Rockstar Girlfriend Aesthetic 2024: How to Achieve the Edgy Look

Fed up with mundane fashion styles? Desire to infuse your attire with some rock and roll panache? The rockstar girlfriend aesthetic is just what you need. Drawing influence from legendary rockstars’ muses like Penny Lane in ‘Almost Famous’ and the ex-girlfriend of Rolling Stones’ bandmates Keith Richards and Brian Jones – Anita Pallenberg, this trend is the perfect blend of old and new.

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What is the Rockstar Girlfriend Aesthetic?

This trend is all about capturing the rebellious, free-spirited energy of the 70s rock scene with a modern twist. Think groupie life meets modern It-girls like Hailey Bieber, Kourtney Kardashian, and Megan Fox.

At its core, the rockstar girlfriend aesthetic is all about channeling the vibe of a rockstar’s girlfriend or muse. It’s a look that’s edgy, sexy, and effortlessly cool. This aesthetic is characterized by a mix of vintage and modern pieces, focusing on leather, studs, and other punk-inspired elements. It’s a trend about breaking the rules and expressing your individuality.

One of the key elements of the rockstar girlfriend aesthetic is its emphasis on accessories. Think oversized sunglasses, statement jewelry, and bold belts. This trend is about making a statement, so don’t be afraid to go boldly with your accessories.

Another critical aspect of the rockstar girlfriend aesthetic is its focus on makeup and hair. This trend is about embracing and enhancing your natural beauty with a rock and roll edge. Think smudged eyeliner, bold red lips, and tousled waves.

Historical Inspirations

Iconic Muses

One of the biggest inspirations for the rockstar girlfriend aesthetic is the women who dated some of the biggest rockstars of the 1960s and ’70s. Anita Pallenberg, for example, was the girlfriend of both Brian Jones and Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones. Her style was a perfect mix of bohemian and rockstar, with flowing dresses, fur coats, and lots of jewelry. Penny Lane, played by Kate Hudson in Almost Famous, was also a huge inspiration for this trend. Her wardrobe was filled with fur coats, floppy hats, and lots of denim.

Influence of the 1960s and ’70s

The 1960s and ’70s were a time of great change in fashion, and the rockstar girlfriend aesthetic reflects that. Women were starting to wear pants more often, and they were experimenting with new fabrics and textures. The bohemian look was also becoming more popular, with flowing dresses and lots of jewelry. This era was also characterized by a sense of rebellion, which is reflected in the rockstar girlfriend aesthetic.

Blondie and Madonna are two examples of modern-day women influenced by the rockstar girlfriend aesthetic. Blondie’s lead singer, Debbie Harry, was known for her punk rock style, which included leather jackets, ripped jeans, and lots of black eyeliner. On the other hand, Madonna was known for her provocative outfits, which often had corsets, fishnet stockings, and lots of jewelry.

Fashion Elements

Key Clothing Items

The rockstar girlfriend aesthetic is all about balancing edgy and feminine elements. Key clothing items that can help you achieve this look include leather jackets, oversized denim jackets, and fur coats. These pieces add a rockstar edge to your outfit while keeping you warm and stylish.

Regarding pants, leather pants are a must-have for the rockstar girlfriend aesthetic. They’re versatile, edgy, and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. If you’re not a fan of leather, oversized jeans are another option that works well with this aesthetic.

Slip dresses are also a popular choice for the rockstar girlfriend aesthetic. They’re feminine, sexy, and can be layered with leather jackets or oversized denim jackets for an edgy twist. Bralettes and lace tops are also a great way to add a touch of femininity to your outfit.

Accessorizing the Look

Rockstar Girlfriend Aesthetic

Accessories are an important part of the rockstar girlfriend aesthetic. Shoes are a great way to add some edge to your outfit. Boots, especially combat boots, are a popular choice for this look. Converse sneakers are also a great way to add some edge to your outfit while keeping it casual.

When it comes to jewelry, simple and understated pieces work best. Think delicate necklaces and earrings that add a touch of elegance to your outfit without overpowering it. Sunglasses are also a must-have for the rockstar girlfriend aesthetic. Black sunglasses add a touch of mystery and edge to your outfit.

In terms of bags, the key is to keep it simple. A small crossbody bag or a clutch is all you need to complete your outfit. Don’t be afraid to add a pop of color to your outfit with a red bag or lipstick.

Beauty and Makeup Styles

Makeup Essentials

Let’s talk about the makeup essentials you’ll need to create the rockstar girlfriend look. First up, eyeliner. This is a must-have for any grunge-inspired look. Whether you prefer a classic black or a bold color, eyeliner will help you achieve that edgy rockstar vibe.

Next, let’s talk about the smokey eye. This is a staple of the rockstar girlfriend aesthetic and can be achieved with a range of colors, from classic black to deep browns and even bold blues. The key is to blend, blend, blend, to create that smudged, effortless look.

Finally, let’s talk about the red lip. This is a classic beauty trend that rockstars and their girlfriends have embraced for decades. Whether you prefer a bright, bold red or a deeper, more muted shade, a red lip adds glam to your look.

Hair and Beauty Trends

Now, let’s move on to the hair and beauty trends to help you complete your rockstar girlfriend look. First up, the messy bun. This is a go-to hairstyle for the rockstar girlfriend who wants to look effortlessly cool. Simply pull your hair back into a loose bun, leaving a few strands loose to frame your face.

Next, let’s talk about the morning-after makeup trend. This is all about embracing that just-rolled-out-of-bed look. To achieve this, focus on creating a natural, dewy complexion with minimal makeup. Add a touch of mascara and a nude lip, and you’re ready.

Finally, let’s talk about Megan Fox. This actress and model is the ultimate rockstar girlfriend icon, with her edgy, sultry style and flawless beauty. Take inspiration from her bold makeup looks, including her signature smokey eye and bold red lip.

Modern Interpretations and Influences

Current Icons

Some of the most iconic figures in the rockstar girlfriend aesthetic are women who have dated or been associated with musicians. From Courtney Love to Avril Lavigne, these women have become synonymous with the rebellious spirit of rock and roll. Today, Kourtney Kardashian and Megan Fox are two of the most prominent modern-day icons of the rockstar girlfriend aesthetic. Both have adopted a pop-punk look inspired by the style of their respective partners, Travis Barker and Machine Gun Kelly.

Social Media and the Rockstar Girlfriend Aesthetic

Social media has played a huge role in the resurgence of the rockstar girlfriend aesthetic. Platforms like TikTok and Instagram have given rise to a new generation of influencers who embody this edgy, rebellious style. Devon Lee Carlson, for example, has become a social media sensation thanks to her grunge-inspired looks and association with musicians like Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys. The hashtag #rockstargirlfriend has also become a popular way for people to share their own interpretations of the style.


The rockstar girlfriend aesthetic has been influenced by a wide range of cultural touchstones. One of the most notable is the book and TV series Daisy Jones & The Six, which tells the story of a fictional band and their groupies in the 1970s. The show’s costumes and makeup have inspired many modern interpretations of the rockstar girlfriend aesthetic. Musicians themselves have also played a role in shaping the style. Pete Doherty, for example, has become known for his disheveled, rockstar look, while Suki Waterhouse and Sky Ferreira have both adopted a grunge-inspired style.

Cultural Implications and Criticisms

The rockstar girlfriend aesthetic has taken the fashion scene by storm but hasn’t been without criticism. The aesthetic is often associated with the male gaze, cis and straight relationships, and a promotion of being super thin and living a “cigarette for breakfast” lifestyle. While some see it as a symbol of freedom and rebellion, others see it as misogynistic and promoting harmful stereotypes.

Critics argue that the rockstar girlfriend aesthetic is heteronormative, typically glorifying white, cis and straight relationships. It is often associated with a chaotic lifestyle promoting unhealthy habits and unrealistic beauty standards. The focus on being super thin and living a “cigarette for breakfast” lifestyle can be triggering for many people.

Despite these criticisms, the rockstar girlfriend aesthetic has also been praised for its boldness and uniqueness. Young women are drawn to the aesthetic because it offers a sense of freedom and rebellion. It allows them to express themselves through their wardrobe and embrace their inner rockstar.

However, it is important to consider the cultural implications of the rockstar girlfriend aesthetic and the messages it promotes. While empowering for some, it can also be harmful and perpetuate harmful stereotypes. As with any fashion trend, it is important to be mindful of the messages we are sending and the impact they may have on others.


What is the rockstar girlfriend aesthetic?

The rockstar girlfriend aesthetic is a fashion trend combining punk rock, grunge, and glam elements. Oversized and ripped clothing, platform shoes, graphic tees, silk slips, leather blazers or trench coats, black sunglasses, baguette bags, and pops of red characterize it.

How to get the rockstar girlfriend aesthetic?

To achieve the rockstar girlfriend aesthetic, you can incorporate oversized and ripped clothing, platform shoes, graphic tees, silk slips, leather blazers or trench coats, black sunglasses, baguette bags, and pops of red into your wardrobe. You can also experiment with bold makeup and hairstyles.

What does rockstar girlfriend mean?

A rockstar girlfriend is a term used to describe a beautiful girlfriend whose boyfriend is a rockstar. The rockstar girlfriend style usually consists of edgy clothing in black and red, high cheekbones, and black-messy eyeliner. 

How to dress like rockstar girlfriend?

To dress like a rockstar girlfriend, wear mini skirts, lacey fabrics, sweet dresses, and dark shades to create a grungey effect. Incorporate oversized and ripped clothing, platform shoes, graphic tees, silk slips, leather blazers or trench coats, black sunglasses, baguette bags, and pops of red. Experiment with bold makeup and hairstyles.

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