30 Western Outfits Women 2024 That Are All Over Pinterest

I’ve lassoed the best of the wild, wild west of Pinterest after what felt like a roundup that lasted hours, bringing you 30 western outfits women that are causing a serious style stampede.

30 Western Outfits Women That Are All Over Pinterest

Casual Jeans Short Outfit

western summer outfits western summer outfits
by Pinterest

I’m totally loving this western summer outfit vibe!

The distressed denim shorts paired with the graphic tank top give off such a cool, laid-back feel that’s perfect for a summer concert or a casual day out. And that flowy kimono with its soft, pastel tones? It adds just the right touch of boho chic.

The wide-brimmed hat and ankle boots are the perfect accessories to tie it all together. This look is a must-have for me because it’s stylish yet comfortable, and it makes a statement without trying too hard.

Mom Jeans with Brown Tank Top

western summer outfits denim western style
by Pinterest

The high-waisted flared jeans are just my style—they have that classic, timeless look that’s super versatile. And those platform sandals add the perfect touch of modern chic.

This is a must-have outfit because it’s both comfortable and stylish. It can also take you from a casual day out to a chill evening hangout without missing a beat.

Cozy Light Pink Boho Summer Dress

western summer outfits boho-chic style
by Pinterest

The dress’s warm, earthy tone is perfect for those long, lazy afternoons under the sun, and it looks so comfy and effortless. I’m really into the way it pairs with those ankle boots, giving it a bit of a Western kick that’s super cool and a bit unexpected.

Brown Boho Jumpsuit Outfit

western summer outfits cute summer cowgirl outfit
by Pinterest

I love how the wide-brimmed hat adds a touch of classic Western vibe, making it a cool statement piece.

Straight Leg Jeans with a Beige Tank Top

western summer outfits essential cowgirl outfit
by Pinterest

The ripped blue jeans paired with a simple tank top are just effortlessly cool and scream summer comfort to me. And those hats in the background? They’re giving me major inspo to accessorize.

This outfit is a must-have because it’s the perfect blend of casual and chic – it’s like a little nod to the cowboy trend without going full-on rodeo, you know?

Chic Cowboy Vibes

western summer outfits cowgirl denim style
by Pinterest

Cute Feminine Western Outfit

western summer outfits coastal cowgirl
by Pinterest

The way the floral skirt flows is just dreamy, and it’s paired perfectly with those cute cowboy boots.

Edgy Western Summer Outfit

western summer outfits aesthetic western outfit
by Pinterest

The oversized denim shirt layered over a graphic tee dress is a cool and effortless look. It’s the kind of outfit that’s perfect for a casual day out or a fun concert.

I love how the checkered slip-on sneakers add a playful touch and the fringe bag? It’s the ultimate accessory that pulls the whole Western theme together.

Edgy Boho Outfit

western summer outfits western boho outfit
by Pinterest

The denim vest’s combination with that flowy, floral maxi skirt is just the right touch of cowgirl chic and boho flair. I love how the wide-brimmed hat adds a statement while being super practical for sunny days.

Floral Maxi Skirt with Denim Top

western summer outfits cool elegant western outfit
by Pinterest

The denim crop top paired with that flowy, high-slit skirt gives me all the cool, free-spirited feels. And those white cowboy boots?

They’re the perfect unexpected twist that pulls the whole look together. It’s like a nod to classic Western style but with a fresh, modern edge.

I can see myself rocking this at a summer festival or a casual day out with friends.

Red Jeans Short with Cowboy T-Shirt

western summer outfits hot western outfit
by Pinterest

Boho Chic Western Outfit

western summer outfits casual western style outfit
by Pinterest

All White Denim Outfit

western summer outfits white western outfit
by Pinterest

The white denim combo is just perfect for those hot sunny days, and it’s got this cool, effortless feel that I’m all about.

The frayed edges of the skirt add a nice touch of rugged charm, too.

T-Shirt Dress with Jeans Jacket

western summer outfits pink western outfit
by Pinterest

The light-wash denim jacket thrown over a casual graphic tee dress is a cool and effortless look. And those knee-high boots? They’re the perfect statement piece that pulls the whole outfit together.

Leopard Patterned Skirt with White Crop Top

western summer outfits western fashion
by Pinterest

Flowy Boho Blouse Top with Jeans Short

western summer outfits aesthetic western style
by Pinterest

Button-Down Shirt with Beige Top and Shorts

western summer outfits outdoor western outfit
by Pinterest

Jeans Short with Oversized Graphic Tee

western summer outfits metallica western style
by Pinterest

Cropped Graphic Tee with Denim Shorts

western summer outfits desert western outfit
by Pinterest

Maxi Boho Skirt with Cute Flowy Top

western summer outfits white summer skirt
by Pinterest

I’m loving this breezy white two-piece set! It’s got this boho-chic vibe that’s just perfect for summer. The lace and crochet details add such a romantic touch, and I think it’s a must-have because it looks effortlessly stylish.

Pink Cowboy Boots with Short and a Graphic Tee

western summer outfits cool pink western style
by Pinterest


How do you dress in Western wear?

Dress in Western wear by donning a denim shirt, cowboy boots, and a hat. Add a leather belt with a statement buckle for authentic flair.

What is considered Western wear?

Western wear typically includes cowboy boots, denim, plaid or flannel shirts, leather belts, and cowboy hats. It’s rugged and practical with a distinctive Americana look.

How do I make my outfit look western?

Make your outfit look Western by incorporating key pieces like a fringe jacket, bootcut jeans, or a bolo tie. Your go-tos are earth tones and denim.

Is Western wear in style?

Western wear is in style, especially as a trend within street fashion. It’s often seen with modern twists, like pairing cowboy boots with contemporary pieces.

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