybyriley showcase diverse ways to embrace fairycore fashion trends with their imaginative approaches to hairstyle accessories.

Fairycore Makeup Inspiration

First things first, your base makeup! For an authentic fairycore look, use lightweight, dewy foundation, or a tinted moisturizer to give your skin a radiant and natural glow. Don’t forget to add a touch of blush in soft pink or peach shades, to enhance the rosy flush on your cheeks.

Let’s move on to the most exciting part – eye makeup! Fairycore aesthetics embraces soft, pastel shades, and delicate sparkles. Opt for eyeshadows in dreamy colors like lavender, mint green, or baby pink, and blend them seamlessly to create a captivating, gradient effect. To add some extra magic, strategically place a hint of glitter or iridescent shimmer on the inner corners of your eyes, the center of your eyelids, or even as a subtle eyeliner.

Speaking of eyeliner, feel free to experiment with different styles, such as incorporating delicate winged eyeliner or a smudged pencil liner in natural hues like brown or soft black. Complete your eye makeup with a coat of mascara, preferably in a subtle shade like brown or dark gray, to keep the look understated and mesmerizing.

And finally, let’s talk about your lips! Choose a lip color that complements the rest of your makeup, preferably in subtle shades of pink, coral, or nude. You can even opt to add a touch of sparkle to your lips with a shimmery or glittery lip gloss, to make your fairycore makeup look extra enchanting.

Magical Elements of Fairycore Aesthetics

Imagine walking through a lush forest on a warm spring day. As you stroll along, you come across delicate fairy wings glinting in the sunlight, inviting you to a realm of enchantment. Fairy wings and pixie dust are integral to fairycore, embodying the fantastical and magic allure of this aesthetic. These charming elements are often incorporated into hairstyles, jewelry, and accessories, adding a touch of whimsy to your everyday look.

Another magical aspect of fairycore aesthetics is the presence of magical creatures. Think of gentle woodland creatures like rabbits and deer, or mystical beings like unicorns and nymphs that represent the essence of fairycore. Don’t be surprised to find these magical creatures adorning accessories, clothing, and home decor, amplifying the ethereal vibe.

Connecting with nature is an essential part of the fairycore experience. Plunging into the world of fairycore, you will appreciate nature’s tiniest details, like dew-kissed flowers and magical fairy rings. Incorporating these magical elements into hairstyles, clothes, and accessories enhances the overall aesthetic.

Choosing Fairycore Aesthetic Colors

When it comes to fairycore aesthetics, think soft and dreamy. Pastels are your best friends in this mystical realm. These subtle shades have a magical touch, making them an excellent choice for your fairycore hairstyle. From pastel blues to whimsical pinks, there are countless ways to rock pastel colors in your hair.

Consider incorporating a touch of pastel blue in your hairstyle for a hint of ethereal charm. Pastel blue is not only a beautiful choice but also evokes feelings of tranquility and serenity. You could add a few pastel blue highlights or even dye your whole head in this enchanting shade.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match pastel colors! The more the merrier in the world of fairycore. Mix pastel pinks, purples, and blues for a magical and captivating gradient effect. It’s all about expressing your creativity and channeling that fairy-like aura.

In addition to pastels, you can also play with shimmer and glitter! Let your hair sparkle like the night sky by adding some strategically placed glitter streaks or a lovely dusting of shimmering fairy dust. Get ready to dazzle anyone who crosses your path!

Creating Fairycore Atmosphere at Home

First off, think about the key elements of Fairycore: it’s all about nature, whimsical woods, and the magic that lies within. Start by filling your space with natural materials such as wooden furniture, stone accents, and cozy cottagecore textiles. Don’t be afraid to mix and match textures; play with florals, plaids, and lace to give your room depth and character.

Incorporating greenery is essential to achieving the dark fairycore aesthetic. Position potted plants throughout your home, and let creeping vines crawl up the walls as though they were grown straight from an enchanted forest. Choose houseplants that look at home in a woodsy environment – ferns and ivies are perfect picks.

Create an alluring ambiance with charming decor. Incorporate mystical elements like crystals, candles, and fairy lights to cast a magical glow throughout your space. Don’t forget to also bring in elements of the outdoors, such as twigs, leaves, and moss, to amplify the woodland feel.

Adding touches of whimsy to your room is crucial in capturing the fairycore essence. Hang ethereal sheer curtains, display antique trinkets, and place vintage teacups thoughtfully around your space to invoke a sense of wonder and fantasy. Don’t hesitate to add a touch of the unexpected – perhaps a fairy figurine nestled amidst your bookshelf or a stained-glass window reminiscent of delicate, fluttering wings.

Fairycore Hairstyles for Special Occasions

Give your luscious locks a touch of whimsy with loose, cascading waves. To achieve this magical look, curl your hair with a curling iron or wand, and then gently brush out the curls for a soft, ethereal vibe. This style pairs wonderfully with lace, satin, or chiffon dresses, accentuating the delicate and romantic fairycore aesthetic.

Braided crowns are perfect for a regal entrance at any special event. To create this hairstyle, part your hair down the middle and divide it into two sections. Start braiding each side from the front, working your way down and around the back of your head, adding in hair as you go. You can either pin the braids together at the back or let them hang loose for a more relaxed look. This style beautifully complements vintage-inspired fairycore dresses made of intricate lace or floral patterns.

Looking to really capture that fairycore essence? Floral hair accessories will add an enchanting touch to your chosen hairstyle. You can weave small flowers, leaves, or even tiny branches into your braids, buns, or loose hair to create a whimsical, forest-like feel. Pair with a delicate and floaty chiffon dress for the ultimate fairycore look.

Why not combine two fairycore staples – butterfly clips and luscious locks – for a dreamy special occasion hairstyle? Use a mix of colors, sizes, and even butterfly embellishments to adorn your hair. Whether you place them randomly or create intricate patterns, the effect mesmerizes and showcases your fairycore passion.

Brands for Fairycore Fashion

First of all, you should check out Etsy for some unique and affordable fairycore pieces. This platform is a treasure trove of talented artisans who create beautiful fairycore clothing, accessories, and more. Some of the top Etsy shops for fairycore fashion include Emmiol Starlight Fair, Ofherownkind, Deerdoll, and Silver Lily Studio.

Another great brand for fairycore fashion is Urban Outfitters. While they may not specifically label their items as fairycore, you can find many pieces in their collection that fit the aesthetic. Look for flowy dresses, whimsical prints, and delicate lace details to add a touch of fairycore magic to your wardrobe.

As for shoes, fairycore fashion often features delicate, pastel-colored footwear with unique details. Brands like Irregular Choice and T.U.K. Shoes offer a wide range of quirky, fairy-inspired shoes that add enchantment to your outfit. Look for lovely details like floral embroidery, sculpted heels, and other intricate elements to make your fairycore look truly magical.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to mix and match different brands to find the perfect fairycore fashion items. Combining your favorite pieces from various brands allows you to create a unique and enchanting wardrobe that captures the essence of the fairycore aesthetic. So go on, and explore the wonderful world of fairycore fashion, and let your imagination run wild!

Fun Fairycore Activities and Lifestyle

Reconnect with nature by walking in the woods or exploring a nearby park. As you stroll, admire the blooming flowers and listen to the gentle rustling of the leaves. Be sure to bring a camera to capture the magical moments!

Gardening is another delightful fairycore activity you can engage in. Create your own enchanted haven with colorful flowers and lush greenery. It will be a feast for your eyes and attract butterflies, bees, and even hummingbirds – adding that perfect touch of magic to your garden.

Picnics provide a lovely opportunity to immerse yourself in the fairycore lifestyle. Find a scenic spot in nature, spread a blanket on the ground, and enjoy a delightful meal. Don’t forget to pack some dainty treats like finger sandwiches, fresh fruits, and perhaps a glass of chilled lemonade for a truly enchanting experience.

The fairycore aesthetic cherishes nature, so try incorporating elements into your home decor. Choose soft, flowing fabrics in pastel colors, and add gentle touches like dried flowers, pretty ceramics, and delicate lace. You can even decorate with fairy lights for that charming twinkle.

Lastly, remember to take time for self-care. Indulge in activities that nourish your inner fairy, such as reading whimsical books, listening to enchanting music, or engaging in a gentle yoga flow. By surrounding yourself with the magic of fairycore, you’ll feel a rejuvenating sense of peace and joy.


How to make a fairy hairstyle?

To make a fairy hairstyle, opt for soft waves or curls and add a flower crown with white or pastel-colored flowers. You can also try a high bun, a plunging falls braid, or other advanced reduced bun styles. Fairy hairstyles are exuberant and embrace a wild beauty.

What is a fairy haircut?

There is no such thing as a fairy haircut. However, there is a trend called u0022fairy hairu0022 which involves adding thin pieces of tinsel to a single strand of hair using a hair-weaving tool. Fairy hair comes in every rainbow color and looks like sparkly hair strands.

What hairstyles make you look pretty?

Hairstyles that can make you look pretty include beachy waves, a sleek high ponytail, a messy bun, or a layered lob. Braids, bouncy curls, and a half-up style with twists can also enhance your features.

How to look cute in school hairstyle?

Try a double-side bun, a braided ponytail, or half-up space buns for curly hair to look cute in a school hairstyle. Accessorize with a headband or hair clips and add texture with waves or braids. Keep your hair healthy by using a good conditioner and avoiding heat styling.

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