Old Money Quiet Luxury 2024: Everything You Need to Know About it

Ever pondered about experiencing an existence of quiet opulence and age-old wealth? To indulge in life’s luxuries without parading your affluence?

In this article, we’ll explore the world of old money quiet luxury and how you can incorporate elements into your own life, whether you’re a millionaire or just starting out. So sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the world of understated elegance and timeless style.

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Old Money Quiet Luxury

History of Old Money Aesthetic

The roots of old money aesthetic can be traced back centuries to European nobility and American upper classes living off their inherited wealth. Think sprawling mansions, private clubs, and elite boarding schools. In contrast to flashy displays of wealth, old money families often establish a sense of quiet luxury, opting for classic Chanel bags and discreet Prada shoes over ostentatiously branded items.

In recent years, the old money aesthetic has surged in popularity, with platforms like TikTok showcasing the allure of a refined and timeless lifestyle. The appeal of old money is that it focuses on wealth and prestige in a sophisticated, rather than a superficial, manner.

Preppy and Dark Academia Styles

Preppy style is influenced by East Coast American elites, think ivy league schools and New England charm. Preppy style favors classic, clean-cut clothing with a timeless appeal, such as polo shirts, tailored blazers, and boat shoes. Pastel colors, plaid patterns, and preppy staples like pearls and monograms all contribute to the old money aesthetic.

On the other hand, dark academia emphasizes intellectual pursuits and a connection to the ancient world. This style also incorporates elements of wealthy, prestigious lives but leans towards tweed, leather-bound books, and moody, atmospheric settings. Dark academia is fascinated with higher education, traditional art forms, and classical literature.

Both preppy and dark academia styles embody the old money quiet luxury aesthetic, allowing you to effortlessly embrace a lifestyle rich in culture, prestige, and timeless class.

Characteristics of Quiet Luxury

Minimalist Design

A key aspect of quiet luxury is minimalism. This style focuses on clean lines and simplicity, ensuring that the focus remains on the quality and elegance of the pieces. The minimalist design allows you to curate a wardrobe that is both versatile and timeless, with items that can be easily paired and mixed.

High-Quality Materials

Quiet luxury emphasizes the use of high-quality materials such as cashmere, merino wool, silk, and premium leather. By choosing items made from these materials, you’re not only investing in durable pieces, but also ones that showcase unparalleled craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Timeless Pieces

The hallmark of old money quiet luxury is its focus on timeless pieces. These items are designed to withstand seasonal trends and instead prioritize classic, enduring styles. Timeless pieces often represent some of the most iconic and beloved wardrobe staples, like beige trench coats, crisp white button-up shirts, or sleek black loafers. Building a closet filled with these essentials creates a foundation for a refined and sophisticated personal style.

Investment Pieces

Lastly, quiet luxury encourages investing in pieces that will last a lifetime. These investment pieces are often more expensive than their mass-produced counterparts, but their durability and timeless design make them worth the cost. When choosing an investment piece, consider its versatility and how it fits within your existing wardrobe – this will help you get the most out of your purchase.

Notable Luxury Brands

The Row

Founded by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen in 2011, The Row has quickly become a leading player in the quiet luxury trend. Their signature simplicity and dedication to quality materials make them a favorite of many timeless fashion enthusiasts. The Row’s collections often feature collaborations with esteemed brands like Louis Vuitton, Loro Piana, and Burberry, elevating its status in the luxury fashion world.


Arket is known for its minimalist aesthetic and high-quality, sustainable materials. With collections showcasing the likes of Jil Sander, Max Mara, and Céline, Arket offers a modern take on old money quiet luxury for those who value simplicity and craftsmanship in their wardrobe.


COS, the Swedish fashion brand, focuses on timeless design and quality. Embracing the quiet luxury trend, their collections often include modern updates on classic styles from top-tier brands like Gucci, Brioni, and Canali. With attention to detail, COS has become a favorite among those seeking a refined and understated look.


Toteme’s pieces are characterized by clean lines, neutral colors, and premium materials, aligning perfectly with the theme of old money quiet luxury. Collaborating with fashion powerhouses like Brunello Cucinelli and Ralph Lauren, Toteme reflects the elegance and sophistication appreciated by those with a taste for understated luxury.

The Frankie Shop

The Frankie Shop is an international online boutique that curates a selection of clothing and accessories from various brands. Offering pieces from Lemaire and other noteworthy designers, The Frankie Shop sustains the spirit of old money quiet luxury. Their collections emphasize comfort and quality while maintaining a chic, minimalist aesthetic.

Old Money Style vs. New Money

Flashy Design and Logos

With a old money wardrobe, you’ll notice subtlety and elegance in fashion choices. There’s an emphasis on quality over quantity, and the focus is on timeless, classic pieces that exude sophistication without drawing too much attention to themselves. On the other hand, new money fashion often leans towards logomania, where brands and logos are prominently displayed, making for a flashier, more attention-seeking style.


The philosophy behind old money quiet luxury is about understated elegance. The focus is on quality craftsmanship, materials, and long-lasting pieces that showcase one’s wealth without being overt or ostentatious. New money, in contrast, tends to value the attention and recognition that comes with boundless spending and conspicuous consumption.

In your quest for old money style, you should look for clothes and accessories with a quiet luxury aesthetic, investing in timeless pieces with a more restrained, sophisticated look.

Investing and Saving

Old Money Quiet Luxury

Concerning investing and saving, old money is often associated with financial stability passed down through generations. Old money individuals are typically more focused on preserving and nurturing their wealth for future generations, which may lead them to make more conservative investments and save diligently. Conversely, new money individuals might be more inclined to pursue risky investments and display their wealth through their spending habits and ostentatious fashion choices.

Influence of Social Media

In a world where social media platforms like TikTok often showcase flashy, extravagant displays of wealth, old money quiet luxury stands out as a contrasting fashionable subculture. This subculture embraces the values of discretion and understatement regarding wealth, fashion, and lifestyle.

Quiet Luxury and Stealth Wealth Trends

These days, you may notice that more and more people, especially Gen Z, are embracing the idea of quiet luxury and stealth wealth. This trend is all about opting for quality and sophistication over flashy logos and ostentatious displays of wealth. With social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram at the tip of their fingers, it’s becoming increasingly popular for users to share glimpses of their everyday lives, including their wardrobe choices and lifestyle preferences.

The #oldmoneyaesthetic, for example, has taken on a life of its own, as people seek to imitate the fashion and style of old money families. This viral trend resonates with those who appreciate a more understated, timeless style built on the foundation of classic design principles, fine craftsmanship, and discreet elegance.

Kendall Roy and Succession

No discussion of old money quiet luxury would be complete without mentioning the highly influential TV series, Succession. Kendall Roy, one of the show’s main characters, is symbolic of the quiet luxury trend. With his tasteful wardrobe choices and air of refinement, he represents an aspirational lifestyle for those interested in embracing the quiet luxury trend. Many fans of the show draw inspiration from Kendall’s style and mannerisms, and share this appreciation on social media, further intensifying the trend’s presence on platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

While navigating the constantly changing landscape of fashion and lifestyle trends, remember that the key to understanding and appreciating old money quiet luxury lies in finding the right balance between quality, discretion, and understated elegance. Embracing this approach means focusing on investing in timeless pieces and valuing experiences over material possessions.

Building a Capsule Wardrobe

Tailored Blazers

A key component of old money quiet luxury is the tailored blazer. Opt for high-quality materials and construction, ensuring longevity in your wardrobe. Seek out classic cuts and colors, such as navy or black, which can easily mix and match with other pieces in your capsule wardrobe.

Silk and Gray Fabrics

Incorporating luxurious fabrics like silk and gray into your wardrobe adds elegance to your overall look. Silk blouses or scarves can elevate an ensemble, while gray fabrics, such as cashmere sweaters or wool trousers, exude a sense of timeless sophistication.


In the realm of old money quiet luxury, normcore has a definite place. This trend values function and simplicity, embracing timeless essentials that can carry you through each season. Look for basics such as well-fitting jeans, comfortable t-shirts, and versatile flats to form the foundation of your capsule wardrobe.


Lastly, focus on curating a collection of high-quality essentials that showcase your style while remaining neutral and clear in design. These pieces should be able to mix and match effortlessly with each other, providing a foundation for a versatile and functional wardrobe. Consider including items like a crisp white shirt, a little black dress, and a classic trench coat to round out your capsule wardrobe.

Contemporary Brands with Old Money Style

Preppy and Polished Aesthetics

Mango is one brand that offers a wide range of preppy and polished clothing, perfect for embracing old money quiet luxury. Their versatile pieces, such as tailored blazers, classic shirting, and elegant accessories, can easily be mixed and matched.

Reiss is synonymous with understated elegance, offering timeless and sophisticated designs that never fail to impress. With expert craftsmanship and quality materials, you can build an old money wardrobe that stands the test of time.

Affordable and Refined Options

Camden is an excellent choice for those who want to achieve the old money look without breaking the bank. This brand offers affordable and refined pieces that embody quiet luxury, such as well-tailored trousers and beautifully crafted knitwear.

Claire is another budget-friendly option for those seeking old money quiet luxury, offering chic and minimalist designs that can be easily integrated into your existing wardrobe. Watch for their timeless, effortlessly elegant pieces that exude understated charm.


Old Money Quiet Luxury

What does quiet luxury mean?

Quiet luxury refers to high-quality clothing and accessories that are sophisticated, understated, and timeless. It reflects a desire for luxury that is less showy and more subtle.

What is the quiet wealth style?

The quiet wealth style, also known as stealth wealth, is the practice of inconspicuous consumption among the ultra-rich. It involves living and looking like you are at a lower tax bracket, rather than flaunting wealth. 

What is the old money aesthetic called?

The old money aesthetic is sometimes referred to as u0022quiet luxuryu0022 or u0022preppy.u0022 It is characterized by understated, classic clothing and accessories that convey a sense of wealth and privilege without being flashy. 

How to dress rich old money?

To dress rich old money, opt for classic pieces like blazers, midi skirts, and pearls, focusing on quality over quantity. Incorporate tennis-inspired elements and choose longer, oversized cuts for a vintage look. Balance sophistication with a relaxed vibe, and avoid looking arrogant.

What is the difference between old money and quiet luxury?

Old money refers to inherited wealth passed down through generations. At the same time, quiet luxury is a new-age minimalism style that focuses on investing in forever staples that will last in your wardrobe. Quiet luxury is less about wealth and more about exuding confidence, while old money is associated with traditional, conservative values.

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