Soft Autumn Capsule Wardrobe 2024: 13 Pieces that Look Fantastic on This Type

Multiple iterations of the autumn personality exist. Warm-toned skin with a golden touch, eyes that have a soft brown or hazel hue are key traits of the Soft Autumn. Their unique look embodies this description, showcasing a spectrum of hair colors that ranges from deep red and orange to a hazelnut brown or even blonde.

What Does “Soft Autumn” Mean?

In the world of stylists, the term “Soft Autumn” refers to a color type that is used to identify a person’s complexion, hair, and eye type, and based on which it’s simpler to evaluate what matches this person and what highlights their charisma.

The soft autumn leans toward summer, and the most significant characteristic here is subdued colors, which are frequently complemented by modest contrasts between skin, eyes, and hair. It’s possible to combine warm and cool tones, but frequently with a yellow undertone.

The brilliant hair color and beautiful cosmetics of Soft Autumns give them a distinctive image. They are frequently viewed as imaginative, vivacious, and willing to embark on fresh endeavors.

Soft Autumn Clothes: 13 Pieces That Look Fantastic on This Type

  • A high-quality wool coat
  • Knitted pullovers & thick sweaters
  • A pair of Chelsea boots
  • Basic ankle boots
  • Wool pants
  • High-quality wool blazer
  • Jeans
  • Handbag
  • Everyday jewelry
  • Leather pants

How Do You Build an Autumn Capsule Wardrobe? – Easy 3-Step Formula

Step 1: Anchor Pieces

The first step is about the so-called anchor pieces: They’re the pieces you want the rest of your wardrobe to revolve around.

So if the capsule wardrobe that you’re working on is going to include bold colors or prints, then these are the anchor pieces that you need. Because you want to make sure that all of the other pieces in your wardrobe go with those bold colors and prints.

The important thing here is to choose colors and prints that can mix and match, and that is easy to color-match with the other pieces in your closet – so it’s best to pick two colors that you’ll mainly focus on in your capsule wardrobe, and from a pattern and color standpoint, make sure that all the anchor pieces match with each other so that it’s easier to incorporate the rest of the pieces into your outfits later on.

The other option is that obviously, not everyone wants a bold color or print – some people are more minimalist, like me. I don’t always want those colors with a print in a capsule wardrobe.

No matter what you end up choosing, minimalist colors and prints or more bold colors and bold prints, these anchor pieces are the items that your entire wardrobe will revolve around.

Also, here it’s very crucial that you love these pieces and you feel comfortable in them because they’ll be the base of your later outfits. So if you don’t like the pieces, you’ll have a hard time creating new looks with the same pieces over and over again.

Step 2: Tie-In Pieces

The tie-in pieces are the rope for the anchor pieces.

These are the pieces that you’ll tie to the anchor pieces, so that’s sort of the opposite garment of what the anchor piece is.

Let’s say three top pieces are your anchor pieces. Here you’re going to pick two or three bottom pieces to go with those top pieces. The main idea with these connecting pieces is that they’re a little more neutral or complement the color palette a little bit.

The main idea with tie-in pieces is also that any of these pieces can be combined with the anchor pieces.

Step 3: Top Off Pieces

Top-off pieces are the boat through our anchor and the rope. Now it all makes sense, doesn’t it?

These are the pieces that will frame the whole look. They’re the final layer – the final pieces of your look.

And the most important thing about the top-off pieces is that all of these pieces need to go with every single item you’ve chosen for this wardrobe. So they need to go with all the anchor pieces and all the tie-in pieces.

And often these pieces will be in neutral colors.

Maybe it’s black because black is always a good frame color. It can be a black sweater, a black oversize blazer, or a black coat.

Of course, other colors like taupe, brown, or navy blue are also easy to add to any color palette.

It’s just important that you choose a color that matches all the other pieces.

Soft Autumn Wardrobe: 13 Essential Pieces You Need + How to Style them

1. Classic Black Wool Coat

Nothing beats a classic black coat with high wool content.

This one will not only make sure you don’t freeze but also keep its shape forever at the same time.

Nothing is more annoying and inelegant than a wrinkled coat. This will directly make your whole outfit look 10x less expensive and instantly ruin your chic appearance.

In addition, wool has the advantage that as a natural product it will always ensure that it airs out on its own. So a restaurant visit at the Chinese is no problem for these great coats – even when walking home it will get rid of the scent on its own. And if that’s not enough, you need to hang the coat outside for a few hours and it will smell like before.

So go for a high-quality wool coat and rather spend more money on real wool than on a cheap duplicate, because such a great coat will stay with you for years and you’d save in the wrong place here.

Oversize Wool Coat from Mango

2. Leather Pants

Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be real leather here – and it shouldn’t be!

In most cases, faux leather pants do just as well, because they are lined with a thin lining, ensuring that you get the elegant look for the price of not freezing.

I love leather pants in the autumn/winter because they are super easy to combine and still look more dressy than classic black pants.

In a minimalist winter wardrobe, they have the potential to be a real eye-catcher if you put them well in the scene. But at the same time, they are still minimalist and timeless enough to be worn for many years.
Straight Leg Leather Effect Pants from Mango

3. Basic White Jeans

Even in autumn/winter, white or cream jeans belong in every capsule wardrobe because they are so beautifully classic.

In addition, stains from denim can usually be easily removed, which is why this shouldn’t be a problem.

High Waist Straight Leg Jeans from Mango

4. Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots are the perfect autumn/winter boots that go with any look and look so timeless.

They also keep you warm because they go over the ankles and are usually made of a faux leather material that doesn’t let cold air through. So perfect for chilly days!

Leather chunky sole chelsea boots - And Other Stories
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