European Summer Aesthetic 2024: Get This Dreamy Style

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Are you prepared to infuse your life with a hint of European Summer Charm? Whether you fantasize about enjoying a glass of wine on a Parisian terrace or basking in the sun on a Greek island, this fashion trend encapsulates the laid-back, easygoing aura emblematic of European summers.

In this article, we’ll explore simple ways to infuse your wardrobe, home decor, and daily routine with the irresistible charm of the European Summer Aesthetic. So, let’s dive in and get inspired!

European Summer Aesthetic Must-Haves

White Dresses

Embrace the European summer aesthetic with an all-time classic: the white dress. Whether it’s a flowy maxi dress, a chic midi dress, or a flirty mini dress, a white summer dress instantly captures the essence of European elegance and style. The neutral color scheme pairs perfectly with sun-kissed skin, giving you that stunning seaside look. Plus, the lightweight, breathable fabric ensures you stay cool and comfortable during those warm summer days.

Tank Tops

Another piece to complete your European summer wardrobe is the versatile tank top. Choose from simple cotton tanks, chic silk camisoles, or stylish off-the-shoulder tops to show off your unique fashion sense. Remember, neutral colors and subtle patterns evoke that laid-back European vibe. When paired with high-waisted shorts or a flowy skirt, your tank top ensemble will have you feeling like a true European fashionista.


Finally, no European summer look is complete without a pair of stylish sandals. Whether you opt for a classic pair of leather slides, strappy espadrilles, or embellished gladiator sandals, these footwear options are the perfect way to dress up your summer outfits while staying comfortable as you explore charming coastal towns or enjoy a day by the beach. Don’t forget, the key to achieving the European summer aesthetic is to keep things simple, chic, and comfortable—just like your sandals!

Paris Style

In Paris, the City of Love, summer fashion combines chic and comfortable. You’ll notice that the Parisian style revolves around neutral color palettes, timeless silhouettes, and tailored pieces. One of the key elements is the classic white dress, a staple in any European wardrobe. Enhance your outfit with delicate gold jewelry, and never forget the importance of layering, even in the summer.

For those cool summer evenings, you’ll see Parisians sporting light blazers, denim jackets, or airy scarves. Footwear leans towards comfortable yet stylish options, like leather sandals and sleek sneakers.

Rome Inspirations

In Rome, the summer aesthetic often incorporates vibrant colors and bold patterns. Floral designs and maxi skirts are popular for achieving a breezy, laid-back vibe. Linen pants are also a must-have item for keeping cool during warm days.

Rome’s fashion leans towards a more casual side, allowing for effortless elegance. A summer wardrobe essential is the polka dot pattern, which you can incorporate into dresses, skirts, or even blouses, adding a touch of European charm to your outfit. Finish your ensemble with stylish sandals, and you’re ready to explore the Eternal City in style!

European Summer Capsule Wardrobe

Linen Dress

A lightweight and breathable fabric, linen is perfect for embracing the European summer aesthetic. Opt for a linen dress that can take you from day to night, be it a picnic in the park or an evening stroll on the beach. Look for classic silhouettes and neutral colors like white, beige, or pastel shades to ensure versatility.

Gold Jewelry

Bring a touch of elegance to your summer outfits with the addition of some gold jewelry. Layered necklaces, statement earrings, or simple bracelets all contribute to the European summer aesthetic. Gold adds a luxurious feel and pairs well with both neutral and vibrant colors, making it a must-have accessory for your capsule wardrobe.

Minimalist Accessories

Regarding accessories, less is more in achieving the sought-after European style. Incorporate minimalist accessories into your wardrobe, such as a pair of chic sunglasses, a versatile straw hat, or a neutral-colored crossbody bag. These simple yet stylish pieces will effortlessly enhance your outfit without overwhelming the overall look.

Including these key items in your European summer capsule wardrobe will ensure you look effortlessly chic on any summer adventure. With linen dresses, gold jewelry, and minimalist accessories, you’ll embody the elegance and sophistication synonymous with European style.

Colors of European Summer

Color Palette

European summers are all about bright, fresh, and vibrant colors that make you feel excited and alive. This season’s color palette is inspired by sun-kissed landscapes, crystal blue waters, and lively outdoor cafes. Embrace shades of blue, turquoise, and aquamarine to capture the essence of the Mediterranean Sea. Soft pastel hues like lavender, peach, muted yellows, and blush pink reflect the romantic charm of European cities. To add a touch of sophistication and elegance, incorporate deep greens, browns, and earthy tones to your wardrobe and surroundings.

Tomato Girl Aesthetic

One popular summer trend that has captured the hearts of fashionistas is the “Tomato Girl” aesthetic. This look is inspired by the lush, sun-ripened tomatoes that are a staple in Mediterranean cuisine. Incorporating the rich reddish-orange hue of tomatoes into your outfit and accessories helps to create a bold, vibrant, and eye-catching statement.

To achieve the Tomato Girl aesthetic, wear a red-orange sundress, blouse, or skirt with crisp white accents, such as buttons, collars, or sashes. Accessorize with gold-tone jewelry, woven straw bags, and comfortable yet elegant sandals. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your ensembles, mix and match different shades of tomato red and other complementary colors, like deep green, to evoke the image of lush tomato vines. And of course, don’t forget to pick up some fresh, juicy tomatoes at the local farmers’ market to complete your European summer experience, both in style and taste!

European Summer Through Social Platforms

TikTok is a powerful platform for sharing and discovering new aesthetics. This summer, the European Summer aesthetic has taken social media by storm. From Spain’s sun-soaked beaches to Paris’s chic streets, users are showcasing their take on the European Girl Summer aesthetic through short videos. With more than 145.9M views on content related to “summer in Europe aesthetic,” it’s clear that this trend is resonating with users worldwide.

Through picturesque locales, outfit inspiration, and popular soundtracks, TikTok is bringing the European Summer aesthetic to your fingertips. As you scroll through your feed, you’ll find creators making use of popular songs and sounds to evoke the atmosphere of a European adventure, further adding to the allure of the trend.

Gen Z European Summer

Gen Z has embraced the European Summer aesthetic with open arms. Crafting their perfect summer looks, young American women in particular draw inspiration from Europe’s laid-back yet sophisticated vibes. Adopting a blend of clothing that resembles vacationcore and Europecore, fashionable Gen Z users are sharing their outfit inspiration on social media.

Whether it’s through sustainable fashion choices, vibrant colors, or minimalist design cues, Gen Z users are curating their own unique take on the European Summer aesthetic. By sharing their experiences and style tips on platforms like TikTok, they’re keeping up with the trend and inspiring others to adopt the aesthetic and incorporate European Summer vibes into their lives.

So, as you explore social media this summer, chances are you’ll be greeted by the picturesque and alluring charm of the European Summer aesthetic. Embrace this trend and let it inspire your own summer adventures, outfits, and experiences. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be the next TikTok creator to capture the hearts of millions with your take on the European Summer aesthetic!

European Summer Aesthetics

Cottagecore European Summer

Imagine yourself roaming through the picturesque European countryside, surrounded by lush greenery and the sound of birds chirping. The sun’s warmth embracing you as you enjoy a picnic under a tree. This is the essence of the Cottagecore European Summer aesthetic, an exciting trend that beautifully encapsulates the romantic, whimsical, and nostalgic elements of a European summer experience.

Cottagecore, a lifestyle and aesthetic movement, is all about simplifying things and returning to a more charming, rural, and self-sustainable life. It has a strong affinity for nature, traditional skills, and a slower pace of life. As a part of the European summer trend, it effortlessly combines the best of European landscapes and culture with the idyllic charm of cottage living.

To truly immerse yourself in a Cottagecore European Summer, you can:

  • Dress the part: Embrace flowy, floral dresses, breezy linen shirts, and straw hats that perfectly capture the relaxed and natural essence of a European summer. Earthy tones, delicate patterns, and comfortable fabrics are key to achieving this look.
  • Savor the flavors: Indulge in sumptuous, farm-fresh European dishes like ratatouille, homemade pasta, freshly baked baguettes, and farmers market delights. The vibrant flavors of a European summer will transport you to a quaint countryside setting.
  • Embrace nature: Connect with the European outdoors by gardening, bird-watching, or simply taking a leisurely stroll through the countryside. Surrounding yourself with the natural beauty of the European landscapes will truly enhance your appreciation for this enchanting aesthetic.
  • Incorporate cozy decor: Transform your living space with gingham prints, vintage dishware, fresh flowers, and charming, rustic touches that exude the comfortable ambiance of a European cottage.


What is the European style in the summer?

Neutrals, linens, florals, matching sets, and classic accessories characterize European summer style. High-waisted two-piece swimsuits and classy one-piece swimsuits in black or white are also popular choices.

How do you dress like a European in the summer?

Opt for light, airy fabrics like linen and cotton to dress like a European in the summer. Flowy dresses, skirts, and shorts, as are sandals or sneakers, are popular. Avoid athletic shorts and khaki cargo shorts.

How to look aesthetic in summer?

To look aesthetic in the summer, try wearing light and flowy clothing with pastel or bright colors. Accessorize with jewelry, hats, and sunglasses. Consider a trendy hairstyle or hair color. 

What is European fashion style?

European fashion style varies by country but generally features timeless, classic pieces focusing on quality and fit. Neutral colors, tailored pieces, and statement accessories are standard. French fashion is often considered the epitome of European style. 

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