30 Coquette Clothing Brands You Need to Know 2024

I’ve curated the ultimate list of “30 Coquette Clothing Brands” that will have you twirling in delight. From lace and ribbons to all things sweetly feminine, these labels will let your coquettish charm shine through!

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Top 30 Coquette Clothing Brands

  1. Agent Provocateur
  2. La Perla
  3. Victoria’s Secret
  4. Bordelle
  5. For Love & Lemons
  6. Honey Birdette
  7. Bluebella
  8. Fleur du Mal
  9. Gooseberry Intimates
  10. Cosabella
  11. L’Agent by Agent Provocateur
  12. Savage X Fenty
  13. Myla
  14. Simone Pérèle
  15. Mimi Holliday
  16. Lonely Lingerie
  17. Eres
  18. Moeva
  19. Else Lingerie
  20. Aubade
  21. Stella McCartney Lingerie
  22. Playful Promises
  23. Cosa Bella Boutique
  24. Marlies Dekkers
  25. Frederick’s of Hollywood
  26. Ann Summers
  27. Andrés Sardá
  28. The Great Eros
  29. Thistle & Spire
  30. B.Tempt’d by Wacoal

Fashion and the Coquette Aesthetic

Coquette Clothing Brands

Defining Coquette Clothing

The coquette aesthetic is all about embracing your inner vintage princess, making it a trendy choice for those who crave a little whimsy in their wardrobe. Think classic “girly” pieces, such as hair bows, lace dresses, sheer tights, and baby tees, with a touch of 50s and 60s summer styles, like gingham prints, polo tops, and mini floral dresses.

Celebrities like Zooey Deschanel, Taylor Swift, and Lana Del Rey are known for incorporating coquette-inspired pieces into their fashion choices, giving you an idea of what to expect when exploring this captivating look.

Key Elements of Coquette Style

To get the coquette aesthetic just right, pay attention to these key elements that define the style:

  • Femininity: Embrace soft silhouettes, romantic colors, and sumptuous fabrics that scream Disney princess.
  • Flirty: Look for pieces with ribbon accents, lace details, and sheer panels that hint at playfulness and sensuality.
  • Colors: Opt for a color palette that includes pastels, creams, and powdery shades, alongside bold pops of red or pink to create that coquettish vibe4.

Popular Types of Coquette Clothing

Dresses and Skirts

Dresses and skirts are the foundation of any coquette wardrobe. Think romantic, flowy fabrics, adorned with delicate lace, bows, and ruffles.

For a truly iconic coquette look, opt for a frilly midi dress with a sweetheart neckline or a high-waisted pleated skirt with charming bow detailing. Don’t forget to play with colors like pastel pinks, creams, and florals while choosing your perfect dress or skirt.

Sweaters and Shirts

Regarding coquette sweaters and shirts, you’ll want to look for pieces with delightful embellishments and flattering cuts that accentuate your feminine charm. Go for cozy sweaters with lace trims and scalloped edges, or sophisticated blouses with Peter-pan collars and puffed sleeves. The key here is maintaining a refined vintage aesthetic while keeping it modern and versatile.

Pants and Shorts

Coquette clothing brands offer an array of pants and shorts that strike the perfect balance between elegant and flirtatious. High-rise, wide-leg pants can be easily dressed up or down, while satin pajama-style shorts pair beautifully with a chic blouse. Opt for pants and shorts in soft colors, such as dusty rose or champagne, to truly embrace the coquette charm.


To complete your coquette wardrobe, you’ll need outerwear options that harmonize with the rest of your attire. Look for snug, feminine jackets and coats with distinct details like fur trims, ruffled hems, or intricate embroidery. Vintage-inspired silhouettes, such as peplum jackets or trench coats, fit seamlessly into the coquette aesthetic, ensuring you stay warm and stylish all year.

Coquette Accessories

Shoes and Socks

Regarding coquette footwear, think of delicate, feminine shoes like ballet flats, embellished sandals, or even sultry kitten heels. Balletcore-inspired shoes are a perfect fit here. Don’t forget the socks – look for lace-trimmed ankle socks or knee-highs with charming details like ribbons and bows.

  • Ballet flats: Simple and elegant, these shoes are inspired by graceful ballet dancers and pair well with your coquette wardrobe.
  • Embellished sandals: For an extra touch of romantic glam, look for sandals adorned with bows, pearls, or floral motifs.
  • Kitten heels: These modest heels add a subtle lift while maintaining the coquette aesthetic; look for styles with lace, embroidery, or bow details.
  • Lace-trimmed ankle socks: These coquette chic ankle socks have delicate lace trim and are perfect for pairing with your favorite shoes and skirts.
  • Knee-high socks with ribbons and bows: These charming knee-high socks, adorned with cute ribbons or bows, will add a playful touch to your outfit.

Bags and Purses

Complete your coquette look with bags and purses that evoke romance and whimsy. Look for pieces crafted from luxurious materials like velvet or lace adorned with bows, pearls, and embroidery.

  • Velvet pouches: Soft, luxurious pouches that are perfect for holding your small essentials in style.
  • Lace-embellished bags: Elegantly decorated with lace and ribbons, these bags add a touch of sophistication to your outfit.
  • Pearl-encrusted purses: A little sparkle goes a long way – look for purses adorned with pearl or crystal accents for an opulent touch.

Jewelry and Hair Accessories

Add jewelry and hair accessories to your wardrobe to immerse yourself in the coquette aesthetic. Opt for delicate, romantic, and undeniably charming pieces like pearl necklaces, hair bows, and floral hairpieces.

  • Pearl necklaces: Classic and timeless, a pearl necklace epitomizes feminine elegance and pairs seamlessly with coquette clothing.
  • Charming bracelets: Choose dainty chain links, filigree, or charms encapsulating the coquette spirit, such as hearts, butterflies, or flowers.
  • Hair bows: Add a touch of sweetness to your hairstyle with various hair bows in different colors and textures.
  • Floral hairpieces: Channel your inner flower child with delicate floral hair clips or headbands for that carefree bohemian touch.


What do Coquette people wear?

Coquette people wear ultra-feminine and romantic styles like lace, ruffles, bows, and pastel colors. They mix and match popular aesthetics, such as ballet, vintage, and princess-inspired pieces. Dainty accessories like pearls and pendant necklaces complete the look.

What does Coquette mean fashion?

In fashion, Coquette refers to a style that embraces a playful, flirty, and feminine look. It celebrates delicate details, romanticism, and vintage-inspired fashion. The aesthetic focuses on playful and teasing elements like ruffles, bows, and pastel colors.

What is considered coquette?

Coquette generally refers to a woman who flirts or acts in a flirtatious manner without sincere affection to gain attention and admiration from men. In fashion, the Coquette aesthetic embraces a playful and flirty style that celebrates feminine and delicate details, such as ruffles, bows, and pastel colors.

Is Coquette a fashion style?

Yes, Coquette is a fashion style that embraces a playful and flirty look. It celebrates feminine and delicate details like ruffles, bows, and pastel colors. The style mixes and matches popular aesthetics, such as ballet, vintage, and princess-inspired pieces.

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