Chanel Classic Flap Small vs. Medium: Which One is Better 2023

The Chanel classic flap is the dream bag for many luxury fashion lovers. The classic flap has stood the test of time, remaining a chic closet staple for decades.

If you’re planning to purchase the iconic bag, you might find yourself lost in a sea of different colors, materials, and sizes. You can choose the style based on your taste, but which size would be the best for you?

The most popular Chanel classic flap size is the medium. Yet, the small classic bag has been a popular choice recently due to the mini-bag trend.

In this article, we’ve compared the two sizes, so you can accurately pick the right one for you. Keep reading to know all about the Chanel classic flap, small vs. medium!

What’s the Difference Between Chanel Classic Flap Small vs. Medium?

Though Chanel classic flap bags come in seven different sizes, they’re the same regardless of the size.

The two most similar sizes are the small and medium classic flap. Telling the two bags apart is incredibly difficult unless you’re an expert!

Still, here’s the exact size difference between the two bags:


Since the main distinction between the two bags is their size, you might think they’re vastly different. Yet, the size difference is only noticeable if you compare them side by side.

The small bag’s dimensions are 9.3 × 5.7 × 2.6 inches. Alternatively, the medium Chanel classic flap’s dimensions are 10 × 6.3 × 3 inches.

If you’re a Chanel fan, you can measure the bag by counting the iconic diamond quilts. The small bag’s length is about seven diamonds, while the medium bag is eight diamonds long.

As for the chain strap, the small Chanel classic flap has a 9.5-inch strap drop, compared to the 9-inch of the medium classic flap. This makes the small classic flap more suitable as a cross-body bag.

That said, the chain is the same length in both bags. The strap is somewhat shorter on the medium bag as it’s wider too.


Chanel Classic Flap Small vs. Medium

Though the medium Chanel classic flap is less than an inch larger than the small, it can carry much more.

The small bag will be basically full if you only add your wallet. It can also carry your phone and lipstick. That said, there’d be no room for any items you might need throughout the day. If you have bulky keys, they won’t fit no matter how hard you try!

On the other hand, the medium classic flap can fit plenty of items in the extra millimeters. You can carry your wallet, phone, keys, makeup, and other small essentials. The bag will still close comfortably.

Note that despite the superior quality of Chanel bags, you need to take good care of them. Overpacking the clutch can lead to the leather stretching or the chain breaking. This means both bags have a smaller capacity than they can fit.

So, while the small Chanel flap can carry your necessities, you shouldn’t really stuff the bag to the point that it won’t close.


Chanel bags are one of the most expensive luxury clutches on the market. In fact, they’re basically an investment, as they get more expensive each year. Chanel constantly increases the price of their bags with each new collection.

The classic flap is one of the oldest designs that Chanel has. It’s also one of the most sought-after items. So, they retail significantly higher than other Chanel items.

It comes as no surprise that the medium Chanel classic flap is pricier than the small one. The small Chanel classic flap is $9,600, and the medium is $10,200.


You can get the Chanel classic flaps from Chanel stores or most luxury retailers. However, the small classic flap is more difficult to find, especially in rare colors.

Alternatively, the medium Chanel classic flap is one of the more popular sizes, along with the large. That’s why it’s available in various colors, materials, and hardware.

Similarities Between Small and Medium Chanel Classic Flap Bag

Chanel Classic Flap Small vs. Medium

Apart from the size, the small and medium Chanel classic flap bags are identical. You can find both in Chanel’s soft, calfskin leather, which is perfect for the classic diamond quilts.

Additionally, the bags are available in pillow-like lambskin, as well as Chanel’s recognizable caviar leather.

As for the design, the small and medium bags feature a double-flap, a zipper inside the bag, and the iconic Mona Lisa pocket at the back of the bag.

Which Size Is Right for You?

There’s no doubt that both the small and medium classic flap bags are the ideal addition to your collection. One size isn’t superior to the other.

Having said that, the Chanel bag is a pretty hefty purchase. That’s why you need to ensure the bag is suitable for you. You should also get plenty of use out of it.

Here’s what to consider before purchasing the bag:


The most crucial part of picking your dream bag is your personal style. If you like carrying smaller bags, don’t sacrifice that for the capacity of the medium Chanel flap.

On the other hand, if there’s a specific leather grain or color you’ve been looking for, wait for it to drop instead of getting the available clutch.

Simply put, your style is what determines which bag is better. If you purchase the bag you’re in love with, you’ll definitely get more use out of it.


The next thing to consider is function, or practicality. The two bags have separate uses, especially since they have widely different capacities.

For starters, the medium Chanel classic flap would be the right choice if you’re looking for a daily bag that fits all you need.

The small classic flap, on the other hand, is better for collectors who won’t be using their bags all that often.

Moreover, if you already have other Chanel bags, you might want the small, rare classic flap in your collection.


Chanel Classic Flap Small vs. Medium

You might think timeless Chanel bags are suitable for all occasions. Yet, you can’t wear a tote to an evening soirée just because it’s Chanel!

Accordingly, medium Chanel bags are better for day wear. They can elevate your casual outfits and even be a chic addition to your work attire.

However, the medium classic flap would look out of place on a night out or during a date.

Here’s where the small Chanel classic flap shines. The small-but-mighty bag is ideal for almost any occasion. Additionally, the small Chanel flap works as a cross-body bag and a clutch. So, it goes with any outfit.

You can wear this bag all day, whether you’re going to work or have a fun night out planned. Unfortunately, it doesn’t fit much.

Body Type

Since the Chanel bag is incredibly costly, you don’t want to end up with a bag that doesn’t fit you. You read that right! The bag’s size should be proportionate to your body.

If you have a petite frame, the medium classic flap can look like a jumbo or even a maxi on you.

That’s why smaller bags would work better for you. Yet, a smaller bag would make you look taller, but larger.

An easy way to determine which bag you should get is to look at your closet! If you own a lot of small bags, their size probably fits you better.

You might be buying the Chanel bag online and have no way of trying it on. In this case, you can visit any retail store to try similarly sized bags.


While most used items decrease in value, Chanel bags can actually make you money in the long run! Many collectors purposefully buy vintage Chanel bags to resell them at a higher price.

So, purchasing a classic flap can actually be a way to invest your money. Each size has a different retention of value, though.

You might think that the small, rare classic flaps would be a better investment. Yet, keep in mind that small bags are currently a trend. Medium and large Chanel classic flaps remain a favorite.

That’s why if you want a bag that can make a profit later on, your best bet would be the medium Chanel classic flap.


What is the difference between small and medium classic flap?

The small Classic Flap bag by Chanel is 9″ x 5.7″ x 2.3″ with a 10″ strap drop, while the medium Classic Flap bag is 9.9″ x 6″ x 2.5″ with a handle drop of 17″. The medium size has more space and a longer handle drop.

The most popular size for the Chanel Classic Flap is the Medium (also known as M/L). The Chanel Medium Classic Flap measures 25.5cm x 15.5cm x 6.5cm (9.9″ x 6″ x 2.5″). 

What is the best size Chanel classic bag?

The best size for a Chanel Classic Flap bag depends on personal preference and needs. The Medium (M/L) is the most popular size, while the Small and Jumbo sizes are also popular. Consider what you will carry, your body size, and the occasions you will use it for.

Is the Chanel small flap bag worth it?

The Chanel Small Flap Bag is worth it for those who prefer a smaller bag and have a smaller budget. It is also a good option for those who want a Chanel bag but do not want to commit to the higher price point of the Medium or Jumbo sizes.

What fits in a small Chanel flap?

The Chanel Small Flap bag can fit small essentials like a lipstick or mascara, a smartphone, and a small wallet. It can also fit a small notebook and a sanitizer. However, it may not fit a full-size wallet or a larger phone. 

To Conclude

So, what’s the best Chanel classic flap, small vs. medium?

The two bags are almost identical—even in size! The small Chanel classic flap is only an inch tinier than the medium bag. Yet, the inch difference makes for a significantly smaller capacity.

Both bags are pretty expensive too, costing thousands of dollars. So, the couple of hundred price tag difference seems insignificant. That said, the medium Chanel classic flap has a better retention of value.

As for functionality, the small bag is multi-functional, while the medium one is perfect for daily wear. All in all, the main thing to consider when purchasing your dream Chanel bag is your style.

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