Hawaii Sales Tax & Are Luxury Brands Cheaper in Hawaii 2024?

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Are you contemplating a high-end shopping adventure? You might want to think about making Hawaii your destination. The word is out that the price tag on luxury items in Hawaii is more friendly than those in mainland America, and that’s not just a rumor, it’s a fact. But what makes Hawaii the hotspot for discounted luxury shopping?

One reason is that Hawaii has a lower sales tax rate than many other states. The state sales tax rate is currently 4%, and local jurisdictions can add up to 0.5%. In Honolulu/Waikiki, the total sales tax rate is 4.5%. This may not seem like a huge difference, but even a small percentage can add up to significant savings when buying an expensive item.

Another reason luxury goods are cheaper in Hawaii because many luxury retailers combine Hawaii and Guam into their special pricing zone. This means that prices for luxury goods in Hawaii are often lower than on the mainland or in other parts of Asia. It’s not entirely clear why this is the case, but it could be due to a combination of factors, including lower shipping costs and a desire to attract more tourists to Hawaii.

Hawaii Sales Tax & Are Luxury Brands Cheaper in Hawaii

If you’re wondering why luxury goods are cheaper in Hawaii, one of the main reasons is the state’s tax laws. Hawaii has a unique tax structure that can contribute to lower prices on high-end items.

Here’s a closer look at the two taxes that are most relevant to luxury shopping in Hawaii:

General Excise Tax

The General Excise Tax (GET) is a tax on business activities in Hawaii. It is similar to a sales tax but applied at every level of the production chain, not just at the final point of sale. This means that businesses must pay the GET on all goods and services they purchase, regardless of whether they are reselling or using them for their purposes. The GET rate in Hawaii is 4%, which is lower than the sales tax rates in many other states.

Transient Accommodation Tax

The Transient Accommodation Tax (TAT) is a tax on hotel and lodging accommodations in Hawaii. Visitors to Hawaii pay this tax on top of their hotel room or vacation rental price. The TAT rate in Hawaii is currently 10.25%. While this tax doesn’t directly affect the price of luxury goods, it does contribute to Hawaii’s overall reputation as an expensive destination. This reputation may make luxury retailers more likely to offer discounts or special pricing to attract shoppers.

Overall, Hawaii’s tax laws can help explain why luxury goods are cheaper in the state. The combination of a lower GET rate and the potential for lower prices on accommodations may make it easier for luxury retailers to offer discounts and deals to shoppers. So if you’re looking to score a deal on high-end fashion or accessories, Hawaii might be the place to do it.

Luxury Goods in Hawaii

Regarding luxury shopping, Hawaii is a popular destination for many reasons.

The High-End Retail Market in Hawaii

Hawaii has a thriving high-end retail market, with a wide range of luxury brands available. From Louis Vuitton to Bottega Veneta, many of the world’s top luxury brands have stores in Hawaii. Due to the state’s tax structure, these brands often offer lower prices in Hawaii. Hawaii’s sales tax is currently 4%, which is significantly lower than many other states in the US. This means that luxury brands can offer their products at a lower price point in Hawaii, making it an attractive destination for luxury shoppers.

Tourism and Luxury Goods in Hawaii

Hawaii Sales Tax

Hawaii is also a popular tourist destination, with millions of visitors yearly. Many of these visitors are looking to purchase luxury goods while they’re in Hawaii, and this demand helps to drive down prices. Luxury brands can offer lower prices in Hawaii because they know tourists are willing to pay a premium for their products. This creates a competitive market for luxury goods in Hawaii, which benefits consumers.

In addition to the lower prices, luxury shopping in Hawaii offers a unique experience. Many of the luxury stores in Hawaii are located in beautiful outdoor shopping centers, which provide stunning views of the ocean and surrounding landscape. This makes luxury shopping in Hawaii an exceptional experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Factors Contributing to Lower Prices

Several factors make it cheaper to buy luxury goods in Hawaii. Here are some of the reasons why:

Lower Taxes and Tariffs

One of the main reasons why luxury goods are cheaper in Hawaii is because the state has lower taxes and tariffs than other US states. For example, Hawaii has a general excise tax of 4%, much lower than the sales tax in other states like California, which can go up to 9.5% in some cities. Luxury goods generally have a Hawaii luxury discount because they are not subject to as much tax.

Competition Among Retailers

Another reason why luxury goods are cheaper in Hawaii is because of the competition among retailers. There are many luxury retailers in Hawaii, and they all compete with each other to attract customers. As a result, they often offer lower prices than they would in other states to entice customers to buy from them. This competition among retailers can lead to lower prices for luxury goods, making them more affordable for consumers.

Tourist Discounts

Finally, Hawaii is a popular tourist destination, and many luxury retailers offer discounts to tourists. This is because tourists are likelier to buy luxury goods while on vacation, and retailers want to encourage them to shop at their stores. These discounts can range from a few dollars off to significant discounts of up to 30% or more. As a result, tourists can often find luxury goods at lower prices than in other states.


Hawaii Sales Tax

Why is it better to buy luxury items in Hawaii?

Luxury items are cheaper in Hawaii because luxury retailers combine Hawaii and Guam into their special pricing zone since they don’t fall within the Mainland U.S. or Asia. Additionally, Hawaii’s tax is much lower than the mainland U.S.

Is shopping in Hawaii tax free?

No, shopping in Hawaii is not tax-free. Hawaii has a general excise tax (GET) of 4% on all tangible personal property sales, including most goods sold in Hawaii. However, some items, such as groceries, prescription drugs, and medical equipment, are exempt from the GET.

Is shopping more expensive in Hawaii?

Yes, shopping in Hawaii is generally more expensive, especially for food and daily commodities. According to a 2019 study by 24/7 Wall St., Hawaii has the highest food prices in the U.S. 

Why do people shop in Hawaii?

People shop in Hawaii for several reasons, including the availability of unique and authentic Hawaiian products, the lower prices of luxury items, and the tax-free shopping for visitors to Hawaii. Additionally, shopping is a popular activity for tourists and locals alike, with many shopping centers and markets throughout the islands.

Is YSL cheaper in Paris or Hawaii?

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What island in Hawaii has the best luxury?

Hawaii Island (also known as the Big Island) has the best luxury according to a 2022 survey by HAWAIʻI Magazine readers. The Hilton Waikoloa Village was voted the best luxury hotel on the island, and the island is known for its high-end properties such as the Four Seasons Hualalai and the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel.

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