4 Aesthetic Tennis Shoes: Gorgeous Tennis Girl Edition

Aesthetic tennis shoes have cult status and that’s why they keep coming back: 2022 is finally the time for a comeback. We introduce you to the most popular girls’ white tennis shoes today.

As always, we’ve drawn extensive inspiration from the best fashion professionals, fashionistas, and influencers in our selection to show you what’s trending right now. And there they are – the most popular girls’ white tennis shoes – in the Pinterest “Tennis Girl Aesthetic” Edition. Let’s go!

Our Favorite Girls Aesthetic Tennis Shoes:

1. New Balance 530

This is probably the most successful classic of recent years in the Instagram and Pinterest world, isn’t it? The very limited and sold-out-trend shoe is simply a must-have in every wardrobe of every style-conscious woman! We also wear the classic for tennis and love it – the sports shoe is perfect for running and has great cushioning.

2. Chanel Low Top Trainers

The Chanel Low Top Trainers are a real eye-catcher! The comfortable sneakers are also great for a round of tennis, as they are comfortable and still look good as stylish sneakers.

3. New Balance 990

Another New Balance sneaker and another sneaker that’s sold out everywhere!? New Balance’s success is nothing short of amazing at the moment! We love the brand’s minimalist trainers, and this classic couldn’t be missing from the list of our favorite tennis shoes! Because this shoe is not only a constant hit on the tennis court but also in everyday life. We see it everywhere at the moment because fashionistas and influencers love this classic, timeless shoe at least as much as we do!


4. Air Force 1

One classic chase the other – what’s going on here!? 😉 This shoe is a veteran of the sneaker of the last years – if not even decades! This shoe is simply indispensable in any wardrobe, and even years after its release, the popular Nike sneaker is a trendsetter. Therefore, it is of course. completely clear that we will also take this trend shoe to the tennis court!

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