Old Money Vibes 2024: Start Living Your Dream Life

Ever get the sense that you’re a soul misplaced in time, longing for a period of greater elegance and finesse? If the charm and polish of yesteryears captivates you, then today’s topic, ‘old money vibes’, is just up your alley.

This article will explore what exactly old money vibes are, and how you can bring that timeless elegance into your life. So please sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the world of old money vibes.

Old Money Aesthetic

When it comes to fashion, the old money style is effortlessly chic and understated. Think of icons such as Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Paul Newman, and Lady Diana – they exude grace, taste, and a sense of refinement. You’ll want to invest in classic pieces like tweed jackets, tennis skirts, white linen pants, and striped sweaters to achieve this look. Remember, focusing on quality rather than flashy, trendy items is key.

Speaking of interiors, the old money aesthetic highlights timeless, elegant design rather than showy, extravagant displays. Ground yourself in classically chic pieces, like antique furniture, rich textiles, and ornate accents, to infuse your space with a sense of history and sophistication. The charm lies in creating a home that feels lived-in and lovingly curated over generations.

The old money aesthetic also influences hobbies and activities. Tennis, golf, sailing, and equestrian sports often embody this allure, as they’re traditionally associated with upper-class leisure. So, why not try your hand at one of these pastimes to fully immerse yourself in the old money experience?

Ultimately, the old money aesthetic is less about flaunting wealth than celebrating quiet luxury and timeless style. By embracing this approach, you’ll appreciate life’s finer things and cultivate a refined and elegant personal brand. It’s time for you to indulge in the old money aesthetic and discover just how appealing it can be!

Fashion and Style

Men’s Fashion

Guys, you’ll want to fill your wardrobe with top-quality, timeless pieces! Tweed blazers are a staple item in old money fashion for men. Not only do they look sophisticated, but they also keep you warm on cooler days. Pair them with tailored shirts and well-fitted slacks for a polished look.

Step up your shoe game with leather loafers. These versatile shoes can complete both casual and more formal looks. They’re extremely comfortable and the perfect companion to a day at the office or an evening soiree.

Women’s Fashion

Ladies, it’s time to embrace elegant and timeless clothing! Tennis skirts are an essential item in old money fashion for women. Not only do they look amazing, but they also offer a comfortable, yet polished look. Wear them with crisp, white, button-down shirts or sleek, fitted blouses for a sophisticated ensemble.

A well-tailored blazer is another must-have for your old money wardrobe. Opt for a slightly oversized cut in a classic tweed or houndstooth pattern. Dress it up with a midi skirt and classy heels, or keep it casual with your favorite jeans.

Upgrade your footwear collection with a pair of riding boots. These versatile boots offer style and functionality, perfect for a day at the equestrian club or brunch with high society friends.

Mixing and matching these stylish items will have you feeling like a million bucks – get excited to explore the old money aesthetic in fashionable clothing!

Old Money Vibes: History and Tradition

Oh, the charm of old money vibes! It’s a world filled with history, tradition, and inherited wealth. You’ll be fascinated to learn how families like the Kennedy family have maintained their status and style for generations.

Imagine being part of a family that can trace its wealth back centuries, maybe even before the industrial revolution! These individuals and families often grew their fortune through investments, businesses, and real estate.

But it’s not just about the money – it’s about the traditions they uphold. Old money families usually have time-honored customs that are passed down from generation to generation. Think of the fancy galas and elegant soirees, where everyone is in their finest attire! The tasteful richness of old money traditions has resonated with younger generations, as they appreciate the timeless appeal of these customs.

The fashion styles embraced by old money families are deeply rooted in history. Take a look at the wardrobes of the elite, with their elegant clothing and understated accessories! Their choice of attire speaks volumes about their lineage and emphasizes the importance of discreet elegance in old money fashion. As someone who loves the excitement of old money aesthetics, you can channel these traditional styles by incorporating classic pieces into your everyday wardrobe.

But possibly the most fascinating aspect of old money vibes is the legacy these families leave behind. From philanthropy to investing in the arts, old money families often strive to make a difference in the world. You can’t help but be captivated by their impact stories, from funding medical advancements to supporting educational institutions.

Influential Figures

Imagine yourself in the world of Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl—a fictional character epitomizing old money style. Her sophisticated outfits, luxurious accessories, and impeccable taste are all about making a statement without flaunting wealth.

Next, let’s take a look at the beloved Princess Diana. Often referred to as “the people’s princess,” her classic wardrobe choices and regal demeanor captured hearts worldwide. From her elegant gowns to her casual-chic ensembles, Diana’s style exuded old money elegance.

As for fashion designers, Ralph Lauren‘s collections are a brilliant representation of the old money aesthetic. Often drawing inspiration from the aristocracy, Lauren’s timeless designs evoke a sense of effortless wealth and refinement. Who wouldn’t want to channel their inner heiress with a stunning Ralph Lauren piece?

Moving to the big screen, we have films like The Talented Mr. Ripley depicting the allure of old money soirees and luxe locales. The characters’ refined clothing and picturesque Italian settings transport you to a world of generational wealth and sophistication. If you’re seeking inspiration from vintage cinema, this film is a must-watch!

Lastly, don’t forget Daphne du Maurier’s novel-turned-film, Rebecca. Set in a grand English estate, this story’s dark, mysterious ambiance is intertwined with opulent fashion and lavish interiors—perfect for capturing the essence of old money glamour.

Quiet Luxury vs. New Money

Old Money Vibes

You might have noticed the resurgence of quiet luxury recently, with countless individuals seeking a more timeless and understated sense of style. This subtle trend stands out against its counterpart, the ostentatious display of wealth often associated with new money.

When it comes to quiet luxury, think elegance, sophistication, and quality materials that speak for themselves without the need for flashy labels. These hallmarks of timeless taste evoke a sense of privilege and wealth passed down through generations. It’s the mindset of celebrating refined tastes over extravagance, which leaves you feeling excited and proud of your choices.

On the other hand, new money is often characterized by an ostentatious display of wealth, with people flaunting their newly acquired riches by indulging in the most luxurious brands and items they can find. The focus here is on the cost rather than the quality and heritage of the products.

Incorporating quiet luxury into your life is not only about fashion but also in your overall approach to how you live. Some ways to embody quiet luxury include:

  • Investing in high-quality, timeless pieces that will stay with you for years
  • Opting for simplicity and sophistication in design, avoiding overt branding
  • Choosing experiences and activities that prioritize culture and personal growth over extravagance

Embracing quiet luxury can lead to a more fulfilling and authentic way of life, allowing you to enjoy the finer things without feeling weighed down by the constant need to prove your wealth and status. While new money may attract attention with flashy displays, the charm of quiet luxury is in its understated elegance that grants you a sense of well-being and contentment.

Social Media and the Old Money Aesthetic

TikTok Influence

Excitedly, you’re scrolling through your TikTok feed and notice a trend about capturing the essence of generational wealth and aristocratic charm. Welcome to the world of the old money aesthetic! This style trend has gained over a billion views on the platform with hashtags like #oldmoney and #oldmoneyaesthetic.

In your endless pursuit of the perfect old money vibe, TikTok is your go-to source for inspiration. Classic elements such as tennis skirts, penny loafers, and vintage-inspired outfits are all over your feed. The elegance of the old money aesthetic is undeniably captivating!

Y2K Comeback

With fashion trends often being cyclical, it’s no surprise that the old money vibe is making a comeback as part of the Y2K resurgence. The timeless elegance and sophistication resonate with your desire for class and exclusivity. Bold prints, gold jewelry, and prominent brands are among the key elements enriching your wardrobe.

When embracing the old money aesthetic, don’t forget to source your inspiration from Y2K fashion icons. Combining both vintage and contemporary elements will help you create a unique look that reflects your personal style and showcases your refined taste. Delight in the juxtaposition between the two eras, and watch how your style evolves!

Lifestyle and Decor

Imagine living it up in the Hamptons, surrounded by stunning homes and perfectly curated gardens. The grand old mansions ooze with history, elegance, and poise. You’ll be inspired to bring that same charm into your living space while enjoying traditional activities such as leisurely walks, horseback riding, and sailing – just like the old money elite!

When it comes to decor, think classic and elegant. This style is all about quality and heritage pieces that withstand the test of time. Invest in beautiful antique furniture, rich fabrics, and distinguished artwork to elevate your space. Traditional patterns like chintz and houndstooth make a statement, while a muted color palette with occasional bold accents adds depth and sophistication.

Don’t forget the details! Embrace the old money aesthetic in your tableware and linens, opting for fine china, crystal glassware, and monogrammed tablecloths. Complete the look with a stunning gallery wall of prized family photos, curated art, and cherished heirlooms.

Charity and Influence

You might be excited to learn that the old money vibes are coming back, especially in the world of charity and influence. Philanthropy in the past was mostly associated with black-tie events, exclusive galas, and donations resulting in dedicated wings at prestigious institutions. However, the new generation is shaking things up by partnering with various organizations and using their influence to make a significant impact!

When you think of the old money lifestyle, it often evokes images of grand mansions, tennis, and charity galas. While these traditions continue to be part of the charm, the principles of charity and influence have evolved over the years. The wealthy now recognize that they can use their position to drive conversations around critical social issues, promote change, and inspire others to engage in philanthropy.

As you immerse yourself in the world of old money charity, keep in mind that wealthy individuals may give to charity for different reasons than the rest of us. Philanthropy can be a way to foster social connections and demonstrate your alignment with certain values. At the same time, it can help you establish your reputation as a thought leader and a change agent. By leveraging your influence strategically, you can make a difference in the world while maintaining the allure of the old money dresses vibe.

Tools for the Old Money Vibe

Old Money Vibes

Start by curating your closet filled with high-quality, elegant, and tasteful pieces. Opt for classic materials such as silk, cashmere, and wool. Give special attention to timeless garments like tailored suits, turtlenecks, and trench coats. Moreover, you can’t forget about timeless accessories like leather shoes, silk scarves, and elegant jewelry.

In an old money vibe household, the focus is on pieces that exude sophistication. Think about incorporating antique furnishings, heirloom pieces, and polished wooden furniture. Explore various English antiques or chintz wallpapers that add an element of grandeur. Don’t shy away from traditional patterns and intricate designs.

Entertainment is another area of great importance. Get acquainted with sports such as Cricket, Tennis, or even horse riding. These timeless activities showcase your refinement and appreciation for tradition. Don’t underestimate the power of a good art collection, either – find paintings and sculptures that speak of opulence and prestige.

Lastly, to truly embody the old money vibe, remember that it’s not just about materials or activities but also manners and behavior. Cultivate good etiquette and polite conversation. Be gracious, considerate, and attentive to the needs of others. This way, you’ll not only have the tools to embrace the old money vibe but also internalize the values that once defined the wealthy families of the past.


What are old money vibes?

u0022Old money vibesu0022 refer to an aura of traditional wealth, sophistication, and refinement, often associated with long-established affluent families or individuals who inherit wealth through generations, displaying an understated and timeless elegance.

How do you give old money vibes?

To give off old money vibes, embrace timeless and classic styles in fashion and decor, prioritize quality over trends, exhibit refined manners and etiquette, maintain a low-profile demeanor, and value cultural and intellectual pursuits.

What does old money style mean?

Old money style refers to a fashion and lifestyle aesthetic characterized by timeless elegance, understated luxury, and a focus on quality over trends. It embodies the traditions and refined tastes of long-established affluent families, exuding a sense of sophistication and class.

What is the aesthetic like old money?

The old money aesthetic is characterized by classic and elegant elements, subdued colors, fine craftsmanship, and luxurious materials. It emphasizes sophistication, tradition, and understated luxury, creating a timeless and refined ambiance.

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