20 Cheapest Supreme Items You Need in 2023: My Favorites

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Cheapest Supreme Items: Are you itching to cop some Supreme gear but don’t want to break the bank? Look no further! In this article, we’ve rounded up 20 of the cheapest Supreme items you can buy today.

Let’s get you flexing your Supreme collection on the ‘gram without putting a dent in your wallet!

20 Cheapest Supreme Items You’ll Love

Here are 20 of the cheapest Supreme items you can buy today:

1. Supreme Logo Sticker

If you want to add some zing to your belongings, the Supreme Logo Sticker* is a must-have. The classic red and white design will add a stylish touch to any item.

Whether you put it on a laptop, skateboard, or water bottle, this sticker is guaranteed to elevate your style.

2. Supreme Hanes Socks

Want to keep your feet cozy and stylish? Take a look at the Supreme Hanes Socks*!

These comfortable, high-quality socks come in various colors that are guaranteed to suit all tastes.

3. Supreme Hanes Boxer Brief

Get ready to level up your undergarment game with the Supreme Hanes Boxer Briefs*! These soft and comfortable briefs feature a bold and stylish Supreme logo waistband.

4. Supreme Keychain

Elevate your key game with the Supreme Keychain*!

Featuring the iconic Supreme logo and a durable design, this keychain is perfect for keeping your keys organized and looking stylish!

5. Supreme Nylon Lanyard

Need to keep your ID or keys handy? Look no further! This stylish and durable Supreme lanyard* is exactly what you want.

Definitely the perfect accessory for any outfit!

6. Supreme Band-Aids

Want to cover up minor injuries in style? Check out this box of 20 adhesive band-aids for minor injuries featuring the Supreme logo.

7. Supreme Lighter

Upgrade your game with the Supreme Lighter*! With the iconic logo and a sleek design, this lighter is perfect for lighting up in style.

Plus, it’s durable and refillable for long-lasting use.

8. Supreme Glass Ashtray

Keep it classy while you smoke with the Supreme Glass Ashtray*! This sleek ashtray is a perfect addition to any setup, debossed with the iconic Supreme logo.

9. Supreme Shopping Bag

This reusable Supreme shopping bag is perfect for showing off your hypebeast status while grocery shopping.

10. Supreme Pen

Get ready to sign in style with the Supreme Pen! This sleek and sophisticated pen features a comfortable grip and is a perfect accessory for any desk.

11. Supreme Gonz Ramm Skateboard Deck

A skateboard deck featuring the artwork of legendary skater and artist Mark Gonzales. It’s made in collaboration with Supreme*.

12. Supreme Dog Bowl

A ceramic dog bowl featuring the iconic Supreme logo. Perfect for treating your furry friend to some swaggy meals.

13. Supreme Ganesha Tee

Add a touch of spiritual style to your wardrobe with the Supreme Ganesha Tee*! This bold and colorful tee features the Hindu deity and the iconic Supreme logo.

14. Supreme Hair Ties

A pack of three Supreme hair ties is perfect for adding hype to your hair game.

15. Supreme Liquid Tee

Get ready to turn heads with the Supreme Liquid Tee! It features a mesmerizing liquid graphic and the iconic Supreme logo!

This tee is the perfect way to add some trippy style to your wardrobe.

16. Supreme Hohner Harmonica

Want to add a touch of flair to your musical performances? You can’t go wrong with the sleek Supreme Hohner Harmonica*. It sounds pretty awesome for the price!

17. Supreme Studded Belt

A black leather belt featuring silver studs and the Supreme logo. Definitely perfect for adding some edge to your outfit.

18. Supreme Public Enemy Tee

Show off your love for hip-hop legends Public Enemy with the Supreme Public Enemy Tee*! Featuring iconic graphics, this tee is perfect for any music fan!

19. Supreme Gonz Ramm Six-Panel

A six-panel hat featuring the artwork of legendary skater and artist Mark Gonzales made in collaboration with Supreme.

20. Supreme Sigg Traveller 0.6L Water Bottle

Stay hydrated in style with the Supreme Sigg Traveller 0.6L Water Bottle! You can take this bottle with you on any outdoor adventure or when going to the gym.

Pros of Buying Cheap Supreme Items

Cheapest Supreme Items

Here are some of the upsides of buying cheap Supreme items:


Supreme is notorious for its high prices. You can get in on the hype by snagging a cheap Supreme item without emptying your wallet.

Unique Finds

The selection of affordable Supreme items is limited. Be that as it may, you’ll still be able to find some hidden gems that you wouldn’t find in the higher price range.

Entry Level

If you’re new to the Supreme game, buying cheap items can be a great way to dip your toes in the water. It’ll prevent you from making a huge investment.

It’s an excellent way to explore the brand and see what you like before committing to pricier items.

Cons of Buying Cheap Supreme Items

Cheapest Supreme Items

Here are some of the downsides of buying cheap Supreme items:

Limited Options

Some great affordable Supreme items are out there, but the selection is more limited than that of higher-end pieces. As a result, you may not be able to find exactly what you’re looking for in the lower price range.


Supreme items are high-quality products. However, some of the cheaper items may not be up to par in terms of quality.

On that account, you should read reviews and do your research on the product you want to buy before you buy it. Make sure that you are receiving a great deal without compromising quality.

Resale Value

You may be disappointed if you’re buying cheap Supreme items to resell them later for a profit. The resale value of cheap items is generally low, so don’t expect to profit from them.

Disclosure: We only recommend products we would use ourselves and all opinions expressed here are our own. This post may contain affiliate links that we may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.

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