Is Kenzo a Luxury Brand 2024? My Experiences & Personal Review

Since its inception in 1970, Kenzo has proven itself as an enduring staple in French fashion. Established by Kenzo Takada — a native of Japan who relocated to Paris in 1964 — the brand has garnered widespread recognition for its innovative fusion of Japanese and French design elements. Kenzo’s captivating color schemes and jungle-inspired pieces further amplify its signature aesthetics.

Is Kenzo a Luxury Brand?

Kenzo is a luxury brand that has been highly regarded in the fashion industry since its inception in 1970. Founded by Japanese designer Kenzo Takada, the brand is known for its unique designs that blend French and Japanese aesthetics. The brand’s logo, a stylized tiger head, references its namesake designer.

Kenzo’s products come with a hefty price tag, reflecting the high quality and craftsmanship that goes into each piece. The brand’s colorful and bold designs and its use of unusual materials make it stand out among other high-end fashion brands.

According to Luxtrend.Kenzo is considered a luxury brand due to its unique designs, high quality, and craftsmanship. The brand’s products are known for their catchy colors and jungle-inspired motifs. CoolSpotters also confirms that Kenzo is a luxury brand highly regarded for its colorful and bold designs.

Highsnobiety notes that while Kenzo is a luxury brand owned by parent company LVMH, it has slightly more approachable price points than its European counterparts. This makes it more accessible to a wider range of consumers.

History of Kenzo

Founding of Kenzo

Kenzo is a luxury fashion label founded in 1970 by Japanese fashion designer Kenzo Takada. The brand has its roots in Paris, France, where Takada opened his first boutique in Galerie Vivienne. The brand is known for its unique designs that blend French and Japanese aesthetics, inspired by catchy colors and nature.

Kenzo Takada

Kenzo Takada was born in Japan and moved to Paris in 1964 to start his fashion career. He attended Bunka Fashion College and started designing and selling his clothing designs. In 1970, he opened his first boutique, Kenzo, in Galerie Vivienne in Paris. The boutique featured women’s clothing designs inspired by Takada’s Japanese heritage and nature.

Kenzo under LVMH

In 1993, Kenzo Takada sold his fashion label to LVMH, a luxury conglomerate with several other brands. Under LVMH, the brand continued to grow and expand its offerings to include fragrances, accessories, and shoes. 2011 the brand appointed Humberto Leon and Carol Lim as its creative directors. The duo presented a holistic, hands-on, 360-degree presentation on running the creative aspects of the fashion brand to the LVMH execs. This strategy had yet to be seen at a luxury fashion house.

Several famous people, including Michelle Obama and Britney Spears, have worn Kenzo. The brand’s logo features a stylized tiger, which has become a symbol of the brand’s Asian influence and nature-inspired designs. Today, Kenzo is still known for its unique and innovative designs and remains a famous luxury brand worldwide.

Kenzo’s Style and Designs

Is Kenzo a Luxury Brand

Kenzo’s style is characterized by its bold prints and colors, drawing inspiration from different cultures worldwide. Their designs often combine Western and Eastern aesthetics, creating a borderless fashion that appeals to a global audience.

Kenzo’s Bold Prints and Colors

Kenzo is known for using bold prints and colors, often inspired by nature and the animal kingdom. Their iconic tiger head logo is a testament to this and can be seen on many of their products, including bags, sneakers, and clothing. Flower prints and kimono-inspired designs are also prevalent in their collections, showcasing their Asian influence.

Influence of Different Cultures

Different cultures heavily influence Kenzo’s designs from around the world. Kenzo’s designs are truly global, from the cotton used in their clothing, which is sourced from Portugal, China, Turkey, and Vietnam, to the craftsmanship of their products, which is a blend of Western and Eastern techniques.

Craftsmanship and Unique Designs

Kenzo’s products are known for their high-quality craftsmanship and unique designs. Each piece is carefully crafted to ensure it meets Kenzo’s high standards, and their attention to detail is evident in every stitch. Their plans are also one-of-a-kind, featuring bold prints and colors that are sure to turn heads.

Kenzo’s Price Point and Exclusivity

Kenzo’s products are considered high-end, and their prices reflect this. However, their exclusivity also adds to their value, making them a coveted brand among fashion enthusiasts. Kenzo’s products are in luxury stores worldwide, including Milan, New York City, and Paris.

Kenzo’s Collaboration with H&M

One of Kenzo’s most notable collaborations was with Swedish fashion retailer H&M. In 2016; the two brands teamed up to create a collection of clothing and accessories that combined Kenzo’s bold designs with H&M’s affordable prices. The exhibition featured a range of pieces for men and women, including tiger print jackets, colorful sweaters, and statement accessories.

Kenzo’s Collaborations with Celebrities

Kenzo has also collaborated with several celebrities over the years, including actress and model Zendaya, who served as the face of the brand’s Fall/Winter 2020 campaign. Other famous faces who have worked with Kenzo include singer Britney Spears, who starred in the brand’s 2018 campaign, and actress Margaret Qualley, who appeared in a short film for Kenzo’s Flower fragrance.

Kenzo’s Fragrance and Accessories Portfolio

In addition to its fashion offerings, Kenzo is known for its fragrances and accessories. The brand’s fragrance portfolio includes a range of scents for both men and women, such as the famous Flower by Kenzo perfume. Kenzo’s accessories offerings, meanwhile, include everything from bags and shoes to jewelry and sunglasses. Each item is crafted with the same attention to detail and high-quality materials that define the brand’s fashion collections.

Kenzo’s collaborations and portfolio demonstrate the brand’s commitment to cultural diversity, craftsmanship, and high-end fashion. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece to add to your wardrobe or a signature scent to wear every day, Kenzo has something for everyone.

Kenzo in the Fashion Industry

Kenzo is a luxury brand that has been a part of the fashion industry for over five decades. Founded in Paris in 1970 by Japanese designer Kenzo Takada, the brand has since expanded its portfolio to include fragrances, eyewear, and accessories. Kenzo’s unique approach to fashion has earned them a loyal customer base and collaborations with high-profile names like Beyoncé and Chanel.

Impact of COVID-19 on Kenzo’s Business

Like many other brands in the fashion industry, Kenzo has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. With stores closed and decreased consumer spending, the brand has had to adapt to the changing landscape. In 2020, Kenzo announced that it would be closing its stores in Italy and London and restructuring its business to focus on its core markets.

Kenzo’s Position in the Luxury Fashion Industry

Kenzo is a luxury brand that has positioned itself as a more approachable option than its European counterparts. The brand’s price point is slightly lower, making it more accessible to a broader audience. However, this does not compromise the quality of their products. Kenzo is known for using high-quality materials and producing stylish and durable clothing.


Is Kenzo a well known brand?

Yes, Kenzo is a well-known brand. It is a French luxury fashion house founded in 1970 by Japanese designer Kenzo Takada and owned by parent company LVMH. The brand is famous for its bright color schemes and jungle-inspired prints.

Is Kenzo still popular?

Yes, Kenzo is still popular. The brand has remained relevant and is known for its bold prints and designs. In 2020, Kenzo launched a collaboration with Vans and also released a collection with Kansai Yamamoto.

Is Kenzo still in style?

Yes, Kenzo is still in style. The brand has continued to evolve with the times and has released trendy and timeless collections. Its signature prints and designs have remained popular among fashion enthusiasts and celebrities. 

Is Ralph Lauren a premium brand?

Yes, Ralph Lauren is a premium brand. It is a global leader in designing, marketing, and distributing luxury lifestyle products in five categories: apparel, footwear u0026amp; accessories, home, fragrances, and hospitality. The brand is known for its timeless style and high-quality products. 

Who is Kenzo competitor?

Kenzo’s primary competitors include Maison Margiela, Sonia Rykiel, and Jack Erwin.

Is Kenzo a good brand?

Yes, Kenzo is considered a good brand, appreciated for its unique designs and quality. It’s a luxury brand with a reputation for vibrant, avant-garde styles. 

Why is Kenzo so expensive?

Kenzo is expensive due to its high-quality materials, unique designs, and status as a luxury fashion brand. The brand’s craftsmanship and fashion-forward aesthetic contribute to its pricing.

Is Kenzo a Japanese brand? 

Kenzo was founded by a Japanese designer, Kenzo Takada, but it is a French luxury fashion brand. 

What are 5 brands like Kenzo?

Five brands similar to Kenzo in style and spirit include Piéces Uniques, 032C, Auralee, Sacai, and Maison Kitsuné.

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