Date Rich Men and Get Paid 2024: 5 Simple Ways To Make Money With it

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An increasing number of women are enamored by the idea of having a well-off man in their lives to cover their daily costs. While both indulge in the blissful honeymoon phase, brimming with exciting revelations, extravagant champagne, luxury brand purses, and extensive travel adventures.

Who doesn’t wish for that?

And that’s where we have good news: That dream isn’t so far away!

Today we answer all your questions so that your new life of money, freedom, and endless shopping trips will never end. 😉

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Can I Get Paid to Go on Dates?

Here, of course, it depends on what you want yourself.

If you want a steady man by your side, he’ll want to get to know you rather than pay you for every date and spend a few pleasant hours with you. But in return, you’ll live a carefree life with him.


You decide to go on classic dates with a rich man who’s willing to pay for your company – this doesn’t always have to be for purely sexual dates. Still, the men who’ll pay purely for dinner or a walk are very limited. Most expect such dates to be sexually accommodating on your part.

So, it all depends on what you envision for your life and whether you want to make some quick money or maybe even fall in love.

In addition, the prices and payments are of course quite different: One may prefer to give you expensive gifts while the other pays you directly – with a predetermined amount. This can be several hundred dollars up to several thousand – depending on the value that the rich man attaches to you.

Date Rich Men and Get Paid: 7 Simple Ways How

Get Paid for a Dinner

If he’s longing to meet someone new, you can also just meet him for a casual dinner.

Some will pay you for it and even if they don’t, you’ll carry the memory of an exquisite meal in a fancy restaurant in your heart. Nice, isn’t it? And maybe he is even a good conversationalist? 😉 You can try it out in any case.

Get Paid for Your Female Companion

You can of course also get paid for your companionship, for example, if he’s looking for female companionship at important business meetings or events.

Here you can meet new people, get new impressions among rich people, enjoy expensive champagne and exquisite food and even get paid for it. Perfect, isn’t it?

Sell Pictures

If you don’t want to meet directly with a strange man, you can also get paid for (revealing) pictures.

Have a Classic Sexual Date with Him

Many rich men are very direct about this and discuss the conditions with you in advance. And it’s also clear that you can earn the most here.

However, the most important thing here is that you feel comfortable in any situation and you want it. All the money in the world is not worth it if you don’t feel well!!

So be careful here and rather meet him beforehand on a more casual ground to get to know each other first!

It’s also important that he pays you in advance and not afterward because you – at least in the beginning – can’t yet estimate how he’s on it. So make sure you get the money beforehand!

How Do I Attract Rich Men Into My Life? – 5 Easy Tips

Before we think about wanting to have a rich dream partner, we should actually look at ourselves first.

Because the only and most important question I ask you here is: Why should your dream partner want you just as much if you aren’t his or her dream partner?

That’s why it’s especially important to first become the dream partner of your dream partner so that you can then let him into your life and it will last longer than just a few nights together.

How do you do that? – Here are 10 tips:

1. Decide

Decide comes from the word “sceidan”, which then evolved into “intsceidôn” and means “to pull out of the sheath, to separate”.

Accordingly, a good decision means letting go of the old and choosing one thing but leaving the other.

And this isn’t even difficult: because what do you want with people who don’t fit you anyway?

So decide from your heart how your dream partner should be. What qualities do you want? How would you like to be treated?

Then weigh these attributes according to the 3 most important values that are also particularly important to you in a relationship.

Now you have created a super tool with which you can find out after a short time whether he fits you or not.

Just see if 80% of his values match yours. Then it’s a match!

2. Work on Yourself

Read books, attend seminars and events, leave your comfort zone, and focus on yourself.

The more you invest in yourselfthe more others invest in you. Because with every hour that you fill yourself with knowledge, love, and self-confidence, you become more and more attractive to others.

You have to imagine: (Self-made) rich people have worked very hard for their success and are usually very well read – often also in topics that don’t necessarily concern their main business.

So if you can speak on many topics, or even better, if you’re particularly good in one area – for example, your profession – you have a wonderful chance of having stimulating conversations with them.

Nothing bonds you together more than that.

The point here isn’t to be a competitor or to display a certain arrogance, but to expand your cosmos in such a way that you’re an interesting conversational partner who listens well but who can also incorporate new ideas and new thoughts into the conversation.

So keep in mind: The man is still responsible for his business. It’s not your job to lecture him! But you can feed him with your ideas, he will surely like that!

3. Invest in a Capsule Wardrobe

Men like simple, elegant outfits. Elaborate, complicated outfits can quickly overwhelm them, or they may be more concerned with deciphering your outfit than talking to you in a conversation.

So, first and foremost, go for simple outfits.

capsule wardrobe can help you with this: This is because it means you only have 20-30 pieces of clothing in your closet, all of which can be combined with each other, so you can create many timeless outfits from just a few pieces. This way you won’t fall into the trap of creating overly complicated outfits, but will always be elegant in a simple way.

Also, it’s important that you exude a certain elegance. If you look cheap as a woman, you don’t stand a chance with a cultured, rich man anyway – after all, he gets them at every corner. But an equally cultured, elegant woman doesn’t – that attracts and fascinates him.

Thus, too wide neckline and skimpy fabrics are absolutely taboo! Not that I would forbid you anything here, I’m just telling you that too little fabric puts his concentration directly on other things (you know what ;)) and thus a nice conversation falls by the wayside.

Besides, he has enough time afterward to look at it in peace. Everything else takes the tension much too quickly. ?

4. Move Near Them

While you might not be able to afford the most exclusive apartments, you could find something that’s not too far from the big bucks.

Get as close to them as you can.

Or settle for an apartment the size of a shoebox in their neighborhood.

In doing so, you’ll be running errands, walking your dog, jogging, drinking coffee, etc. in the same neighborhood as the rich. And in the process, you’ll automatically come into contact with the culture and meet new people.

This gives you the opportunity to feel more casual around rich people and get noticed without having to spend (even more) money.

If you can’t afford to move, start buying your groceries in fancy neighborhoods. Drive your car to the rich people’s park for an early morning jog, and so on.

5. Act as If Money is Unimportant

The surest way to be exposed as a “gold digger” is to ask him how much money he has.

The second surest way is to ask how much something he owns costs.

The third safest way is to ask how much something he buys you costs. Avoid these topics, just as you would with any other person.

It’s anything but indiscreet and friendly – it puts him in an awkward situation because you’re worried about it. This doesn’t belong in a getting-to-know-you phase – if he invites you, it’s no big deal to him, so don’t make that out of it either.

Also, be very careful about asking others how much money he has because he could very easily find out about your snooping around.

Where Do Rich Men Hang Out?

Besides their often very time-consuming work, sophisticated and rich men spend a lot of time in exquisite, fancy restaurants, hotels, beach clubs, special gyms and spas, airports, and and and.

So if you want to meet a rich man, you should stand out around them – visit these places too.

Where Can I Find a Millionaire to Date? 7 Simple Ways to Meet Him

1. Work in the Right Industries or Professions

If you consider that they work 60 to 80 hours a week, one way to meet them is to work with, near, or for them.

If you have an MBA, even better, as that will qualify you for many industries they work in. Otherwise, consider areas where they spend their money, such as selling art, antiques, luxury cars, private jets, real estate, and yachts.

Also, areas such as interior design, personal training, architecture, and jobs at charities or country clubs will put you in contact with a large number of rich men.

However, stay away from jobs that require you to wear a uniform, as this can create a psychological barrier between you and the rich men you want to meet.

2. Go to Charity Events

Charity balls, silent auctions, golf tournaments, polo matches, and anything else related to a cultural or medical institution are great places to meet rich men.

Often the less known the cause, the richer the donors, as the extremely wealthy are often proud to support something that hardly anyone knows about.

Since you often have to be invited to such events or pay over a thousand dollars for a ticket, the right way to get in is to volunteer, especially in the area of fundraising.

This also gives you a look at the guest list and a chance to meet people.

To find such events, search online for charities in your city or nearby.

And to find out who has donated the most to specific causes, check out the “Chronicle of Philanthropy.”

3. Join the right sports events and clubs

Men love sports. Especially popular among rich men are golf, horse racing, polo, sailing, skiing, and tennis.

Learn to play these sports.

Familiarize yourself with the best players, the most prestigious events and locations, and current events in these sports.

It’s also best to learn to play tennis in a club near you, take lessons in golf or sailing and so on, not only to meet rich men but also to show that you know something about the things that the rich like.

4. Go to upscale bars, lounges, and restaurants.

When rich men go out to eat, have a night out or travel, they expect the best and will only be found in the most exclusive places. That’s where you should be, too.

The bars of fancy hotels or 4/5 star steakhouses where they enjoy a drink or two before dinner are the places to hang out.

One general principle here is always: don’t go with a large group of friends and never with another man; take one or two of your girlfriends with you instead.

Most rich people are interested in many things – cultural things like art galleries and exhibitions often interest them very much.

They also buy houses, not just one, and then need art for their walls.

Therefore, and because of the many invitations they get in this regard, they go to many exhibitions, openings, and auctions.

Start by going to free openings (after reading up on art history) and then become a member of museums (it’s not expensive and gives you access to a variety of events).

6. Volunteer in Strategic Places

Just like charitable events, many places such as hospitals, politically and socially oriented NGOs, museums, and the like will potentially put you in direct contact with rich men.

For example, don’t underestimate the wealth of doctors in the US. Specialists in fields such as urology, gastroenterology, invasive cardiology, and surgical orthopedics earn an average of about $400,000 to $500,000 per year.

Hospital CEOs can earn more than a million a year.

7. Make a Profile on a Dating Website or App

There are a lot of websites that claim to help the rich find partners or help the less rich find rich partners.

The best known are, and (although the latter is a bit suspect and should be considered so).

There are also a lot of “millionaire dating agencies” which can get you dates with rich people.

There is no guarantee that you will be accepted by the matchmaker, so first, work hard to have everything else in order to increase your success before going this route.

How Do I Find a Rich Man Online?

Nowadays there are many websites that claim where you can meet rich men.

The most famous ones are and,

How Do I Date a Millionaire Man?

When dating a rich mankeep the following 10 things in mind:

1. Don’t Talk about Money

2. Don’t Jump Straight into Bed with him just because You Feel Obliged to – You’re Not!

3. Don’t Talk about Sex

4. Don’t Talk about Sensitive Topics like Politics

5. He’s the Leader, It Isn’t Your Responsibility to Keep the Conversation Going

6. Don’t Generalize Rich Men – They’re all different & Have Different Interests.

So be prepared to have your say on different topics of conversation.

7. Ask Him Non-Intrusive Questions

8. Never let him Feel Like He’s Talking to His Mother

9. Don’t Call Him “dude” or even worse “bro”

10. Don’t Compare Him with Other Men

What Do Rich Guys Look for in a Woman?

Instead of guessing what the rich men are looking for in a womanlet me just share with you what they have told me.

After all, I have had the great fortune of meeting some rich men in my life. I’ve worked with some of them and with one or the other it became more.

And therefore, of course, I have asked and always listened to what they are looking for.

Here are my findings about what they are looking for in a woman:

1. She Shouldn’t be Successful

It’s often the case that they’re not looking for a woman who’s just as successful because that quickly leads to competition – which has no place at all in a relationship.

Besides, this shows that the woman is predominantly in male energy and this destroys the polarity and attraction.

So to let such a masculine, successful man into your life, polarity is needed and that means you have to be in feminine energy to attract him.

Don’t stress about being successful, because that isn’t your job!

2. Be Feminine and Caring

The feminine, caring, intuitive nature of a woman is very attractive to men as a counterpoint to masculine energy – especially very wealthy men who usually have more masculine energy in them.

So they want a woman who is absorbed in her feminine energy and who isn’t ashamed of it or who always lets it out of sight of obsessive “careerism”.

He wants a woman who is focused on her feminine energy!

3. Bring Him Back into his Heart

Rich men are usually only concerned with being better, more successful, stronger, and faster because of their hard and intense work. This drive to progress is good for his wallet but grueling for his heart and intention.

Therefore, it’s your job as a female creature to bring him back into his heart and show him that he is good as he is and doesn’t always have to strive for greater progress.

This will give him self-confidence and you will see that many men then literally blossom.

In fact, to understand this, it’s important to keep in mind that men are always afraid of not being able to support their families enough. So to take away this fear, you can give him your unconditional love – this will mean a lot to him and will lift your relationship to a new pedestal!

4. Let Him Take the Lead

Men want to be leaders and are wired to direct the family.

If you as a woman intervene or don’t let him do that to you, the energies will shift and you may lose respect for each other. This must not happen!

Therefore, let him calmly take the lead.

BUT of course, you may and should also share your ideas and thoughts about his vision of your relationship/family and tell him so clearly what you want, so that he can fulfill these wishes.

But important for you to understand is: A man has inside the great need to fulfill the wishes of his woman!

He wants to love you, be there for you and fulfill your heart’s desires.

But for this, you must express them clearly and distinctly, so that he gets the chance to put this into practice.

And in return, you should gift him with your feminine joy and lightness, so that he sees on the one hand that he can make you happy with it and on the other hand is also motivated to continue.

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