YSL Bag Fake vs. Real (2023) – An In-Depth Review

Most of the YSL(Yves Saint Laurent) bags available in the online marketplace is fake. That should be your starting point. The good news is that spotting a replica unit is easy if you’re looking at the right spots.

First, look out for the leather quality. Afterward, look for the logo on the bag. Plus, look for the YSL bag Serial Number tag. In addition, make sure to look at the magnetic lock. Most of all, the price point should not be too far-fetched from those at flagship stores.

There’s more about YSL Bag Fake vs. Real; scroll down to read more! You’ll discover the differences between fake and real in the mentioned aspects.

YSL Bag Fake Vs. Real: How to Spot Real One

Let’s go on to find out the perfect tricks for the real YSL bag. These are the easiest to go forward. Check these points out whenever you get YSL bags, and you will get the answer.

1. Assess Leather Quality

First, check out the leather quality of any YSL bag you intend to buy. For example, the original one would have more deep-colored leather. At the same time, the replica would have more lighting colors and brighter leather.

More so, the replica will contain smaller grains on the surface of the lather. On the other hand, the real one contains bigger grains and lower gaps between each one. Moreover, you must check out for these signs on the leather quality to get a better sense of identifying the real one.

2. Get Overall Look

It’s the easiest option to detect a fake YSL bag. First off, have a glance around the bag. With an overall look, you will most likely find out its originality issues. It works most of the time.

Like, most fake YSL bags are a bit lighter in weight. Some of the models are not proportionate to their height. On the other hand, the real one has a squire size.

3. Use Flip Technique

YSL Bag Fake vs. Real

Checking out the flap is one of the effective techniques to find out fake YSL bags. For example, the stitches and strings of the replica are thicker. They don’t look better placed and are frequently lost to touch. The real one has slimmer stitching.

Moreover, the logos on the flap can help you find the original one. On the original YSL bag, the logo is well-placed in the middle. If you compare the replica with the real one, the replica would have a bigger logo. Real YSL bags feature a slim and moderate-sized logo.

4. The Font Style of the Label

Check out the bag’s label for faster detection. On the replica bags, you will see bulky leather labels. Most of the time, the label comes with low-quality leather with sharp edges. The label is made to blend with the rest of the leather in a replica.

On the other hand, the real one features a smaller and rounded label. The leather quality is superfine, and the stitching is to the point. Moreover, the lettering of the real label will be embossed and clearer. 

Look at the logo of the YSL Bag. First, the logo would be closer to the real one on the fake bag. Moreover, the letters would feature different shapes than the original ones.

The spacing between the letters is a lot less than the original ones. Most of the time, the logo is much bigger than the original one. The adhesion of the logo would be a lot weaker as well. Always try to have a touch on the logo for proper quality checks.

6. Pricing

YSL Bag Fake vs. Real

As you know, the original YSL bags are costly ones to go for. This is why the counterfeit bags of YSL tend to feature lower prices. You could even check out the official price for any specific model of the YSL. Compare the pricing, and you can easily detect the fake one.

Moreover, the original one always has a higher price. Unless a bag is second-hand, its price will stay the same. Hence, if the bag seems too reasonably priced, then it’s definitely fake.

7. Assess Magnetic Closure

The replica of the YSL is going to feature a much smaller magnetic closure. Moreover, most of them have screws in the middle of the closure, and you should steer clear away from them. It’s the easiest sign to detect the fake one.

The original YSL bags contain magnetic closure with a smoother and glossy finish. Moreover, the lettering of the magnetic closure will be smoother and embossed. Plus, the real one features a stronger magnetic lock. Therefore, the area around the magnetic closure will be a lot smoother as well.


Here are the questions you should know about.

How do I find my YSL serial number?

The YSL serial number has 12 unique digits with dots in between. You will find the serial number tag on the inside of the bag. It’s located near the zipper line. Once you open the bag zipper, you are going to see it right away.

How To Find An Authentic YSL Bag Serial Number?

Authentic YSL bags always feature a serial number on a tag. The tag which contains the number is stitched inside the bag chambers. Positions of the tags are often near the zipline. So it’s easy and clear to see when you open up the bag’s top zip.

How to authenticate Yves Saint Laurent?

To authenticate Yves Saint Laurent items, look for the YSL date code and logo, check the lining and materials of bags, verify the batch code and packaging of perfumes, examine the serial number, and scrutinize the magnetic closure and branding font. 

Do all YSL bags have a serial number?

Yes, all YSL bags have a serial number, which is usually embossed into the leather and can be found on the bottom of the bag near the seam.

How do you know if YSL is knock off?

To know if YSL is a knockoff, check for the YSL logo, date code, and serial number, inspect the materials and stitching, look for clean engravings and branding fonts, and scrutinize the packaging and dust bags. 

How can you tell if a YSL top is real?

To tell if a YSL top is real, check the logo, stitching, and tags, look for the correct fabric composition and care instructions, scrutinize the neck tag and wash tag, and compare the item to authentic YSL tops. 

How do you check the serial number on a bag?

To check the serial number on a bag, look for a leather patch with the brand logo and motto, typically sewn directly under the interior pocket zipper. The serial number is at the bottom of the tag and contains a minimum of 4 letters and 4 numbers.

Can a fake bag have a serial number?

Yes, some fake bags can have a serial number, but the serial number may not match the brand’s database or have incorrect formatting. Additionally, the quality of the bag’s materials and construction can be a giveaway that it is a fake.


Now you are well off to detect the difference between YSL Bag Fake vs. Real. Hence, you are more likely to avoid the ones which are not real.

Knowing more about original YSL bags ensures you invest in authentic products. Whether you buy it for personal reasons or business, you must know the difference!

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