20 Sleek Hairstyles 2024 That Are All Over TikTok Right Now

I’ve been on a Pinterest deep-dive for what feels like an eternity, snagging the sleekest hairstyles that TikTok can’t stop showing off.

Sit back and get ready to slide into these 20 smooth and chic looks that are dominating the scene!

20 Sleek Hairstyles You Will Love

Sleek Low Hair Bun with Zigzag Parting

Sleek Hairstyles Sleek Low Hair Bun with Zigzag parting
by Pinterest

This sleek low-hair bun with a zigzag parting is the fresh twist I love on classic styles.

It’s pretty because it’s both polished and playful, adding a touch of whimsy to an otherwise smooth look. The zigzag gives a nod to retro vibes while keeping it modern and chic. This hairstyle is trending because it mixes the best of both worlds—elegance and edge.

High Sleek Ponytail with Wavy Baby Hair

Sleek Hairstyles High Sleek Ponytail with Wavy Baby Hair
by Pinterest

This high, sleek ponytail accented with wavy baby hairs is stunning.

I love how it adds a touch of personality to a classic ponytail, making it stand out as a perfect, trendy, sleek hairstyle.

It’s trending because it’s an effortlessly chic look that frames the face beautifully, and those baby hairs are a work of art that adds an extra layer of finesse!

High Sleek Messy Bun with Side Parting

Sleek Hairstyles High Sleek Messy Bun with Side Parting
by Pinterest

The high sleek messy bun with a side parting is a total game-changer. I adore how it combines elegance with a carefree style— it’s pretty because it’s so well-groomed yet relaxed.

This hairstyle is a perfect, trendy, sleek look because of the playful contrast between the tight, sleek sides and the casual, tousled bun.

Sleek Clean Girl Bun

Sleek Hairstyles Sleek Clean Girl Bun
by Pinterest

This sleek ‘clean girl’ bun is just perfection. It’s so pretty and refined; I love how it’s pulled back smoothly to create a polished and sophisticated look.

It’s the ideal trendy sleek hairstyle because it’s both minimalistic and chic, making it versatile for any occasion.

High Sleek Ponytail with Extensions

Sleek Hairstyles High Sleek Ponytail with Extensions
by Pinterest

This high sleek ponytail with extensions is the ultimate glam statement. I love how it lengthens the silhouette, adding drama and sophistication to the look. It’s pretty and cool because it’s polished yet bold, giving off major boss vibes.

This hairstyle is so trendy right now because it manages to be both a classic and a show-stopper. it works for any occasion, from casual to ultra-formal. The extensions just give that extra volume and impact that’s irresistible!

Classy Low Sleek Bun

Sleek Hairstyles Classy Low Sleek Bun
by Pinterest

This classy low sleek bun is absolute sophistication. It’s so pretty because it’s timeless and exudes refined elegance.

I like how it’s neat and polished, making it the perfect trendy sleek hairstyle for formal events and professional settings. It’s trendy right now because it manages to be both understated and chic, ensuring that the focus is on your features while keeping the hair sleek and controlled.

It’s a look that says ‘effortlessly elegant’ without trying too hard!

Sleek Messy Bun

Sleek Hairstyles Sleek Messy Bun
by Pinterest


How do I make my hair look sleek?

To make your hair look sleek, use a smoothing shampoo and conditioner, apply a heat protectant, blow-dry straight, and finish with a flat iron and a light serum or oil for shine.

How do you style sleek long hair?

Style sleek long hair by blow-drying with a round brush, straightening with a flat iron, and using a finishing spray for hold.

What hairstyle looks younger?

Hairstyles with layers, soft waves, or highlights can create a more youthful appearance by adding movement and dimension to the hair.

What hairstyle makes you look pretty?

A hairstyle that makes you look pretty complements your face shape and features, such as soft layers, gentle waves, or a cut that frames your face well.

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