Don’t Go Broke Trying to Look Rich 2024: What to Do Instead

Avoid draining your wallet in an attempt to appear wealthy and win approval from others.

You’ll only end up broke one day, with nothing to show the world you have become successful.

Looking rich isn’t just about buying expensive goods and apparel. There are much more effective ways to appear richer other than spending so much for the same.

Who am I and Why Can I Talk About This Topic?

I understand exactly how you feel because I am a self-made millionaire of 22 years.

In addition, I’ve always desired to network with prosperous individuals, stand out from the crowd, and appear as professionally and extravagantly wealthy as possible.

Undoubtedly, one of the most significant lessons I’ve ever learned is what may happen when we strive to look rich when we’re not.

Before worrying about the first, the second must come first.

But if you’re impatient, feel free to utilize my quick fixes to look much more polished and wealthy without spending a lot of money.

Who Said the “Don’t Go Broke Trying to Look Rich” Quote?

It’s a quote from Norm Kelly, who posted this on Twitter on September 25, 2017.

What Happens When You Go Broke trying to Look Rich?

When it comes to trying to look rich, what I mean is that we buy things that cost more than they are worth. Most people buy designer brands and sky-high mortgages to make an impression.

Then when you add credit card debt into the mix and you’re setting yourself up for trouble.

There are plenty of things that you can do with your money these days, but going broke trying to look rich should never be one of them.

What happens when you go broke trying to look rich? Well, first of all, let me say this. If you have money just hanging around and you want it on a gold-plated iPhone every year, then fine.

But for most people, looking rich means spending money they don’t have or spending more than is necessary and blowing a budget that takes years to recover from. This is not OK!

How Can I Look Rich Without Spending Much?

don't go broke trying to look rich meaning

These are 7 simple tips that anyone can follow and look richer and more attractive without spending much!

  1. Cashmere is your best friend
  2. Wear more navy blue than black
  3. Invest in a glamorous little black dress (and don’t just wear it to funerals)
  4. Let your everyday jewelry be a big statement
  5. Carry a clutch purse that’s smaller than you think you need
  6. For the evening, go sparkly and sheer, but keep it classy and elegant, not racy or low-cut.
  7. Stick with classic, timeless cuts instead of trendy ones

What Colors Make You Look Rich?

There is no general answer to this because every color can make you look rich if it suits you.

But you should avoid neon colors or flashy patterns and prints because they are challenging to combine.

How Can I Become Rich?

never go broke to impress others meaning

1. Note Down Your Goals & Dreams

Everything starts with a dream.

Become aware of where you want to be in 3, 5, and 10 years.

If you still want to stand at the same point where you might go broke to impress others, you’re wrong here!

Please close the page then.

But if you really want to belong to the 1% of the rich, you inevitably make yourself aware of where you want to stand.

This is comparable to a navigation system: You’ll never arrive if you don’t know where you want to go.

The important thing is to set your goals high. Dream.

It must feel unattainable and maybe a little scary at first today.

$30,000 a month? 100k or maybe a million? Or more? 100 million?


Once you’re aware of exactly where you want to be, the second step is visualization.

2. Visualize Your Dream Lifestyle

Now that you know exactly where you want to go, we can start the second step: Visualization.

You may be familiar with the term manifestation. The two are very strongly linked.

It’s about already being emotionally in the exact situation that you’re manifesting.

Imagine exactly what it will be like when you reach your dream. How does it feel? What would you do?

Again, the more intense your dream, the better.

3. Say “Yes” More

When you have started a clear intention and an even more intense visualization with the help of manifestation, you have made your wish very clear to the universe.

So, according to the law of attraction, the universe will open up paths for you that will take you to your goal.

But in order to see them and to be open to them, you should consciously say “yes” more often in the near future.

To new people you meet, to a job offer, or to a new love. You never know where your goal is hidden behind.

What is “Rich-Looking”?

The question about rich or expensive looking generally refers to a person who embodies wealth through appearance and charisma.

Of course, we all know this is very stereotypical and fraught with many prejudices. But still, most of us constantly strive to look even more professional and confident to attract the right people, career opportunities, and life circumstances we desire.

We can look rich in a variety of ways – and in this case, it also strongly depends on the occasion, the environment, and the setting in which we want to make an impression.

As a rule, it’s not so much WHAT we wear that matters, but HOW we wear it. In short: Our charisma is more important than our outfit.

So when it comes to our charisma and its effect on others, you are always best prepared if you think about the occasion and the people there beforehand. Only in the next step is it about us: what we want to wear and what we want to bring with us.

Reasons For Looking Rich Without Spending Much:

Don’t Go Broke Trying to Look Rich

1. You Look Professional

Have you ever seen someone professional in sweatpants?

No? Neither have I.

Why? Because it’s just not professional.

No matter where you go, who you meet – at work or not – it’s always nice not to look like everyone.

Setting yourself apart from everyone else with a charismatic, powerful, and professional appearance will get you ahead at work and bring you valuable contacts.

2. You Attract the People Who Suit You

When you’re working on yourself, developing yourself, and becoming the best version of yourself, it’s important to surround yourself with the right people.

You know yourself: You’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

When you dress more expensively, you symbolize that you’re working on yourself and that you care about yourself.

Not many people do that.

But the people who do the same will notice you. And maybe you’ll make a good connection or two?

Who knows.

3. You’re Treated with More Respect

People who take care of themselves radiate a good dose of self-confidence.

That means they’re able to set very clear boundaries.

So to be with you, you need to be treated with respect.

You communicate all this through a well-groomed, valuable-looking appearance.

4. You Show Your Counterpart That You Respect Them

But not only are you respected, but you show your counterpart that you respect them just as much.

Because the only person who has to look at you all the time is not you. It’s your counterpart.

well-groomed appearance is a sign of respect. You’re showing the other person that they can feel comfortable around you.

5. You Feel Comfortable as Well

Believe me, if you start looking more expensive, you will attract more people who match you and make you feel more comfortable.

Be overdressed rather than underdressed.

What Clothes Make You Look Rich?

1. Oversized Sunglasses with Gold Trim

Sunglasses protect your eyes from bright sunlight and have the advantage of covering large parts of your face.

No, you aren’t ugly and shouldn’t cover your beautiful eyes! But it can be a huge benefit on days when we don’t feel so comfortable in our skin, for example.

Plus, oversized sunglasses are stylish accessories that can add more sparkle and glamour to your outfit.

Little extra tip: If you wear oversized sunglasses with gold details, make sure you go for expensive-looking gold jewelry in the rest of your outfit.

2. Statement Designer Handbag

Designer handbags without a monochrome pattern or too obvious, large logos are in most cases beautiful and durable companions for several years.

As elegant bag classics are considered, for example:

The Chanel Flap Bag or the Hermés Birkin and Kelly Bag.

3. Linen Pants

3. High Heels

4. Skintight-Fitted Dress

5. Rich Girl Clothes: Pearls

6. Gold Jewelry

7. Shearling Coat or Jacket, Real or Faux

8. The Color Ibiza Blue

9. The Classic Blazer

10. The All-White Look

11. The Classic Cocktail Dress

12. The Monochrome Look

15. A Tweed Skirt Suit

How to Look Rich – 7 Simple Tips

These are 7 simple tips on how to look rich that anyone can follow and look richer and more attractive!

  1. Cashmere is your best friend
  2. Wear more navy blue than black
  3. Invest in a glamorous little black dress (and don’t just wear it to funerals)
  4. Let your everyday jewelry be a big statement
  5. Carry a clutch purse that’s smaller than you think you need
  6. For evening, definitely go sparkly and sheer, but keep it classy and elegant, not racy or low-cut.
  7. Stick with classic, timeless cuts instead of trendy ones

20 Obvious Tips to Look Rich Most Underestimate

  • Well-groomed hands
  • Manicure and pedicure (not too long nails, well-groomed!)
  • Natural make-up or none at all (NO full-face make-up!!)
  • Shinyvoluminous hair
  • Fresh scent (not too heavy perfume!)
  • Never without a little souvenir when she’s invited
  • Better overdressed than underdressed
  • Decent jewelry (she never overdoes it!)
  • The colors of the outfit match her complexion & hair color
  • Shaved
  • Well-groomed (no bad breath, no smell of sweat!)
  • A valuable watch
  • She takes care of her figure (healthy diet, sports!)
  • She doesn’t drink (much) alcohol
  • Natural tan (no solarium or self-tanner!)
  • She’s friendly & smiles a lot

What Does Jewelry Say about a Woman and Can it Make her Look Rich?

Wearing a piece of jewelry is a way to express our character. Research shows that self-confidence increases when a person wears a piece of jewelry. It is only natural that self-esteem increases because the main purpose of an accessory is to emphasize one’s beauty and attractiveness.

Women in particular love jewelry as it symbolizes femininity and even social status. Jewelry makes us feel beautiful and confident and can also enhance our glamour from within.

So, if the jewelry is used correctly and not overdone with it, it definitely has the potential to make us look rich. A phenomenon that we know especially from our grandparents or aunts. Jewelry in a healthy, minimalist framework can make us shine from the inside and from the outside, enhancing our look by quite a bit.

Does Jewelry Make You More Attractive?

Not only the well-known handbag as a woman’s status symbol makes her look more attractive and personal, but also her choice of jewelry she wears has a great effect on how she is perceived.

bracelet, for example, can complete the outfit of a stylish, elegant woman all by itself.

This is because several surveys and studies have proven that many men appreciate a woman with a bracelet that makes her even more attractive in his eyes. Often bracelets and other hand jewelry make the hand look more seductive and slender.

Even a ring or a plain chain has something seductive, magically attractive to a man.

So if you implement the jewelry tips from this blog article, you are sure to look a lot more attractive to others.


Who said the goal is to be rich not to look rich?

The quote u0022The goal is to be rich, not to look richu0022 is attributed to Moosa Rahat. Many people, including entrepreneurs, wealth motivators, and financial advisors, have expressed similar sentiments.

How do I not go broke?

To avoid going broke, I’d recommend you set a realistic spend-down rate, have a backup plan, take a part-time job doing something you enjoy, buy a house that fits your budget, don’t buy what you can’t afford to impress, invest smartly rather than impulsively, and focus on building wealth rather than spending it all at once.

Why do rich people go broke?

Rich people can go bankrupt for a variety of reasons, including spending too much on luxury items without properly budgeting, not living like the average millionaire, not talking about money and passing down financial knowledge to their children, making bad investments or deals, or failing to have a back-up plan in case of a recession.

Why do people try and look rich?

People frequently try to appear wealthy in order to impress and gain the respect of others. This is due to the fact that poverty is more than just a measure of income or financial disadvantage; it is also a state of mind and a feeling of anxiety. People can tell if someone is wealthy by looking at their clothes or faces, which are associated with positive traits like intelligence, diligence, and success. Furthermore, some people want to show off or impress others by projecting a false sense of wealth through brands that display their logos.

What is the greatest paradox of becoming wealthy?

The most perplexing aspect of becoming wealthy is that it can lead to a devaluation of relationships and an increased focus on acquiring even more wealth, which can be a recipe for misery. This is because change is a constant and continuous process, and with more money, people may not change but spend more money on the same things they did before. Furthermore, being poor is expensive, whereas being wealthy can present its own set of challenges, such as the ultra-wealthy parenting paradox, in which inheritance is linked to work and life goals while downplaying the amount of money involved.

How much money is considered broke?

Although u0022brokeu0022 is subjective, a survey of 1,000 Americans identified having less than $878 in the bank as u0022brokeu0022. Other indicators of insolvency include living paycheck to paycheck with no savings, being in debt up to one’s eyeballs, and purchasing a brand-new car that costs more than one can afford. Making difficult decisions, gambling with those decisions, and making sacrifices are all common among those in financial difficulty.

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