What is Goblincore Music 2024: Fav Songs You Need to Hear

Ever wondered “What is Goblincore Music” and why it’s enchanting earbuds everywhere?

Join me as I share my all-time favorite Goblincore tracks that you need to add to your playlist.

What is Goblincore Music?

What is Goblincore Music: A mossy forest clearing with mushrooms and toadstools, where a small group of goblins play rustic instruments, creating a haunting and whimsical melody

It’s not just a style but an experience that transports you to a world where the rustic and the quirky are celebrated.

Unveiling the Charm

  • Nature’s Oddities: Revel in melodies that harmonize with the croaking of frogs, the pitter-patter of rain, and the rustling of leaves.
  • Unconventional Instruments: Feel the rhythm through unconventional uses of items like pots, pans, or anything that can conjure up the goblin-esque merriment.

The Heart of Goblincore Music

At the core of this genre lies the celebration of the often overlooked parts of our natural world, turning what some might call ‘ugly’ or ‘eccentric’ into a symphony of authentic beauty. The music may incorporate lyrical themes centered around nature’s simplicity, the joy of small treasures, and the magic of the mundane.

Discovering Goblincore Music

  • Unexpected Delight: Let your curiosity guide you through the enigmatic paths of goblincore music, a subculture inspired by the folklore of goblins.
  • Sense of Belonging: You’re not just listening to music; you’re partaking in a rite that glorifies the unorthodox and connects you to a community that finds joy in the wilderness of life.

Goblincore Music Artists: 10 Artists You Need to Know

A group of goblincore music artists playing in a forest clearing, surrounded by moss-covered rocks and mushrooms, with fireflies and mystical creatures dancing in the background
  1. Midwinter – Dive into their album “The Waters of Sweet Sorrows” and let your imagination run wild with images of frogs dancing around a mushroom.
  2. Comus – Brace yourself for a mind-bending experience reminiscent of a dream with their intriguing folk-infused sounds.
  3. Fleet Foxes – Get lost in their intricate harmonies and rich, earthy melodies perfect for a goblincore enthusiast like you.
  4. Blackmore’s Night – Revel in the medieval-inspired tunes that transport you back to ancient, mystical times.
  5. Pentangle – Appreciate the blend of folk, jazz, and blues in an invigorating mix that sparks joy and bewilderment.
  6. Goblin Market – Immerse yourself in their unique storytelling through music which is as compelling as any treasure-filled cavern.
  7. The Incredible String Band – Let their psychedelic twist on traditional music sprinkle some goblin dust on your day.
  8. Faun – Encounter the ethereal combination of historical instruments and modern influences that Faun expertly weaves.
  9. Rapalje – Embrace the Celtic vibes and let their lively performances fill your heart with a wild, untamed energy.
  10. The Moon and the Nightspirit – Surrender to the enchanting melodies that seem to echo the voices of nature itself.

10 Goblincore Songs You Need to Know

A cozy forest clearing with mushrooms, moss, and small creatures. A gentle stream flows nearby, and the air is filled with the sound of whimsical, earthy music

Goblincore is a thriving subset of the music world that dives deep into nature and the unconventional. Embrace the quirky, earthy vibes with these catchy tracks:

  1. The Moss by Cosmo Sheldrake
    Imagine the earthy scent of a damp forest floor as you listen to the whimsical lyrics and folky tune of “The Moss.”
  2. The Fly also by Cosmo Sheldrake
    It’s a delightful sonic journey that makes you appreciate the smaller creatures in life with an almost mischievous glee.
  3. Tardigrade Song by Cosmo Sheldrake
    This song actually celebrates the resilience of the tiny, near-indestructible creatures known as tardigrades.
  4. Did Don’t Do by Cosmo Sheldrake
    The playful, looping melodies couple with thought-provoking lyrics, making it a must-listen for any goblincore playlist.
  5. Witch of the Woods by Hands of Despair
    Your journey through goblincore would hardly be complete without an ode to the mythical figures that guard the green realms.
  6. Riverbed by The Hush Sound
    This track’s bubbling melodies and soothing vocals perfectly capture the essence of a serene river’s flow.
  7. Pan’s Labyrinth Lullaby by Javier Navarrete
    The hauntingly beautiful tune from the film “Pan’s Labyrinth” echoes with the delicate, magical aspects of goblincore.
  8. Hollow Hill by Blood Ceremony
    Feel the pull of the arcane as the heavy riffs and flutes call to the creatures of the unearthly hollows.
  9. Thistles & Weeds by Mumford & Sons
    A song that resonates with themes of resilience in the face of hardship, thriving like the hardy plants it’s named after.
  10. Woodland Rites by Green Lung
    Get lost in the forest’s heart with the captivating, ritualistic rhythms that define the cornerstone of goblincore lore.

Goblincore vs Cottagecore

A moss-covered forest clearing with tangled roots, scattered mushrooms, and a weathered cottage. The air is filled with the sound of eerie, otherworldly music

Discover the enchanting world of Goblincore, where you’ll find charm in the typically unnoticed marvels of nature. Unlike the sunny, delicate beauty of Cottagecore, Goblincore celebrates the raw and the rugged.

Imagine yourself gathering moss-covered rocks and delighting in the earthy scent of the forest floor; that’s the essence of Goblincore.

On the other hand, Cottagecore transports you to a serene, pastoral fantasy. Picture yourself in a sunlit field, wearing flowing dresses, and surrounded by a flock of soft, white baby goats. It’s all about enjoying the picturesque and the idyllic aspects of rural life.

Here’s a quick guide to pinpoint the differences:

Aesthetic VibesEarthy, natural, unrefinedPastoral, charming, romantic
FashionAndrogynous, mischievousFeminine, soft, vintage
Nature’s ImageMushrooms, toads, decayFlowers, farm animals, gardens
InspirationGoblins, folklore magicRomanticism, Victorian era

Goblincore embraces the “goblin” traits — think treasure hoarding, mischief, and adoration for what some may view as the “uglier” sides of nature, like insects and toadstools. Your Goblincore anthem might sound like music swathed in the whispers of the woods, unpredictable and wondrous.

Where Cottagecore is wholesome and bright, Goblincore doesn’t shy away from the peculiar and the perfectly imperfect.


What is the goblincore genre on Spotify?

The goblincore genre on Spotify refers to a curated playlist of various artists embody the goblincore aesthetic, which celebrates natural ecosystems and second-hand objects usually considered less beautiful by conventional norms. 

What artists are goblincore?

There is no definitive list of artists that are considered goblincore. However, some artists that may embody the goblincore aesthetic include Wardruna, Faun, and Loreena McKennitt. 

What is an example of goblincore?

An example of goblincore could be a fashion style incorporating earthy colors, natural textures, and second-hand clothing or accessories. Other examples could include home decor that features dried flowers, mushrooms, or other natural elements or a lifestyle that emphasizes living in harmony with nature.

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