Soft Classic Style 2023: How to Get this Dreamy Aesthetic

Are you ready to dive into the world of soft classic style? This timeless and elegant fashion sense allows you to express your personality while maintaining a perfectly balanced appearance confidently. With its blend of subtleness and sophistication, you’ll be turning heads in no time.

In the soft classic style realm, it’s all about the intricate details and touchable fabrics that make your wardrobe feel effortlessly chic. This fashion genre takes inspiration from icons like Grace Kelly and Marion Cotillard, giving you a versatile look that never goes out of style. Stay tuned as we unravel the secrets to achieving the perfect soft classic ensemble tailored just for you.

What is the Soft Classic Style?

Soft classic style is characterized by a harmonious blend of balance and softness, with a touch of classic elegance. It’s one of the Kibbe body types, which focuses on creating a cohesive look that highlights your natural features. In this style, you’ll find a mix of soft lines, gentle shapes, and subtle details that complement your overall appearance.

When choosing clothing for a soft classic style, pay attention to the fabrics and silhouettes. Opt for soft, smooth materials that drape gracefully over your body. Silhouettes should have a balanced mix of structure and flexibility, with gentle curves and clean lines. Look for simple yet refined patterns and avoid anything overly dramatic or busy.

Accessorizing is essential to achieve a soft classic look. Choose delicate and elegant pieces that complement your outfit without overpowering it. Simple jewelry, such as pearl earrings or a minimalist gold pendant, can polish your ensemble without stealing the show.

As for your hairstyle, aim for soft, controlled, and smooth locks that frame your face and complement your overall appearance. Curls, waves, and gentle soft shapes work best as long as they aren’t overly teased or done up. Moderate-to-long lengths are typically the most harmonious for smooth classic styles.

What are the Characteristics of Soft Classics?

Soft classics typically have a balanced and symmetrical bone structure. Their height can vary, but they often possess a moderate vertical line. Their shoulders are moderately narrow and may have a slight slope, which gives them a gentle and sophisticated look. When it comes to their limbs, they’re usually of moderate length, contributing to the overall harmony of their physique.

Talking about their faces, soft classics have several unique characteristics that make them stand out. First, they blend rounded yet symmetrical facial features, such as the nose, cheekbones, and jawline. This balance between soft and sharp contours gives their faces an elegant and timeless appeal.

Another critical aspect of the soft classic style is the presence of soft edges in their bone structure. This means that, though their bodies are well-balanced, there’s a hint of yin or softness. Their hands and feet also tend to be moderate to small and slightly wide.

To sum it up, the soft classic body type is characterized by:

  • Balanced and symmetrical bone structure
  • Rounded, harmonious facial features
  • Moderate height and limb lengths
  • Soft edges and a hint of yin

Body Shape and Proportions

A harmonious blend of Classic and Romantic Kibbe body types characterizes soft classic style. This means that you will have the balanced proportions and symmetrical bone structure of the Classic body, combined with the soft curves and contour of the Romantic type. Your waist, bust, and hips will be moderately defined, with no dramatic differences in size. This results in a delicately balanced figure with a sense of poise and sophistication.

One thing to remember is that your fleshy limbs and moderately muscled body type contribute to the elegance of the soft classic style. Your legs and shoulders will have a subtle roundness, adding a touch of femininity to your overall appearance. While you may not have the extreme hourglass shape of a complete Romantic, the gentle curves of your body will still create a pleasing silhouette.

Regarding individual proportions, soft classic style often features a moderate bust and full hips, with a noticeable but not overly defined waist. This means you don’t have the pear, hourglass, or oval body shape typically associated with other style archetypes. Instead, the soft classic body type is a beautiful blend of these shapes, resulting in a versatile and adaptable figure that can effortlessly embody the timeless elegance of this classic style.

Wardrobe Essentials for Soft Classic Style

First off, let’s talk about the key clothing items for soft classic style. You’ll want to focus on tailored blazers and structured jackets, which create clean lines and maintain a balanced silhouette. A-line skirts and sheath dresses are another must-have for this look, adding just the right amount of femininity without being too fussy. Regarding blouses and tops, stick with structured pieces incorporating delicate details like ruffles, lace, and soft patterns. And you can’t forget about slim-cut trousers and tailored pants for a polished and professional appearance.

Now, let’s move on to accessories and jewelry. Keep your shoes classic and refined with neutral-colored pumps and ballet flats. Delicate, minimalist jewelry is the game’s name, so opt for thin chains, petite pendants, and stud earrings. As for handbags, we recommend simple, structured designs that won’t steal the show but still complement your timeless outfits.

Having built your wardrobe with these essentials, you’ll find it delightful to mix and match, creating countless outfits that embody the soft classic style. The key to mastering this look is to maintain balance in your ensembles, effortlessly combining classic cuts and understated details for an elegant flair that leaves an impression. So, dive into the world of soft classic style – your newfound elegance awaits.

Fabrics and Details

Discovering the perfect look with soft classic style is exciting as you explore fabrics, delicate details, and elegant tailoring to create a balanced and timeless appearance.

A key aspect of soft classic style is selecting the right fabrics. Favor soft, touchable, and subtly woven materials that drape gracefully on your frame. Delicate and flowing textiles like silk, fine cotton, and lightweight wool will allow for the elegance that defines soft classic style.

When it comes to details, opt for smaller prints or soft florals that are understated and refined. Lace and rounded edges can provide a gentle touch of intricacy, elevating the overall look. Tailored garments with a hint of draping are an excellent choice, as they softly emphasize your natural curves.

Finding the ideal cut is crucial in achieving the perfect soft classic style. Seek out garments with a balanced and symmetrical cut that flatters your figure while maintaining a sense of effortlessness. Waist definition, even if slightly dropped in clingy fabrics, enhances your silhouette and adds a touch of sophistication.

Color Palette and Patterns

When it comes to colors, the Soft Classic style leans towards soothing colors and neutrals. Pastels are perfect for this look, as they evoke a sense of grace and balance. Warm, muted tones like beige, cream, and dusty rose are also great options for a soft classic wardrobe.

In terms of length, aim for pieces that hit at your most flattering points, such as knee-length dresses or tailored pants at your natural waist. Avoid overly fussy styles, as simplicity is a key component of Soft Classic charm.

Patterns for the Soft Classic style should be subtle and harmonious. Opt for smaller prints, soft florals, and symmetrical shapes that create visual interest without overpowering your look. Avoid bold, geometric patterns that can clash with the understated elegance of this style.

Another essential aspect to consider is using rounded shapes within the design elements. Soft Classic style incorporates curves and rounded edges, giving off a gentle, feminine appeal. This could include details like a sweetheart neckline or a scalloped hem on a skirt.


What does soft classic body type mean?

The Soft Classic body type is a Kibbe body typing system classification. It is a blend of the Classic and Romantic types. It is characterized by moderate height, symmetrical bone structure with slightly soft or rounded edges, even proportions through the bust, waist, and hip, and a smooth and symmetrical overall look.

What a soft classic should wear?

Soft Classics should wear clothes that highlight their balanced and symmetrical bone structure with slightly smooth or rounded edges and their even proportions through the bust, waist, and hip. They should look for subtle and delicate details, touchable fabrics, smaller prints, soft florals, and soothing colors.

What is the difference between classic and soft classic Kibbe?

The Classic and Soft Classic are two of the thirteen body types in the Kibbe body typing system. The Classic type has more angular and sharp edges in its bone structure, while the Soft Classic type has slightly rounded edges. Soft Classics also have a more delicate and somewhat curvy frame, while Classics have a more straight and athletic frame.

What is the soft classic shape?

The Soft Classic is a body shape classification in the Kibbe body typing system. It is characterized by a symmetrical bone structure with slightly soft or rounded edges, even proportions through the bust, waist, and hip, and a smooth and symmetrical overall look. Soft Classics have a delicate and slightly curvy frame.

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