25 Best Versace Perfume for Women in 2023 You’ll Love

Best Versace Perfume for Women: There’s something about Versace fragrances that seems to stand the test of time. Their scents never go out of fashion, thanks to their fusion of modern charm and old-school glamour.

The Italian-based brand has been home to some of the world’s most amazing perfumes since the 1980s. Since then, they’ve been creating unique designer perfumes to complement the brand’s fashion line.

These fragrances range from citrusy and spicy to floral and fruity. So, there’s sure to be more than one that will impress fragrance connoisseurs of all types.

Take a look at the best Versace perfumes for women to find the ones that pique your interest.

25 Best Versace Perfume for Women You Need to Try

Check out Versace’s line of perfumes that smell sensational no matter the occasion.

1. Gianni Versace for Women

Introduced in 1981, Gianni Versace for Women* was the fashion house’s first-ever perfume. It contains a mix of Moroccan cedar wood, musk, jasmine, and azalea for a fresh, ultra-feminine scent.

2. Woman

The perfume Versace Woman is the ultimate year-round fragrance. It includes notes of rose, bergamot, raspberry, plum, and musk so that every spritz delivers a tantalizing scent of sweetness and femininity combined into one.

3. Versense

Versace Versense is a dependable perfume that you can easily wear from day to night. It has notes of fresh citrus combined with lily, jasmine, and hints of cardamom. It’s considered one of the brand’s most iconic perfumes.

4. Bright Crystal Eau de Toilette

Versace Bright Crystal is a floral scent that feels light and airy. It features notes of rose, magnolia, and yuzu for a crisp, cool, sparkling scent. Many consider this suitable for professional settings because of its fresh and soft undertones.

5. Dylan Blue

The color blue has always been a symbol of royalty and grace, and this perfume delivers both perfectly. A couple of spritzes of Dylan Blue offer notes of Granny Smith apple and clover, which are soon followed by a woody dry-down for an unforgettable, sexy scent.

6. Dylan Turquoise

7. Yellow Diamond

Yellow Diamond* was designed for the woman who knows what she wants and goes after it unapologetically. It’s fun, fresh, and exciting with notes of lemon citrus, amber, and musk.

8. Bright Crystal

Bright Crystal is the pinkish version of Yellow Diamond. Yet, while the bottles may be similar, the pink version is all about sensuality and confidence with notes ranging from peony, magnolia, pomegranate, amber, and musk.

9. Bright Crystal Absolu

Bright Crystal Absolu* is one of Versace’s top-selling fragrances in their Versace’s Bright Crystal Collection. At first, you’ll notice hints of fruity and floral notes, then the exotic musk comes out to deliver a sense of allure and warmth.

10. Crystal Noir

Crystal Noir* is warm and spicy, but also intoxicating and alluring. It’s one of the stronger and longer-lasting scents on our list with its blend of cardamom, ginger, and pepper that’s sure to impress.

11. Oud Oriental

Just by the name, Oud Oriental*, you know this fragrance is going to be smoky and intense. The oud base of this perfume adds an intriguing layer to the freesia, saffron, and violet. It’s more suitable for fall and winter nights when you need a sweet-smelling blanket to warm you up.

12. Red Jeans

Red Jeans* is a light, casual fragrance for those who are young at heart. It’s a bit more down-to-earth and mass-appealing than some of the other scents on this list with its mix of blackcurrant, apricot, and peach.

13. Versus

Versace Versus* isn’t considered a typical feminine fragrance. Still, it contains a fair amount of musk and floral notes to ensure it impresses women buyers. This perfume is more refreshing and clean than being outstated and loud.

14. Vanitas

Vanitas* is a mature, sensual fragrance. Even the square-shaped bottle is demure and sophisticated. This scent features notes of woody, sweet, and floral with some tonka bean for an extra measure of refinement.

15. Couture Jasmine

Couture Jasmine* is a stunning floral fragrance by Versace. It’s designed to encapsulate the scent of a spring garden in the Mediterranean with an aura of joy, femininity, and lust for life.

16. Atelier Versace Vanille Rouge

Vanille Rouge smells just as exotic as it sounds. It has top notes of rose water and bitter orange with mid notes of lily of the valley for the ultimate feminine appeal. The hand-made glass bottle is also just as appealing.

17. Atelier Versace Jasmin au Soleil

Jasmin au Soleil is perfect for women who embrace their feminine, sensual side. It contains notes of freesia, jasmine, lemon, and cedarwood. You’ll also notice hints of honey and balsamic for a truly unique scent.

18. Atelier Versace Eclat de Rose

If you’re a floral enthusiast, Eclat de Rose is for. It contains Moroccan rose, peony, jasmine, and rose with base notes of ambrox and cashmere wood for a light, feminine scent.

19. Atelier Versace Cedrat de Diamante

Another perfume in the opulent Atelier Versace collection, the Cedrat Diamante was designed with the Mediterranean in mind. It features notes of pink pepper, vetiver, cedarwood, Italian lemon, and pink grapefruit.

20. Atelier Versace Figue Blanche

Figue Blanche stands out thanks to its blend of Italian bergamot, mandarin orange, white fig rose, cedar, and jasmine. Together, this mix makes for a more complex, one-of-a-kind scent than many other perfumes on our list.

21. Atelier Versace Santal Boise

The final perfume in the Atelier Versace collection is Santal Boise. It’s a light, wood-scented perfume with notes of saffron, nutmeg, and sandalwood with base notes of cypriol and balsam.

22. 2 Thousand

Released in 2000, this perfume is a mix of floral and spice with musky and woody undertones. It also has some fruity mid-tones that make it ideal for wearing on warm spring and summer mornings.

23. Essence Emotional

Essence Emotional by Versace is casual, soft, and airy. A couple of spritzes and you’ll notice the sweet notes of bergamot and lily followed by some mild spices, passionate mango, cedar, and vanilla.


Best Versace Perfume for Women

What is the best Versace fragrance?

Eros Pour Femme by Versace has been a best-seller since its release in 2014. There are hints of jasmine infusions, peonies, and pomegranates, along with a variety of woody notes. Its lavish scent gives off an air of glamor and sophistication.
The bottle itself is just as remarkable as the scent it holds. It’s round with Greek motifs on all edges and has a prominent relief of Medusa on the mid-section of the bottle and the stopper.

How does Versace women smell?

Versace women’s perfumes have a variety of scents, ranging from fruity and floral to musky and woody. For example, Versace Bright Crystal features notes of pomegranate, magnolia, and lotus flower, while Versace Yellow Diamond has hints of pear sorbet and mimosa. Ultimately, the scent of Versace women’s perfumes depends on the specific fragrance.

Is Versace perfume luxury?

Best Versace Perfume for Women

Yes, Versace perfume is considered a luxury brand in the fragrance industry. With over 60 fragrances in their collection, Versace’s perfume line is known for its high-fashion and luxury appeal. The brand’s first fragrance was introduced in 1981 and has since become a popular choice for those seeking a luxurious scent.

Do Versace perfumes last?

Versace perfumes are known for their longevity and sillage, meaning the fragrance can last for an extended period of time and leave a noticeable scent trail. The longevity of a Versace perfume varies depending on the specific fragrance, but many have a reputation for lasting throughout the day or evening.

Does Versace Eros smell good?

Best Versace Perfume for Women

The scent of Versace Eros is subjective and varies based on personal preference. However, many people enjoy the fragrance, which features notes of mint, green apple, tonka bean, and vanilla. It has a reputation for being a bold and seductive scent, making it a popular choice for those seeking a powerful fragrance.

Is Versace Eros eau de parfum better?

Whether Versace Eros Eau de Parfum is better than the original Eros fragrance is subjective and depends on personal preference. The EDP has a more refined and sophisticated scent, with notes of vanilla, cedar, and leather. However, some people may prefer the original Eros fragrance for its youthful and bold scent.

Is Versace Eros toilette or parfum better?

Best Versace Perfume for Women

Whether Versace Eros Eau de Toilette or Eau de Parfum is better depends on personal preference. The EDP has a more refined and sophisticated scent, while the EDT is bolder and more youthful. The EDT has a better performance, while the EDP has a smoother scent profile.

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