30 Coquette Nails 2024 TikTok Is Currently Obsessed With

I’ve just emerged from a Pinterest black hole, where I spent countless hours handpicking the 30 most adorable coquette nail designs that TikTok is obsessed with.

The Coquette Nails Trend

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Are you ready to embrace your inner maximalist? Get excited because coquette nails are here to cure your summertime sadness! This ultra-feminine and charming trend has taken the world of nail art by storm, popping up on TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Inspired by the romantic and elegant flair of Bridgerton, the coquette nails trend brings a touch of class and whimsy to your manicure. This look typically features soft designs, feminine colors, glitz, and glamor. Think:

  • Pastel shades
  • Floral patterns
  • Lace details
  • Pearls and rhinestones
  • 3D accents like bows and hearts

Summer is the perfect time to experiment with this playful trend. To achieve the coquette nail aesthetic, choose a soft base color like pink, lavender, or mint green. Add delicate, intricate designs like lace, flowers, or small portraits of your favorite Bridgerton characters.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your coquette nail art on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. You can show off your unique coquette-inspired manicure, and you might even go viral!

To elevate your look further, incorporate fun and flirty additions like crystal accents, gold foil, or charms. The key to nailing the coquette trend is to embrace your inner soft girl and channel that feminine energy into a gorgeous manicure that captures the essence of the trend.

Color Palette and Designs for Coquette Nails

Popular Colors

For coquette nails, it’s all about soft, romantic hues. Think pale pink, cream, ivory, white pearl, and even lilac or butter yellow. With pastels on your side, your nails can evoke an aura of elegance and femininity. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different shades for a unique look!

Patterns and Styles

Now that you have your color palette established, it’s time to explore the array of designs and styles that perfectly complement coquette nails.

  • Glitter and Sparkle: Add a touch of glamour to your nails with some glitter or sparkle. You can’t go wrong with a simple gold or silver, but why not go bold with a sparkling red or a twinkling black?
  • Blush Nails: For a more subtle approach, consider painting your nails with a soft blush shade. This look pairs beautifully with aura nails, where a gradient effect adds depth to your desired hue.
  • Balletcore Inspired: Take inspiration from the ballet world for a delicate and dreamy design. A pearly white or pastel shade adorned with lace, bows, or other ballet-inspired elements can make your coquette nails feel like a true work of art.
  • Pastel French Tips: Why not update the classic French manicure with a coquette twist? Create a lovely look by pairing a pastel shade with a more neutral base color for the tips.

Coquette Aesthetic and Elements


When it comes to clothing, the coquette aesthetic is all about embracing femininity. You’ll find various girly, youthful, and cute items, including lace, ribbon, and tulle accents. The fashion often takes inspiration from vintage glamour and cottagecore, setting a romantic and dreamy tone. Standard color palettes feature soft and delicate hues such as pale pink, cream, ivory, lilac, red, and black.

Hair and Makeup

Your hair and makeup are essential components of the coquette look. Channel your inner Lana Del Rey style aesthetic hairstyles, like soft waves, braids, or updos adorned with ribbons and flowers. When it comes to makeup, aim for a fresh, flirty, and playful vibe. Think pastel eyeshadows, winged eyeliner, and rosy cheeks, all finished with a swipe of your favorite lipstick.

Hyper-Feminine Details

What sets the coquette aesthetic apart from other styles are the ultra-feminine and charming accents that make it irresistible. Bows, hearts, and gems are staples, often used as hair accessories, jewelry, and even nail decorations.

In addition to these lovely embellishments, other elements often seen in coquette fashion include cute cartoon characters, clouds, and ditsy flowers. Combined, these details create an air of sophistication and whimsy that will have you feeling like a modern-day princess.

As you explore the enchanting world of coquette nails and style, you’ll fall in love with the ultra-feminine aesthetic and its vintage charm. So embrace your inner coquette, adding bows, charms, and stickers to your wardrobe, and watch as it transforms your style into something truly magical.

Embellishments and Add-Ons

Coquette nails

3D Bows and Charms

Ready to make your coquette nails stand out? Try adding 3D bows and charms to your manicure! These cute, attention-grabbing pieces can instantly amp up the girly vibes of your nails. You’ll find a variety of options, such as flowers, butterflies, and even kiss-inspired designs in brands like Dashing Diva. Simply adhere your chosen charms to your nails with nail glue or a strong adhesive, and you’re good to go!

Rhinestones and Pearls

Consider incorporating rhinestones and pearls into your coquette nails for a touch of elegance and sparkle. You can create intricate patterns or add a few strategically placed gems for extra glam. The best way to apply nail jewelry is to use a small dot of nail glue, gently press the rhinestone or pearl onto your nail, and hold it in place for 20-30 seconds to ensure a secure bond.

Some ideas for incorporating rhinestones and pearls include:

  • Creating a symmetrical pattern on each nail
  • Outlining the shape of your nail with tiny rhinestones
  • Adding a single pearl or gem to the base of each nail for a minimalist touch

Stickers and Gems

Another fun option to jazz up your coquette nails is using stickers and gems. These easy-to-apply embellishments come in many designs, from delicate flowers and bows to intricate patterns and motifs. Stickers and gems are a great way to add personality to your nails without the fuss of hand-painted nail art. Simply peel, stick, and finish with a clear topcoat to seal them in place.

Influencers and Inspiration

Pinterest Favorites

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop to browse countless coquette nail ideas, Pinterest is the place to be. With boards overflowing with glitz, glamour, and delicate designs, you’ll find no shortage of inspiration for your next manicure. From pearls and lace to bows and hearts, Pinterest provides endless coquette aesthetics to fuel your creativity.

Instagram Trendsetters

Instagram has numerous accounts showcasing the latest and greatest coquette nail designs. The most popular trends include 3D accents, glazed pink polish, and vintage-inspired elements. Keep an eye on hashtags like #coquettenails and #flirtynails to stumble upon your new favorite nail artist, or follow well-known influencers like @overglowedit and @nailsbycindyxo for a constant stream of inspiration.

TikTok Tutorials

There’s no better place than TikTok to learn how to create stunning coquette nails yourself. Not only can you find step-by-step tutorials, but you’ll also witness the magic of these manicures come to life in short, captivating videos. Search for the #coquettenails and #nailtutorial hashtags to find easy-to-follow guides to help you achieve this chic, flirtatious look at home. And who knows? With a bit of practice and some determination, maybe you’ll become the next TikTok nail sensation!

Manicure Techniques and Tips

Coquette nails

Choosing the Right Nail Shape

The shape of your nails plays a crucial role in achieving a coquette aesthetic. Popular nail shapes for this style include the classic almond shape, which combines elegance and sophistication. Experiment with different shapes to find the one that best suits your personal style and enhances the overall coquette appearance.

Manicure Tools and Supplies

Having the right tools and supplies is essential for creating flawless coquette nails. Some must-have items include:

  • Nail file: For shaping and smoothing your nails
  • Cuticle pusher: To gently push back the cuticles and create a clean base for your manicure
  • Nail polish: Choose colors that embody the coquette vibe, like pastels, baby pink, and cherry red
  • Top coat: To seal your design and protect it from chipping
  • Nail art tools: Dotting tools, brushes, and tweezers for applying decals, rhinestones, and other embellishments

Be sure to gather your tools and supplies ahead of time to ensure a stress-free and enjoyable manicure experience.

Press-On Nails and Application

If you’re not confident in your own nail art skills or are short on time, press-on nails can be a fantastic alternative. Many coquette-inspired press-on nails are available, making it easy to achieve the look without a trip to the manicurist. To properly apply press-on nails:

  1. Clean your natural nails to remove any dirt or oils
  2. Use the included nail glue or adhesive tabs to adhere the press-ons to your nails
  3. Gently press down on the press-on nail to ensure a tight bond, taking care to avoid air bubbles

Integrating Coquette Nails in Your Style

Matching Outfits

When styling an outfit around your coquette nails, keeping the overall theme in mind is best. Think of a color palette filled with pastel hues, gingham prints, and pops of red. Don’t shy away from embracing the cuteness that comes with coquette style! Pair your nails with a youthful, flowing dress in a complimentary color or a blouse with delicate lace details. Remember, it’s all about capturing the essence of flirtatious femininity.

Complementary Makeup Looks

To enhance your coquette nails, opt for makeup that accentuates your natural beauty and gives you that youthful glow. Rosy pink cheeks are a must-have in your makeup arsenal! Sweep a soft blush across the apples of your cheeks to create a fresh-faced appearance.

Keep your eyeshadow light and neutral-toned, or opt for a subtle peachy hue. Complete the look with a swipe of mascara to highlight your lashes and a tinted lip balm or gloss in a soft pink or red shade.

Accessorizing with Hair Bows

To complete the entire coquette dark aesthetic, consider incorporating hair bows into your style. Not only do they add an extra layer of cuteness, but they also provide a playful way to accessorize your coquette nails. Choose bows in colors that match your outfit or nails for a harmonious look. Mix and match sizes and styles, from petite bows to oversized options. To ensure your nails remain the star of the show, you might want to keep your hair simple with soft waves or a classic ponytail.

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