30 Coquette Hairstyles 2023 You Need to Know This Year

Get ready to embrace your inner flirt and rediscover your child-like innocence with coquette hairstyles! These ultra-feminine and playful styles are taking the beauty world by storm, and it’s time for you to join in on the fun. Coquette hairstyles feature curls, pigtails, and micro-braids that celebrate hyper-femininity and provide a carefree, fearless, and effortless look.

You might be wondering what sets coquette hairstyles apart from other trends. Well, it’s all about reclaiming and redefining traditional feminine styles. Celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan describes these delightful ‘dos as “a little messy and disheveled.” So, toss your styling constraints to the wind and don’t be afraid to loosen up those curls or let your pigtails run wild.

Whether you’re looking for a new addition to your daily hair lineup or want to try something fresh for a night out, coquette hairstyles offer endless possibilities. So, tap into your adventurous side and let your hair express your flirty, unrestrained spirit.

What Are Coquette Hairstyles?

Originating from the word “coquette,” which describes someone who playfully charms others, coquette hairstyles create an ultra-feminine, flirtatious, yet dainty vibe. They often feature soft curls, pigtails, and micro-braids, giving off an air of child-like innocence while maintaining a grown-up sense of style.

A major part of coquette hairstyles is their hyper-femininity, which often involves delicate details, such as silk ribbons, floral accents, and intricate braiding. These whimsical touches add to their attractiveness and help defy any constraints often placed on femininity in the world of fashion and beauty.

One popular example of coquette hair is the grown-up pigtails. You can create a chic, modern version of this classic hairstyle by parting your hair into two sections and tying thin pigtails together with a silk ribbon. Other popular coquette styles include milkmaid braids, loose waves, and braided updos.

Coquette Hair Inspo from TikTok

On TikTok, users share their favorite coquette-inspired looks, often accompanied by the hashtags #coquettehairstyles, #fy, and #fyp. Creators like winterpearls, coocklove, and tragicmotel have showcased their skills by demonstrating easy-to-follow tutorials and beautiful finished looks. You’ll find everything from simple, elegant updos to intricate braids that will make you feel like a queen.

One popular coquette hairstyle making waves on TikTok includes romantic pinned curls, giving off an air of sophistication and charm. To achieve this look, curl sections of your hair using a curling iron or rollers, then carefully pin each curl in place using bobby pins. You can play around with the placement of the curls to get the desired effect, whether it’s a soft, cascading look or a more structured, polished style.

Another popular trend that’ll make you swoon is the incorporation of chic hair accessories like ribbons and bows. They add a touch of glamour and vintage elegance, transforming even the simplest of hairstyles into something extraordinary. For example, tying a ribbon around a low, messy bun or placing a delicate bow atop a half-up, half-down hairstyle.

TikTok users are also big fans of the classic French twist. This timeless hairstyle provides an instant air of elegance and is perfect for formal events and casual outings. To achieve the French twist, gather your hair in a low ponytail, twist it upwards towards your crown, and secure with bobby pins. Don’t worry if it isn’t perfect – a slightly messy twist adds a touch of modern flair to this classic ‘do.

Get inspired by these TikTok compilations featuring coquette-inspired hairstyles and join the fun by recreating some of these stunning looks yourself. Soon, thanks to your newfound hair inspiration, you’ll be turning heads and feeling like a true coquette beauty.

Classic Coquette Hair Elements

Coquette Hairstyles

Ribbons and Bows

Use ribbons and bows to add a touch of whimsy and romance to your coquette hairdo. You can opt for delicate, lace ribbons, or softer, silky ones for an even more flirtatious vibe. Try tying them around your ponytail, braid, or at the end of your curls to make a statement. Don’t be afraid to play with colors – pastels and white ribbons work wonders for creating a sweet, innocent look.

Braids and Curls

Adding braids and curls to your hair can give it that playful, coquettish allure you aim for. There are several types of braids you can incorporate into your hairstyle, such as:

  • French Braids: These involve gradually incorporating strands from both sides while braiding, creating a more intricate and romantic look.
  • Dutch Braids: Similar to French braids, but with an added twist that makes them stand out even more.
  • Fishtail Braids: These create a stunningly unique woven pattern that enhances that coquette charm.

Don’t forget to add soft, bouncing curls to your hair as well! Loose, tousled waves work well for a more relaxed, slightly undone look. For tighter curls, try using a smaller barrel curling iron or pinning your hair in small sections and leaving it overnight.

Hairstyles for Every Occasion

Cute and Playful Pigtails

Who said pigtails are just for kids? You can rock this fun hairstyle with twists that make you look effortlessly chic. Loosely braid the pigtails for a relaxed, breezy look, or add some volume to the crown with gentle teasing. Accessorize with playful ribbons or scrunchies for that extra touch of charm.

Dark Coquette Updos

If you’re more into the darker side of things, the dark coquette updos are perfect for you. These hairstyles incorporate deep, rich colors and create a mysterious aura that captivates anyone who looks at you. A sleek side part with an intricate updo or a twisted chignon can make your dark coquette style come alive. Don’t forget to add a bold accessory or some dramatic makeup!

Romantic Braids and Waves

There’s something undeniably romantic about braids and waves that make them an excellent choice for coquette hairstyles. Choose loose, soft waves for a carefree, romantic look or a crown braid that frames your face elegantly. A bohemian-style side braid or a waterfall braid will bring a touch of whimsy to any outfit, making you feel like a fairytale princess.

Remember, coquette hairstyles express your flirty, playful side, so don’t be afraid to experiment with these looks. Have fun and embrace your inner coquettish charm!

Feminine Coquette Accessories

Hair bows are an absolute must-have for the coquette aesthetic. These charming embellishments give your hairstyle that extra touch of femininity and playfulness. Whether you opt for large, dramatic bows or petite, delicate ones, they will effortlessly complement your tousled waves, loose curls, or braided updos.

Pearls are another quintessential accessory for capturing the coquette vibe. Go for pearl-encrusted hair clips or headbands to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your hairstyle. Don’t be afraid to mix and match pearl sizes and shapes, as the varied styles can create exciting contrasts in your hairdo.

Lace ankle socks, heart-shaped sunglasses, and vintage-inspired jewelry pieces are other fabulous accessories you can pair with your coquette hairstyles. These elements provide that desired vintage flare while maintaining a sense of playfulness and whimsy.

Lastly, don’t forget about the power of scent. French perfumes with floral or fruity notes will perfectly complete your coquette style, giving you an aura of irresistible charm wherever you go.

Makeup for the Coquette Look

First and foremost, a coquette look is all about a fresh, youthful complexion. Use a lightweight foundation or BB cream to create an even base while allowing your natural skin to shine through. Make sure to apply a radiant blush on the apples of your cheeks, blending it upwards towards your temples for a rosy, flushed appearance. Depending on your skin tone and preference, you can opt for pink, peach, or coral shades.

For the eyes, the goal is to create a soft, romantic gaze with minimal eyeshadow. Stick to neutral, matte shades and apply them lightly on your lids. However, the real star of the show is your lashes. To achieve that fluttery effect, curl your lashes and apply a few coats of your favorite volumizing and lengthening mascara. Feel free to add some false lashes if you want an extra touch of playfulness.

When it comes to your eyebrows, keep them natural and full, grooming them with a tinted brow gel to enhance their natural shape.

Lastly, glossy lips are a must for the coquette look. Choose a lip gloss in a shade close to your natural lip color or a subtle pink hue. You can also dab a small amount of lip balm and then apply sheer lipstick to create an effortless, fresh, and juicy pout. Don’t forget to keep the rest of your makeup soft and minimal, allowing these features to stand out truly.


What are edgy hairstyles?

Edgy hairstyles are unconventional and bold haircuts that often feature asymmetrical cuts, shaved sides, bold colors, and unique textures. These hairstyles are meant to make a statement and express individuality. Examples include pixie cuts, shaved undercuts, asymmetrical bobs, and brightly colored hair.

How to style 90s hairstyle?

To style a 90s hairstyle, add volume to the roots by blow-drying with a diffuser or teasing the hair. Try a messy bun with detached tendrils, a twist-back with a butterfly clip, or a half-rolled hairstyle. Other options include studded hair accessories, crimped hair, and zig-zag parts.

What type of hair is the hardest to style?

The hair type often considered the hardest to style is thick, coarse, and curly inch. This hair type can be difficult to manage, prone to frizz, and resistant to styling products. However, with the right techniques and products, it can be styled beautifully.

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