Winter Tennis Outfit 2024: 25 Tennis Girl Looks You’ll Love

There’s a reason why tennis ranks amongst the most beloved and elegant sports for women. The activity is incredibly beneficial for the body, placing you firmly on the path to being “THAT” girl.

On top of that, tennis clothing is just always fashionable and stylish – plus, more and more influencers and celebrities are integrating timeless tennis fashion essentials into their everyday outfits. Hard to believe, isn’t it? Well, I’m just saying pleated skirt… 😉

But it’s not so easy in winter to keep going to the tennis court top styled, because the well-known skirts and skimpy tops are hard to combine warm on cold days.

The Good News: Don’t worry. We have compiled 25 stylish as well as aesthetic winter tennis outfits for you, on which not only the influencers swear for their aesthetic Instagram pictures, but also stylists, professional athletes, and last but not least us. Hihi.

This way you can keep working out in peace, don’t have to worry about being cold and keep getting better day by day.

Note: Of course, there are also outfits that you can still wear in the tennis hall. We just wanted to make sure that if you continue to train on the tennis court in the winter, you don’t have to freeze.

Winter Tennis Outfit: The Problem with the Cold

If you aren’t in a sports club and can train indoors, it can quickly get cold in winter no matter how much you move while playing. Especially the otherwise very skimpy tennis clothing that many women wear on sunny days has a hard time in winter.

Winter Tennis Outfit: Our Favorite Looks for the Cold Days

1. Knit Sweater with Tennis Socks

Knit sweaters are a great way to keep warm.

Especially when you’re still warming up and not quite warm yet, it makes sense to make sure you don’t catch a cold – that’s when a thick sweater can help.

During outdoor play, however, I’d take the thick sweater off, as cozy sweaters aren’t made to wick away sweat.

Tennis socks that are pulled up not only provide a good amount of grip but also keep your feet nice and warm – perfect for a tennis match.

2. Jogger Suit

This classic influencer outfit is all over Pinterest, Instagram, and co.

Because the jogging suits are not only ultra-comfortable and look effortlessly stylish – they also serve as the perfect outfit foundation for all fashion-conscious stylists among you.

By the way, these comfy two-piece suits are also great for cold days at the gym or when we’re feeling under the weather. 😉

3. Short Jogger Suit

This is the counterpart of a jogging suit – only with shorts.

This makes them look suitable for training in the hall, or even for a kick on the tennis court.

And actually, that shouldn’t be too much of a problem, since your legs are the first to heat up during a good match, so you won’t be so cold anymore.

But until this warming effect finally sets in, you’ll benefit from a proper adrenaline kick. Maybe this will also help you in the game, who knows? 😉

4. Tennis Skirt & Oversized Sweater

These outfits are probably the absolute classics par excellence on Instagram, Pinterest, and Co. when it comes to the topic of tennis.

This sporty tennis look already has cult status among fashionistas thanks to its aesthetics.

So we don’t need to add more to this popular outfit, except: have fun!

5. The Gym Look – Leggings + Sports Bra

Of course, you can also wear your beloved gym outfit to tennis training. And that this is even a pretty stylish option, as we see here.

All you need is a pair of leggings and a sports bra of your choice.

In winter, you can also put a t-shirt, top or long sleeve over the sports bra, so that you aren’t so cold on top.

6. Leggings, Shorts & Longsleeve

How this outfit can look, for example, with a long sleeve, we see here.

An effortlessly sporty look that is absolutely worth seeing!

For a more “tennis-like” look, you can for example also pull another pair of shorts over the leggings. This then has, even more, the vibe of a skirt.

7. Tennis Skirt, Top + Sweater over Shoulders

There’s nothing like a matching outfit of a skirt, top and a matching sweater casually draped over your shoulders.

This is the definition of a casual, chic and at the same time incredibly stylish tennis outfit.

Try it out!

8. Tennis Skirt + Chic Longsleeve

9. Tennis Skirt + Sports Bra

If you don’t want to do without your sports bra, you can also combine it with your tennis skirt.

A super successful mix!

10. Tennis Skirt + Knitted Sweater Vest + Cap

11. Tennis Skirt + Polo Top + Tennis Gloves

12. Tennis Skirt + Zip Sweater

13. Tennis Skirt + Ribbed Basic Top

14. White Shorts + Button Down Shirt

15. White Shorts + T-Shirt

16. Tennis Shorts + Button-Down Shirt

17. Matching Set

18. Green Tennis Skirt + T-Shirt + Matching Green Cap

19. White Dress

20. Knitted Sweater Vest + Long Tennis Pants

21. Zip Jacket + Tennis Skirt

22. Cycling Shorts + Sweater

23. Top + Sweater over Shoulders + Tennis Skirt

24. Polo Top + Pink Tennis Skirt + Sunshield

25. Polo T-Shirt + Tennis Skirt + Sweater over Shoulders

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