Goyard Bag Prices in 2024: Latest News and Trends

Goyard Bag Prices: If you’re looking to buy a Goyard bag, it’s essential to understand the various price points of these luxury bags. Known for their exclusivity and craftsmanship, Goyard bags come in various styles and materials, each with its unique price tag.

In your search, you’ll find options such as the Goyard St. Louis Bag, with prices starting at $1,620 for the PM (Petite Modele) and $1,890 for the GM (Grand Modele). Additionally, you may come across more expensive styles like the Goyard crossbody bag, priced around $5,000, and the Goyard wallet, which can cost even more.

When considering a Goyard bag, be prepared to encounter varying prices depending on the bag’s size, material, and design. Remember that shopping for a Goyard bag is an investment in luxury and style, and understanding the price range can help ensure you find the perfect bag to suit your needs.

Goyard Bag Prices: How Much are Goyard Bags?

Goyard bags can vary in price depending on size, material, and design. In this section, you will find a pricing guide for Goyard bags, organized from low to high.

Pricing Guide from Low to High

Starting at the lower end of the spectrum, Goyard canvas tote bags such as the St. Louis PM (Petite Modele) may cost around $1,620. Moving up in size, the St. Louis GM (Grand Modele) begins at $1,890.

Looking for something more unique, like a crossbody bag? Expect to spend approximately $5,000 for a Goyard crossbody bag. Moving into wallets, the general Goyard wallet price is typically around $1,000 or more.

Delving into more elaborate designs, the Goyard Hardy Bag features an elegant floral motif and can be found in solid colors and prints. This statement bag costs $2,200, increasing prices based on size and customization requests.

On the higher end of the Goyard bag price range, you may encounter large totes made from exotic materials, such as crocodile skin. These luxurious bags can cost upwards of $100,000.

Goyard Tote Bag Price List

Goyard Bag Prices

Goyard tote bags continue to be highly sought-after luxury items. Here’s a brief price guide to help you navigate the various options available.

One of the most popular Goyard tote bags is St. Louis. Prices for the St. Louis PM (Petite Modele) start at $1,620, and the GM (Grand Modele) at $1,890. Remember that these prices may vary slightly depending on the color or personalization options you choose for your bag. Additionally, prices are typically lower in Europe or Paris.

Another option is the Bellechasse Biaude PM Bag, available in various colors to suit your style. While specific price details are not provided, browsing the official Goyard tote bags page can give you an idea of the price range you can expect for this model.

If you want a reversible tote bag, the Goyard Goyardine Reversible Anjou GM with a pouch has an estimated retail price of $3,400. This model provides versatility with the option to reverse the bag for a different look. The Anjou collection also includes smaller sizes, such as the Mini Anjou, which retails for around $2,700.

Goyard tote bag prices vary depending on the model, size, and additional customization options. Take your time browsing through the available choices and consider the Goyard Bags 2023 Price Guide (Updated) to ensure you make an informed decision when selecting your perfect Goyard tote bag.


Goyard Bag Prices

How much is a real Goyard bag?

The price of an authentic Goyard bag varies depending on the size, style, and materials used. Prices range from around $1,000 for a small canvas tote to over $100,000 for a large crocodile skin bag. Customization options, such as hand-painted initials or stripes, can add cost of up to $355.

How much is a Goyard bag euro?

The price of a Goyard bag in euros varies depending on the size and style. For example, the Goyard tote bag in the MM size is priced at €1,920 in Europe.

Is Goyard bag expensive?

Yes, Goyard bags are considered expensive due to their high-quality materials, craftsmanship, and exclusivity. Prices for Goyard bags vary depending on the size, style, and materials used, with some custom-made bags costing upwards of $100,000.

Is Goyard worth buying?

Whether or not a Goyard bag is worth buying depends on personal preference and budget. Goyard bags are expensive but are known for their high-quality materials, craftsmanship, and exclusivity. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide if a Goyard bag is worth the investment.

Why is Goyard so rare?

Goyard is rare because the brand has intentionally maintained a low profile and exclusivity. The company does not advertise and only has a handful of stores worldwide. Additionally, Goyard bags are not sold online or through third-party retailers, further adding to their exclusivity.

Is Goyard high end?

Yes, Goyard is considered a high-end luxury brand due to its use of high-quality materials and artisanal craftsmanship. The brand is renowned for its exclusivity and is highly sought by fashion enthusiasts and collectors.

Where in Europe is it cheapest to buy designer bags?

Designer bags are generally cheaper in Europe than in the United States, especially for French and Italian luxury brands. Outlet malls such as Designer Outlet Serravalle in Italy offer potential discounts of 30-50% on high-end brands like Saint Laurent, Versace, and Dolce & Gabbana.

How much is Goyard in Dubai?

The price of Goyard bags in Dubai varies depending on the size, style, and materials used. The Luxury Closet sells Goyard bags in Dubai, starting at $954 for a Goyard Artois MM Tote and $2,420 for a Goyard 223 PM Shoulder Bag.

The classic Goyard color is black with black trim and remains popular. However, the unique colors introduced in 2002, which include white, grey, red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, navy, and burgundy, are also popular among Goyard enthusiasts.

What is the Goyard belvedere pm price?

The Goyard Belvedere PM bag price varies depending on the material and customization options, but it typically starts around USD 2,500. 

What is the Goyard st Louis pm price?

The Goyard St. Louis PM bag price starts at USD 1,620 in the US, while the same bag retails for €1,220 in Paris. Prices may vary depending on the color and customization options.

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