25+ Trendy Aesthetic Winter Outfits You Will Love 2024

I devote about 3-4 hours daily to searching for the most recent fashion trends and styles on TikTok, Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr. I thought it would be great to share with you a compilation of over 25 of my top picks for Aesthetic Winter Outfits for the current year.

Here it is – and as you’ve come to expect from me, I’ll keep all the articles up to date. That means, if I find new trendy winter outfits, I will add them here.

My Favorite 25+ Aesthetic Winter Outfits This Year

1. The Short Trenchcoat Look

Trench coats are always an elegant eye-catcher in the cold season, not only in long form, but also in short form. This year we love it classy and elegant!

2. Cream Trousers Outfit

Cream Trousers Winter Outfit
IG: orlaithmelia_

Instead of adapting to the dark weather in winter, light-colored clothes go much better with the snow and always look good.

Cream trouser outfits in winter can’t be overlooked – we love it!

3. Brown Pullover and Silk Skirt

Silk skirts are currently THE trend. And we love it.

Together with cozy wool sweaters, they make the perfect winter outfits like from the style icon Hailey Bieber.

4. Monochrome White Winter Outfit

Almost nothing is more beautiful than bright, encouraging colors in the dark season. It makes you look like a cute, handsome Santa Claus – very fitting.

5. Grey Wool Coat Outfit

Grey Wool Coat Winter Outfit
IG: montaineleb

On colder days, you need a good, warm coat. Wool coats are perfect for this.

6. White Tweed Jacket Outfit

White tweed jackets are super elegant and look good with everything. We love them.

7. Beige Jogger Trench Coat Look

Comfortable casual outfits are a real luxury in winter and can even look really chic. This outfit is the best example.

8. Oversized Leather Jacket Outfit

Leather Jacket Aesthetic Winter Outfit
IG: louisegrdd

Oversized leather jackets add a casual touch to any outfit and are a real eye-catcher.

9. Brown Wool Coat & Blue Knit Dress

A very classic, elegant outfit that will attract everyone’s attention.

10. Brown Fur Bomber Jacket Outfit

11. Black Fur Jacket Aesthetic Outfit

Cute, comfortable and elegant. This outfit will keep you warm and very stylish at the same time.

12. Beige Wool Coat + Scarf Outfit

Aesthetic Winter Outfits Wool Coat + Scarf Outfit
by Pinterest

Wool coats and thick scarves are not only stylish and elegant but also comfortable and warm. I love this outfit and love wearing it myself in winter.

13. White Monochrome Outfits

Aesthetic Winter Outfits Monochrome White Outfit
by Pinterest

14. Striped Sweater & Wool Coat Outfit

Aesthetic Winter Outfits Striped Sweater Outfit
by Pinterest

15. Short Wool Coat Outfit

Aesthetic Winter Outfits Short Wool Coat
by Pinterest

16. Short Fur Coat Outfit

Aesthetic Winter Outfits Short Fur Coat
by Pinterest

17. Long Fur Coat

Aesthetic Winter Outfits Long Fur Coat
by Pinterest

It feels like a blanket, is very comfortable, keeps you warm and is simply a great eye-catcher. One of my absolute favorite winter outfit

18. Beige Monochrome Outfit

Aesthetic Winter Outfits Beige Monochrome Outfit
by Pinterest

19. Teddy Puffer Jacket

Aesthetic Winter Outfits Teddy Puffer Jacket
by Pinterest

What could be better than a cute teddy jacket outfit?

20. Grey Blazer Outfit

Aesthetic Winter Outfits Grey Blazer Outfit
by Pinterest

You’ll feel like a typical Instagram fashionista and will attract everyone’s attention.

21. Black Puffer Jacket

Aesthetic Winter Outfits Black Puffer Jacket
by Pinterest

This outfit is not only casual and cool, but also made for every day.

22. Grey Puffer Jacket

Aesthetic Winter Outfits Grey Puffer Jacket
by Pinterest

23. Brown Leather Jacket Look

Aesthetic Winter Outfits Brown Leather Jacket
by Pinterest

24. Brown Cardigan Sweater Outfit

25. Skirt & Wool Coat Outfit

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