Cheapest Prada Item You Shouldn’t Miss 2023: 20 Pieces You Need

Cheapest Prada Item: When it comes to luxury goods, one of the frontrunners in the scene is Prada. The brand is famous for its footwear, fragrances, eyewear, and leather goods.

Prada’s products mostly range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. However, they sell some relatively cheap items, like keychains and socks.

Read on to learn about the top 20 cheapest things at Prada!

20 Cheapest Prada Item You Shouldn’t Miss

Below are some of the items that you can buy at Prada for under $1,000:

1. Prada Nylon Knit Socks

Prada’s nylon knit socks* come from one of their most recent releases, the Linea Rossa collection. The item retails for $360, comes in black and white, and has three sizes: small, medium, and large.

The socks sport a red stripe with the Prada Linea Rossa logo intarsia. The material they’ve used is 100% polyester. Plus, its texture is a ribbed knit.

2. Luna Rossa Ocean EDT 50 ml

Cheapest Prada Item You Shouldn’t Miss
Photo: Walmart

Prada’s Luna Rossa Ocean EDT* costs $95 for 50 ml. The brand describes this fragrance as a men’s perfume with aromatic freshness paired with the sophisticated sensuality of bergamot.

It has bergamot, pink pepper, and artemisia as its top notes. Heart notes include iris, lavender, and saffron accord. Lastly, the base notes are vetiver, musks, and patchouli.

3. Re-Nylon Scrunchie

Cheapest Prada Item You Shouldn’t Miss
Photo: Mytheresa

The Re-nylon scrunchie* is a women’s accessory that costs $395 per piece. It comes in seven colors: black, aqua, alabaster pink, wisteria, yellow, orange, and begonia pink.

The company recycled plastic trash, waste fibers, and fishing nets to develop the material they’ve used for the scrunchie. It also comes with the classic Prada enameled triangle logo.

4. Prada Candle

The minimalist wax candle features a chalk-white color and the name Prada Milano engraved on its front. It retails for $240.

It can serve as home decor, with a circular metal base and an etched brand logo. On top of that, they store it in a sleek black case.

5. Printed Twill Scarf

Cheapest Prada Item You Shouldn’t Miss
Photo: Bergdorf Goodman

The printed twill scarf* has the iconic triangle logo that Prada has used since 1913. The brand sells it for $250.

It comes in 11 colors: aqua, alabaster white, sky blue, and black. Its length measures 85 cm (33.4 in), while its width is 6 cm (2.3 in)

6. Saffiano Leather Card Holder

Cheapest Prada Item You Shouldn’t Miss
Photo: Brown Thomas

Prada’s Saffiano leather card holder retails for $395. It has six card slots and one inside pocket.
Moreover, it has the classic Prada enameled triangle logo. Plus, the card holder comes in nine different colors.

7. Satin Bow-Tie

The 100% silk satin-bow tie from Prada costs $295. It comes pre-knotted, has an adjustable closure on the back, and is available in two colors: black and navy.

8. Paradoxe EDP 50 ml

Prada sells the Paradoxe EDP* for $125. They describe it as a floral ambery fragrance that reinvents freshness with the first Neroli bud extract.

The perfume’s top notes are bergamot, tangerine, and pear. Its heart notes include neroli, orange flowers, and jasmine. Lastly, the base notes are bourbon, vanilla, and white musk.

9. Elasticized Bracelet with Side-Release Buckle

Cheapest Prada Item You Shouldn’t Miss
Photo: Bergdorf Goodman

The men’s elasticized bracelet* retails for $340. It has a lettering logo, which is a signature element of Prada.

The material used is fabric, and it has a side-release buckle, so you can wear it hassle-free.

10. Shearling Cover

Cheapest Prada Item You Shouldn’t Miss
Photo: Brown Thomas

The Shearling cover* is a phone case that has real fur. It also carries the enameled metal triangle logo of Prada. The brand sells it for $480 and comes in cornflower and orchid pink.

11. Prada Symbole Sunglasses

Prada’s Symbole sunglasses feature an oval design. It has a chalk-white acetate frame with slate gray lenses.

The brand claims that it has 100% UVA/UVB protection, and they sell it for $530.

12. Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle

Prada also sells stainless insulated water bottles. The 350 ml variant retails for $160.

The bottle has a metallic finish that can either be black or silver. Plus, it has an embossed Prada logo on the front.

13. Glass Lunch Bowl

Prada’s glass lunch bowl is the outcome of their collaboration with Black+Blum. The product has a silicone seal lid with a stainless steel twist top that has the brand’s logo engraved on it.

The brand claims that its materials have a reduced environmental impact. They sell the glass lunch bowl at $140 for 750 ml.

14. Stainless Steel Cutlery Set

Another product that came from Prada’s collaboration with Black+Blum is the cutlery set. It comes with a spoon, fork, and spatula knife.

They come in a steel gray case with the Prada logo printed. A set retails for $110.

15. Cotton Ankle Socks

The classic cotton ankle socks feature a black and red stripe with an embroidered Prada logo.

It comes in black and white and has three sizes. A pair retails for $260.

16. Printed Twill Foulard

The printed twill foulard is a wisteria-colored scarf with many primroses printed on it. It also has the classic triangle Prada logo printed at the lower right of the fabric.

With regards to its dimensions, its height, and width are both 55 cm (21.6 in). Prada sells it for $280.

17. L’Homme Prada L’eau EDT

The L’Homme Prada L’eau EDT is a musky yet fresh fragrance for men. It has amber, iris, ginger, sandalwood, and cedar wood notes.

It comes in a sleek silver-tone metal bottle with a pale blue Saffiano leather box. For a 100 ml bottle, it’ll cost you $115.

18. Leather Card Holder

Prada’s classic leather card holder* has four slots and an inside pocket. It also features the iconic triangle metal logo of the brand.

The item comes in black, marble gray, and chalk white. It retails for $395.

19. Woven Nylon Tape Keychain

The woven nylon tape keychain has a hook and ring perfect for keys and bags. Plus, it has the classic enameled metal Prada logo.

The tape keychain is 12 cm (4.7 in) in height and 2 cm (0.78) in width. You can choose between black and light blue. It costs $340.

20. Stainless Steel Sandwich Box

Prada’s stainless steel sandwich box is another product from their collaboration with Black+Blum. It’s a steel container with a bamboo lid closure. Both have an engraved brand logo.

In addition, it has a silicone strap that secures the sandwich box. There are also two small compartments for condiments and sauces. It retails for $160.

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