15 Easy & Effortless Ways How to Look Expensive in Summer

15 Easy & Effortless Ways How to Look Expensive in Summer

How to Look Expensive in Summer: To begin with, why is it so common for most of us to look very cheap and not expensive when the climate is hot?

First, of course, the fact that temperatures are rising, so we lose creativity and inspiration regarding what to wear in such a climate.

But secondly, I would also say that the summer heat makes us a little lazy, which is absolutely not okay! Because when are we supposed to feel and look really expensive, if not in the hot girl summer!?

And to make sure you don’t fall into that trap of becoming lazy or uninspired in the first place, today we have 15 simple ways for you how to look expensive in the summer heat.

Let’s start with tip number one…

15 Easy Ways on How to Look Expensive in Summer

The Linen Shorts

There’s hardly a better fabric for summer than linen.

Because of its temperature-regulating properties, you’ll sweat less than you would with other fabrics like cotton or, even worse, synthetic fabrics like polyester.

Plus, the fabric is naturally prone to wrinkles, but they create a casual yet very classy look! So the fabric is perfect for those who just want to skip the steamer or the iron sometimes and not worry about wrinkles.

The Silk Blouse

A blouse made of silk is always a good idea.

Together with a pair of white shorts/pants, you will look expensive in no time.

Flowing Pants

Flowing pants that go above the ankle are the epitome of elegance.

Not only because they stretch your leg and make you look slimmer as well as more feminine, but they are also a classy eye-catcher with pumps or sandals.

Flowing pants in white, beige, or another light color are great for summer because they are easy to combine and also airy, which is why they are perfect for hot summer days.

Knit Suits

That day has arrived when you are unmotivated to get ready and put together a nice outfit?

Then it’s the perfect day to throw yourself into a knitted suit because here you don’t have to combine or style anything and still look ultra-elegant and especially expensive.


A hat is a stylish accessory that instantly enhances any outfit – but unfortunately, fewer and fewer people wear them.

Either out of fear of not having a “hat face” or simply out of discomfort. But that’s a shame because even our grandparents and parents knew that if one thing looks elegant and expensive, then yes, a high-quality hat.

PS: A hat is also a lifesaver on hot summer days. Thank me later. 😉

Long Pleated Skirt

White Shorts

Do we need to say much more about this classic? I think not… 😉

These shorts are simply a must-have piece that instantly makes any outfit an elegant, expensive-looking eye-catcher.

Short Tweed Suit

Expensive-Looking Everyday Dresses

Of course, quality dresses for every day can’t be missing from our list of “how to look expensive in summer”.

Because one thing is clear: a feminine, luxurious dress still looks the very chicest and has the same advantage as a suit: you don’t have to spend a lot of time deciding which outfit to put together today. Because the decision is simple: a dress with high sandals or a pair of minimalist white sneakers and the handbag of your choice. Maybe it may also be a hat as an eye-catcher. 😉

Tweed Jackets

The Chanel-inspired jackets look indescribably elegant.

In addition, they have the great advantage that you can casually throw them on at any time if a light breeze passes by or a light wind comes up.


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