Bags Similar to Hermes Birkin: 30+ Bags You’ll Love in 2024

Craving that Birkin elegance without the hefty price tag? I’ve got you covered with a fabulous list of “Bags Similar to Birkin” that’ll give you that luxe look for less.

30 Bags Similar to Hermes Birkin You’ll Love

Here are some excellent options for bags that’ll give you the trendy look at far more accessible price tags:

1. Minimalist Croc Embossed Tote Bag

Bags Similar to Birkin
Photo: Shein

Let’s start our list off with a bang with this croc-embossed patent leather bag* from Shein. This Birkin look-alike will turn some heads for sure.

Not only does it look amazing, but it’s also convenient, giving you plenty of space to carry your belongings everywhere you go.

Shein offers this Birkin alternative in three colors, all of which are dazzling. It comes in green, brown, and red.

2. Croc embossed Top Handle Satchel Bag

This is yet another croc-embossed leather Birkin alternative that’s an absolute steal at its price.

You may think the lower cost will come at the expense of quality. However, in the case of this satchel bag, this isn’t true at all.

Additionally, this bag* has a distinct look with the lock elements it sports.

3. Nola Leather Bag With Top Handle

If you’re looking for a Birkin alternative that’ll serve you well on a variety of occasions, then the Nole Leather Bag is the way to go.

This top handle bag will work just as well if you’re spending the day at the beach or going out for a casual get-together.

The rattan material this crossbody bag includes gives it a unique aesthetic that will grab the attention of passers-by.

4. Katie Crossbody Bag

Bags Similar to Birkin
Photo: Katie Black

Sporting the same signature lock flap as the Birkin, this crossbody bag* is one of the iconic product’s best look-alikes.

It’s made of high-quality leather and is offered at a very reasonable price. The brand that makes this bag also offers excellent alternatives for Chanel bags.

5. Longchamp Small Mailbox Leather Bag

Bags Similar to Birkin
Photo: Lomgchamp

Are you in search of a minimalist alternative to the Birkin? Look no further than the Longchamp Mailbox Leather Bag*.

Not only is this bag a sight to behold, but it’s also surprisingly functional. Don’t let its size fool you, this bag can hold plenty of stuff. Additionally, it has an adjustable strap that makes it convenient to put on and take off.

6. Chloe Edith Leather Bag

Hailing from the same country of origin as Hermes, Chloe is a well-renowned brand with some fantastic products. The Edith Leather Bag* is no exception. This bag is beautiful beige that’ll work perfectly with various looks.

Additionally, it features the same attention-grabbing shape of the Birkin and the signature top handle. It even adds to it with distinctive stitching.

7. Metier Chocolate Private Eye Suede Tote

Coming in as the first suede entry on our list, the Metier Chocolate Private Eye doesn’t disappoint. This stunning chocolate-colored tote bag is just as spacious and convenient as it is elegant.

Furthermore, it features a detachable crossbody strap that’ll come in handy on many occasions.
Pair this bag with a denim ensemble, and get ready to have all eyes on you.

8. Cuoieria Fiorentina ‘Bella’ Tote Bag

Regarding fashion, you can’t go wrong if you go Italian.

This Birkin alternative from Cuoieria Fiorentina echoes this sentiment perfectly. It’s crafted from premium calf leather and features stunning gold-tone hardware and charm detail.

Additionally, it has the same circular top handles as the Birkin.

To put the icing on the cake, this bag is sourced and manufactured in an environmentally conscious manner.

9. BOSTANTEN Leather Laptop Handbag

If you’re looking for ways to arrive at work in style, this leather laptop handbag from BOSTANTEN is just what the doctor ordered. It has all the aesthetic appeal of the Birkin as well as some added convenience and functionality.

This bag is spacious enough to hold a 15.6-inch laptop. It also has plenty of pockets for your documents and pens.

To top it all off, this bag comes in six different colors, all stunning.

10. Shein Metal Decor Satchel Bag

This is yet another attempt from Shein at replicating the iconic Birkin at a fraction of the price, and boy did they succeed.

This bag is crafted out of faux leather, offering an astoundingly cheap price. However, this bag’s affordability and aesthetic appeal is counteracted by its relative lack of durability.

That said, you’ll experience no issues with this alternative if you use it only occasionally.

11. Mulberry Mini Zipped Bayswater Tote

If you can’t afford a Birkin bag and are searching for the next best thing, then the Mulberry Bayswater Tote Bag* is an excellent option.

This elegant tote bag is a work of art. It’s crafted out of high-quality, soft leather that’s super cozy to the touch. It emulates the Birkin bag’s design to perfection and comes in an array of colors that are all so pretty that they’ll have you struggling to choose between them.

12. Tory Burch Lee Radziwill Leather Double Bag

Bags Similar to Birkin
Photo: Nordstrom

This Birkin look-alike* by Tory Burch is an absolute beauty. It has a unique, elegant design that’ll turn more than a few eyes.

Additionally, the lock detailing on this high-quality leather bag is truly exquisite. The bag comes in two shades of beige that’ll perfectly complement your ensemble.

13. Givenchy Antigona Soft Medium Leather Tote

When it comes to fashion, Givenchy needs no introduction. Adding a bag from the iconic Italian brand to your collection is never a bad idea.

The Antigona Leather Tote Bag epitomizes this statement with its smooth leather build and exquisite design.

To put the icing on the cake, this bag has all the interior space you’ll need to store your belongings.

14. Ralph Lauren RL50 Burnished Leather Satchel Bag

Another great alternative to the Hermes Birkin is the RL50 Burnished Leather Satchel Bag by Ralph Lauren.

This is an open-top bag with a buckle-belt lock. It sports stylish top handles and also comes with a detachable crossbody strap that allows you to customize the bag to cater to the aesthetic you’re trying to achieve.

As for the bag’s insides are equipped with zip and slip pockets to classify your belongings. Additionally, the RL50 is lined with lambskin leather to give it a premium feel.

15. Salvatore Ferragamo The Studio Leather Top Handle Bag

Birkin Bag Alternative
Photo: Ferragamo

In searching for a bag that gives aura of sophistication, you won’t find many more suitable than this leather top-handle bag* from Ferragamo.

This bag’s silhouette is quite similar to the Birkin’s. Additionally, it’s crafted from premium, grained calfskin leather. It comes in black and caraway seed gray, both of which will look amazing on you.

Finally, this bag from Ferragamo isn’t all flash and no substance. It offers plenty of utility with the detachable shoulder strap that comes with it. The bag also features many interior pockets as well as a removable zip pouch.

16. Saint Laurent Sac De Jour

If you’re looking for the sophistication and style offered by Birkin bags at a fraction of the price, then the Saint Laurent Sac De Jour is a great fit for you.

This bag comes in a trio of colors, black, dark beige, and storm grey, all of which are stunning.

17. Dior Diorever

Whether you buy this bag in red or burgundy, rest assured that you’ll have added a show-stopper to your repertoire.

With its regal gold emblem, we guarantee this bag will be a head-turner everywhere you go.

18. Louis Vuitton City Steamer

Can’t get your hands on a Birkin? The City Steamer from Louis Vuitton might be the next best thing.

This handbag is the peak of elegance with its black aesthetic and gold accents.

19. Ralph Lauren Ricky

In terms of design intricacy, Ralph Lauren outdid itself on this one.

The Ricky bag has elegant stitching and curves that’ll take your look to the next level. Do you know what’s even better? You won’t need to dig nearly as deep in your pockets as you would for a Birkin!

20. Mark Cross Madeline Lady Mini

The Mark Cross Madeline Lady Mini is an excellent option for a delightfully vintage look. We especially love the chocolate-colored version of this beauty.

This color, along with the gold flap closure of the bag, is truly a sight to behold.

21. Prada Galleria Small Saffiano Double-Zip Tote Bag

In the world of top handle bags, few products can rival the Galleria Safiano by Prada.

This tiny bag is a huge fashion statement, regardless of which color you choose to rock.

22. Valentino Garavani Alcove Rockstud Shoulder Bag

This is yet another bag that may be small but has a giant personality.

The Valentino Garavani puts an exclamation point on your ensemble with the large ‘V’ emblem emblazoned front and center on it.

23. Demelier The Midi New York

This bag from Demelier* is the perfect combination of style and substance.

Not only will the Midi New York take your look up a notch, but it’ll also give you plenty of space to carry your belongings.

24. Michael Kors Hamilton Legacy Large Leather Satchel

From its size to its silhouette design, the Michael Kors Hamilton Legacy is virtually a carbon copy of the famed Birkin.

It comes in various colors, including marigold, crimson, and deep orange. It also has a chain link pendant for extra style.

25. Daesin Satchel Handbag

If you’re looking for a Birkin alternative under $100, the Daesin Satchel Handbag is just what the doctor ordered.

This stylish top-handle bag comes in various colors to suit all preferences. Additionally, it comes with a matching wallet.

26. Michael Kors Mercer Pebbled Accordion Tote Bag

Birkin Bag Alternative
Photo: Michael Kors

The pebbled leather build of this bag* is amazing.

The level of quality you get with the Mercer Pebble Accordion Tote is almost too good to be true at this price point. Add to that the surprisingly spacious interior, and you have a real winner.

27. Kate Spade New York Cameron Street Candace Satchel Bag

Are you looking for elite style and convenience all in one package? Look no further than this beauty from Kate Spade*.

This bag has a Birkin-esque silhouette and a nifty removable shoulder strap that gives you flexibility in how you wear it.

28. Tory Burch Small Walker Leather Satchel

Another excellent alternative to the Birkin is the Tory Burch Small Walker Leather Satchel.

This top handle bag’s accordion design gives it a spacious interior that can hold a 7-inch tablet. Add to that the premium leather it’s made of, and you’ll get a great bang for your buck.

29. Michael Kors Carmen Medium Flap Satchel

This is yet another great choice from Michael Kors as a Birkin alternative.

MK pulled out all the stops when designing the colors for this Birkin-like silhouette. Some of the muli-color variations of this bag are jaw-droppingly gorgeous!

30. Ralph Lauen RL50 Quilted Panel Tote Bag

We’re unsure what we love more about this bag, the soft calf-skin leather it sports or the quilted design. What we’re certain of is that they’re both incredible.

The RL50 Quilted Panel Tote Bag is one of your best options if you’re searching for a top handle bag.

31. Ralph Lauren Medium Buckle Raffia Top-Handle Bag

Regarding materials, this bag from Ralph Lauren takes a drastic detour from the traditional leather used in most bags on this list.

It has a raffia construction that gives off sunny summer vibes and will turn some heads!

What can I buy instead of a Birkin?

If youu0027re searching for alternatives to the Birkin bag, there are many options at various prices. The Lee Radziwill Petite Bag, Distressed Vintage Leather Rora, and Michael Kors Mercer Tote are some less expensive options. Consider the Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Leather Tote, Ralph Lauren RL50 Burnished Leather Satchel Bag, or u003Ca class=u0022wpil_keyword_linku0022 href=u0022 title=u0022Pradau0022 data-wpil-keyword-link=u0022linkedu0022u003EPradau003C/au003E Galleria Small Saffiano Double-Zip Tote for a more opulent look. If you want an alternative to the Hermès Kelly purse, consider the Launer Traviata, Delvaux Tempête, Salvatore u003Ca class=u0022wpil_keyword_linku0022 title=u0022Ferragamou0022 data-wpil-keyword-link=u0022linkedu0022 href=u0022 Creations Top Handle, and Saint Laurent.

What is the cheapest Birkin you can buy?

The price of a Birkin purse is determined by its size, color, material, and condition. According to various sources, the cheapest Birkin bags usually cost around $9,000 for a leather bag purchased directly from the store, but prices can vary greatly based on these factors.

Can a regular person buy a Birkin?

Yes, a regular person can purchase a Birkin bag from Hermès, but it can be difficult. Various factors influence whether or not sales associates give quota bags (either Birkins or Kellys). Some specialists believe you can purchase a Birkin directly from the boutique, but it may take some time. However, if there is no stock available in the store, there is no way to purchase a Birkin bag in the desired size, color, or leather.

Is it easy to spot a fake Birkin?

It can be difficult to identify a fake Birkin purse, but there are some indicators that can help you determine its authenticity. u003Cbru003Eu003Cbru003EStitching, zippers, protective covering on hardware, form and curves of the bag, and toggle are all things to look for. However, because counterfeitersu0027 replication methods are becoming more sophisticated, it is always best to buy from a reputable seller or have the bag authenticated by an expert.

Does a Birkin bag lose its value?

No, the value of a Birkin purse does not depreciate. Indeed, it is well-known for its high value retention and the ability to increase in value over time. Hermèsu0027 marquee items, the Birkin and Kelly purses, are particularly well-known for their resale value. To keep its worth, the handbag must be in perfect, like-new condition.

Is it cheaper to buy Hermès in Europe?

Yes, Hermès bags are often less expensive in Europe than in the United States. Depending on the luggage and location within Europe, the price difference can range from $500 to $3000 USD. When making a purchase abroad, it is vital to consider additional expenditures such as travel charges and taxes.

How long is the Birkin bag waiting list?

The waiting list can last up to six years. Because the waiting list rules may have changed over time, it is recommended to contact Hermès directly for the most up-to-date information.

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