Summer Capsule Wardrobe Checklist: The Absolute Best Essentials You Need in 2023

Summer Capsule Wardrobe Checklist: When it comes to a capsule wardrobe, many still don’t know what it is and what it’s supposed to be good for. We’ll clarify these and more questions today and maybe also show you a little taste of the special style kind.

In addition, we’ll show you – based on the last fashion years – what shouldn’t be missing in your capsule wardrobe this summer and where you can re-shopped it in the easiest way to have less stress and less time wasted.

Here’s to a great summer full of new, exciting, and beautiful outfits!

Let’s build that Summer Capsule Wardrobe Checklist!

What is a Capsule Wardrobe?

A Capsule Wardrobe is made up of a few essential and classic pieces of clothing that serve the purpose of being able to be mixed and matched over and over again, so you can create a variety of different outfits with just a few pieces.

In addition, the timeless clothes, mostly made of neutral colors, complement each other. That makes outfit creation a lot easier. But of course, it’s not about wearing only boring pieces that you don’t like: it’s more about limiting your closet to a few pieces that suit your personal style, that you feel comfortable in and that you love.

Then it will be a breeze for you, and you’ll never again experience the stress of not knowing what to wear in the morning. That’s what makes getting ready fun, right?

Sounds perfect? It is.

Is a Capsule Wardrobe Worth it?

Yes, it’s definitely worth it!

There are many valuable benefits of a capsule wardrobe, but one of the main benefits is for sure that you’ll wear only your favorite clothes because you’ll get rid of everything you don’t like or feel comfortable in.

Besides, deciding what to wear will be faster and easier, which means that you will have less stress regarding your outfits. Trust me, this makes a huge difference in your everyday life!

For example, it has helped me to always be classically dressed. This might sound a little silly, but I used to have a hard time sticking to a fancy dress code when I was still sitting at home in sweatpants and comfy sweaters, knowing I was about to have to slip into my uncomfortable blouse. However, since having a capsule wardrobe for all seasons, I’m always styled in the best waywith less effort.

It also helps you save money by buying fewer clothes and being more conscious of the clothes you already own or buy new. It also helps to organize and tidy up your closet – and keep it tidy, too 😉

Besides these practical benefits, it can also boost your confidence as you find your personal style and figure out what suits you best and what you feel most comfortable in.

7 Benefits Why You Should Have a Capsule Wardrobe:

1. You’ll Always be Well Dressed

By not having to think about what to wear in the morning when you’re half asleep or stressed, you’re less likely to wear an outfit that’s too casual or one that might be inappropriate.

In a nutshell, it means you’re less mistake-prone. As a result, you’ll always be dressed appropriately and always be well styled.

2. You Save Money

Self-explanatory, right?

By relying on a select range of clothes you love, you don’t have to chase short-term trends or constantly buy new clothes. After all, the pieces you’d love to have, have you already – at least similar ones.

I know there are always new pieces coming on the market and even some that intrigue us, but trust me, once you own a great variety of pieces, you’ll keep thinking to yourself, “Those pants are so nice, but luckily I have similar ones like that already!”

It’ll lighten the load on your wallet, and maybe in a few months you’ll be able to use that money to make a little – or even a big – dream come true? A romantic trip, for example?

3. You Increase Your Confidence

By focusing on the clothes you love and weeding out the ones you never wore anyway or don’t like, you’ll go through life with more confidence.

After all, the famous quote, “I’m nicer when I like my outfit,” applies here.

4. You Save Time

That should have become clear now, I think: You’ll save a lot of time if you don’t have to ask yourself the same question over and over again in the morning about what you want to wear today.

Now you can simply choose from your variation of clothes, which all look good in different combinations. So you can just blindly grab a pair of pants and a top – they almost always go together.

5. You Have Less Stress

So a capsule wardrobe means less stress in your life overall.

You don’t have to fret that the clothes don’t fit you or that you don’t look good in combination.

There is also less maintenance and repair required because you have fewer garments. You’re also more likely to choose garments that are easy to care for, and they’re easier to pack when you travel or move.

6. It’s Environmentally Friendly

Another very good reason for a capsule wardrobe is the sustainable aspect.

By owning mainly timeless pieces and buying less new fashion, you usually wear your clothes for years. This leads to a much improved ecological footprint in the long run, for example, you don’t support fast fashion stores that release a lot of water, waste, and chemicals – and under miserable working conditions.

So not only are you acting in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way if you have a capsule wardrobe, but you are saving real lives that would otherwise have suffocated from the chemicals released in the factories. This is no longer an exception, but unfortunately, the pure reality and this is increasing more and more.

Read more here: Why is Fast Fashion Bad for Environment & Humans – The Situation Is Alarming

Since you don’t own a lot of clothes, you wear every single piece you own so no clothes go to waste.

People who choose to have a “capsule wardrobe” also often invest in high-quality pieces that last a long time, thus avoiding the fast fashion industry, which is known for its wasteful nature.

7. You Are in a Better Mood

Marketing is nowadays indispensable and almost exclusively responsible for the fact that we constantly think and feel that we aren’t good enough – don’t have enough.

What most consumers often forget in the process is that those new pants, that new designer bag, or those heavily discounted slingbacks won’t fill that need “for more.” On the contrary, they get you used to wanting more and more – until you eventually reach the point where you’re either broke or mentally down – or both at the same time.

And the paradox is that these aggressive marketing strategies come from people who basically want to satisfy the same need: To want more and more – not more clothes, but more money. And with that money, most employees buy a lot of clothes too. You understand the cycle.

Getting out of that toxic cycle and focusing on your own range of clothes makes you free and independent from this cycle of manipulation. Yes, it is nothing but exploitation – at the expense of your wallet and mental health.

As a result, you’ll gradually be in a better and better mood and, moreover, you’ll no longer be so easily influenced. Trust me, it’s worth it.

How to Create Your Perfect Summer Capsule Wardrobe

To create your perfect capsule wardrobe for the summer, you need to know what clothes make up a well-organized capsule wardrobe.

You need the following clothes:

  • Basic Tees & Tops
  • Cream/White & Black Jeans
  • Classic Blue Jeans
  • Sweaters
  • Pleated Trousers
  • Basic Shorts
  • Dresses
  • Blazers/Light Jackets
  • Basic Sneakers & Sandals
  • Handbags
  • Accessories (Sunglasses, Hats & Belts)
  • Everyday Jewelry

Summer Capsule Wardrobe Checklist: These Are The Essentials You Need in 2022

Summer Capsule Wardrobe Checklist: 2 Basic T-Shirts

Basic t-shirts are must-haves in your capsule wardrobe.

At the very least owning one white and one black t-shirt is integral to any wardrobe.

And when it comes to high-quality basic t-shirts, it’s not that easy to find good ones.

Among thousands that I have tried so far, I have always come back to the heavyweight t-shirts from COS*, because for me they simply have by far the best quality.

100% cotton and a pleasantly thick fabric have never disappointed me personally – no matter how you combine or style the shirts, they always keep their shape, and don’t wrinkle or shrink. These T-shirts last for years and then still look like the first day!

Ladies, a recommendation from my heart from someone who has already tried everything in that direction.

Don’t walk, run, girls!!!

Summer Capsule Wardrobe Checklist: 3 Button-Down Shirts

Next, we’ll talk about shirts – button-down shirts to be exact.

There I would recommend having three: One white, one black, and one blue, as these three colors are simply the easiest to combine and at the same time are timeless classics that go with pretty much everything.

Either go for silk or cotton/poplin as an everyday shirt.

Linen shirts can be combined in a variety of styles during the summer vacation and have the advantage of not letting you sweat so quickly. But they wrinkle very quickly and so you can’t easily get that ironed smooth. Thus, outfits with linen shirts often look unkempt and not well done. So in everyday life, I’d rather keep my hands off linen.

Summer Capsule Wardrobe Checklist: 2-3 Tops

When it comes to basic tank tops, a well-organized closet should have 2-3 of them: White, black, and potentially also one very similar to what you also go for like a beige color or grey.

Summer Capsule Wardrobe Checklist: 1 Trench Coat

A trench coat is another must-have piece in any closet because it goes with any outfit and enhances every look at the same time.

Due to its classic chic style, a timeless trench coat just always looks elegant and is super easy to combine.

In addition, it’s suitable for the transition to autumn or even on colder summer days or evenings when you want to have something over a top or a shirt. Because this chic coat is not only elegant but also light and is therefore perfect for the summer or transition to autumn because it’s guaranteed not to make you sweat.

Of course, the absolute classics here are those of Burberry*, who first designed the light coats, but nowadays there are also many high-quality trench coats from other brands, which are often cheaper. So if you are on a budget, you should try one from COS*, Arket, Mango*, or Massimo Dutti. From the quality, they are usually just as good – but only half the price of the Burberry* ones.


Summer Capsule Wardrobe Checklist: 2 Blazers

In an elegant, timeless capsule wardrobe, of course, no blazer should be missing.

The chic jackets look very good over any outfit and immediately make you look a lot more confident, self-assured, and elegant.

We have often written about the topic of blazers and those who have been following our blog for a while know that it is one of the most difficult things to find a high-quality blazer that doesn’t cost a lot of money.

Because even if it’s summer, a certain amount (the higher the better) of wool in the fabric mix is essential for the fit of the blazer. As soon as there is a bit too much polyester or other synthetic fabrics in it, the blazer loses its shape and wrinkles just by looking at it – anything but elegant!

A wool blazer doesn’t always have to be very warm and unsuitable for summer. Because nowadays it is very difficult to find a blazer with a high wool content anyway, so you don’t have to worry about sweating in it. Besides, as I said, wool is only crucial for the fit.

Summer Capsule Wardrobe Checklist: 3 Sweaters

In summer, sweaters also count as outerwear, as they look best tied around the shoulders. Just put on a basic shirt (top or t-shirt) and tie a sweater around your shoulders so you can wear it when it gets colder.

This is an effortless look that always adds something and looks casually elegant. At the same time, it provides a good portion of coolness, which is very pleasant to wear especially in everyday life, and which incidentally reminds you of the charm of golfers.

Feel free to try it out.

When it comes to the color choice of your sweaters, you should also go for neutral earth tones to achieve a coherent look – so black, beige, and color of your choice like white, gray, or brown.

In the summer, you can of course also choose a more contrasting color, which then acts as an eye-catcher for your outfit, since you wear the sweater only as a kind of accessory tied around the shoulders.

For the beginning of your capsule wardrobe journey and the transition to fall/winter, I’d recommend you to start with the more classic, neutral colors like black, beige, and white because you have so many more outfit possibilities with these colors tones.

Summer Capsule Wardrobe Checklist: 1 Black Dress

Another item that every closet needs is at least one black dress. It would be best if you have a longer and a shorter one here that you can swap depending on the occasion.

Moreover, if you choose to have two dresses, it’d be good to choose a fancier one and a casual one to match them to the occasion.

According to Karl Lagerfeld, a black dress not only suits every woman, but the strong color also has the advantage of radiating sovereignty, elegance, and mystery.

Accordingly, a black dress that you love is a perfect balance and a really nice piece for fancy dinners or an event.

Summer Capsule Wardrobe Checklist: 2 Blue Jeans

With a classic pair of jeans, you definitely need one lighter and one darker.

Here I would go with the ones from Levis* and choose the standard 501 models* because they are the most timeless and also very easy to combine.

In addition, I personally prefer thicker denim, because with more elastane (i.e. stretch content) the jeans wear out faster, which means that in the end you have less of your jeans and may have to buy them again.

So make sure from the beginning to buy high-quality jeans that you can wear for years.

Summer Capsule Wardrobe Checklist: 1 Cream Jeans & 1 Black Jeans

Also, white or cream jeans and black are absolute must-haves that you can pair with anything.

I personally wear in the summer namely most rather timeless, brighter outfits, which is why I wear most white jeans with a white or blue button-down shirt.

Towards fall or winter, I usually replace my beloved white jeans from Mango* with my black ones also from Mango to create more contrasting, darker outfits for this season.

Summer Capsule Wardrobe Checklist: 2 Straight Leg Pants

You can never go wrong with black as well as beige (pleated) pants.

These pants are already more elegant and chic in nature than the jeans but are at least as easy to combine. They have the advantage of turning any outfit into a chic business outfit in no time.

But they are also great for everyday wear because the pants are usually very light and comfortable.

I’d additionally recommend the “straight leg” cut here – just like with the jeans – because they fall most casually and at the same time most elegantly.

Too tight pants, as well as skinny jeans, are in my opinion difficult to combine and are also not the most comfortable pants.

Straight-leg fit pants will slim your leg and showcase it at the same time, giving your body a beautifully feminine silhouette.

Summer Capsule Wardrobe Checklist: 2 Shorts & 1 Skirt

With the shorts, I would keep it minimalistic, just like with the long jeans and pants – that is, with colors that you like to wear the most and can combine the easiest.

Since we wear shorts only on warmer days and usually wear lighter outfits there, I would recommend you to choose lighter colors for the shorts here as well, such as white or beige jeans or pants.

Whether you prefer to wear jeans or regular pants is also up to you here. I would advise you here for the beginning but to fabric shorts, because they are lighter and are better suited for the summer.

For a skirt, I would recommend a longer midi skirt, because they are very elegant and you can easily combine them with a basic t-shirt or top to achieve the perfect look.

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