Tennis Aesthetic: Everything You Need to Know about the Timeless Old Money Style

The tennis aesthetic is an elegant style that focuses on timeless, high-quality pieces while inspiring more and more fashion enthusiasts.

For example, we are also seeing more and more influencers and fashion content creators shooting their aesthetic images on tennis courts. For good reason: the tennis aesthetic is in full trend!

This is evident in the outfits of professional tennis players and their fans alike. But more and more fashion enthusiasts are also wearing the sporty chic style in their everyday lives.

But what can we tell you – see for yourself:

What is the Tennis Aesthetic?

Good question.

This is a sporty-chic aesthetic, which is inspired by tennis players as well as the comeback of the old money aesthetic.

Tennis players aren’t the only ones who love their sport and have been wearing timeless, elegant outfits for decades, but more and more people with old money have found enthusiasm for the sport and its style in recent years – that’s why we see both currents contained in today’s tennis aesthetic.

A wonderfully inspiring mix!

And that’s why today’s tennis style isn’t only reserved for passionate tennis players, but for everyone who wants to become one or at least can identify with the old money outfits – you’ll see that many outfits from the tennis aesthetic have been taken over directly from the old money aesthetic.

And with that, it’s also clear that the tennis aesthetic is no longer just worn on the tennis court, but everywhere.

In fact, the sporty chic style can be combined with almost any occasion and any time of the year – from a casual Friday at work to a summer wedding on the beach with your partner (or partners).

What does the Tennis Aesthetic have to do with Old Money Style?

Tennis and the old money style have a lot in common.

They both have a timeless elegance and a sporty element, which is why they are often combined as an ideal pair and almost flow into each other.

The main reason for this is that tennis looks and old money styles are mainly worn by people with old money, originally from the nobility or aristocracy. They are people who acquired their wealth through a large inheritance.

Tennis is one of the upscale sports played mainly by the wealthy upper class.

Its popularity has grown over time with its participation increasing every year since its introduction in France during the 17th century at King Louis XIV’s court (1643-1715). During his reign, it was known as ‘Real Tennis’ or Royal Tennis before becoming modernized into its current form called lawn tennis in 1874.

What’s the Old Money Aesthetic?

Tennis Aesthetic: Everything You Need to Know about the Timeless Old Money Style

The Old Money Aesthetic generally refers to the nobility, the aristocracy, or the rich upper class in general. These are people who haven’t earned their wealth themselves but have inherited it.

A motif of this aesthetic that can hardly be overlooked is the sports of golf and tennis, which in most countries tend to be associated with the upper class. Polo or other equestrian sports are also seen time and again.

By stamping these motifs, you can see that it’s a timeless, very classically chic style that exudes pure elegance and therefore enjoys great admiration in society.

And therefore, it’s not surprising that so many people are drawn to the Old Money Aesthetic. The idea of being associated with a certain class, being able to identify as part of an exclusive club, and feeling like you belong there can have a huge impact on your confidence.

I mean, why else would you buy something expensive if it isn’t because you want others to think well of you? We do this all the time: from buying brand-name clothes, purses and shoes at full price (as opposed to at discount stores) – even when we know very well what our average salary actually is – spending money on luxurious vacations or eating at fancy restaurants just because we believe these things make us look rich.

In fact, this desire for recognition has become more visible than ever thanks in large part to social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok where followers can easily compare themselves with others who share similar tastes in fashion.

And contrary to what you might think at the beginning, the great enthusiasm for this aesthetic can be observed in all generations and even among the youngest fashion fans: The hashtag #oldmoneyaesthetic has more than 90 million views on TikTok worldwide, while #oldmoney already counts 322 million views!

25 Tennis Aesthetic Outfits Perfect for Your Timeless Old Money Style

Tennis Aesthetic: Everything You Need to Know about the Timeless Old Money Style

1. Knit Sweater with Tennis Socks

2. Jogger Suit

3. Short Jogger Suit

4. Tennis Skirt & Oversized Sweater

5. The Gym Look – Leggings + Sports Bra

6. Leggings, Shorts & Longsleeve

7. Tennis Skirt, Top + Sweater over Shoulders

8. Tennis Skirt + Chic Longsleeve

9. Tennis Skirt + Sports Bra


10. Tennis Skirt + Knitted Sweater Vest + Cap

11. Tennis Skirt + Polo Top + Tennis Gloves

12. Tennis Skirt + Zip Sweater

13. Tennis Skirt + Ribbed Basic Top

14. White Shorts + Button-Down Shirt

15. White Shorts + T-Shirt

16. Tennis Shorts + Button-Down Shirt

17. Matching Set

18. Green Tennis Skirt + T-Shirt + Matching Green Cap

19. White Dress

20. Knitted Sweater Vest + Long Tennis Pants

21. Zip Jacket + Tennis Skirt

22. Cycling Shorts + Sweater

23. Top + Sweater over Shoulders + Tennis Skirt

24. Polo Top + Pink Tennis Skirt + Sunshield

25. Polo T-Shirt + Tennis Skirt + Sweater over Shoulders

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