Old Money Aesthetic 2024: How I Always Look Classy and Expensive

If you’re someone like me drawn to the timeless elegance of the “Old Money Aesthetic,” I love you!

No, for real, I could talk about it all day. That’s why I love to meet people who’re also interested.

What is the Old Money Aesthetic?

Old Money Aesthetic Meaning

Old money aesthetic is a nearly indefinable charm that combines elegance, grace, and tradition. It’s an effortlessly polished and sophisticated way of dressing, carefully curated to showcase your appreciation for high-quality, classic pieces.

Technically, “Old Money” refers to someone who inherits wealth instead of generating it for themselves. However, this doesn’t account for the style of the old money aesthetic we’re seeing on social media.

The old money fashion aesthetic is gaining popularity on platforms like TikTok, where the hashtag #OldMoney has amassed more than 566 million views. The trend encapsulates style inspiration from famous, wealthy families and covers how to achieve the old money look for both men and women.

The Old Money Lifestyle

Grey Old  Money Style Outfit
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The Old Money Habits

Like the style, its lifestyle is also all about sophistication, understated elegance, and an appreciation for the finer things in life.

It’s essential to adopt certain habits to embrace this way of living.

Start by investing in high-quality, classic pieces for your wardrobe, such as linen, polos, argyle vests, and tailored items.

Cultivate an eye for “quiet luxury” and choose designer items that aren’t flashy but rather exude timeless elegance. Brands like Coach, Massimo Dutti, or COS are very good at it – and not as expensive as the luxury brands.

Another critical aspect of the old money lifestyle is being well-read and knowledgeable about various subjects. This showcases your intellect and helps you engage in stimulating conversations with ease.

Regarding hobbies, opt for activities with a touch of class, such as attending art exhibitions, playing polo, or enjoying a day at the races. These pursuits signify an appreciation for refinement, culture, and tradition, critical elements of the old money way of life.

How to Behave like Old Money – Old Money Manners

To embody the old money aesthetic, it’s not just about your attire and hobbies – your manners and behavior also play a significant role. In social settings, always be gracious, attentive, and genuinely interested in those around you.

Aim to exude confidence without coming across as arrogant or self-centered. Maintain good posture, make eye contact, and practice active listening during conversations.

Remember, the old money lifestyle is synonymous with discretion, so avoid publicly discussing personal and political matters or finances.

When attending events or gatherings, be punctual and exhibit impeccable table manners. Demonstrate your knowledge of etiquette by knowing when to use the correct utensils, how to properly hold wine glasses and the art of elegant conversation.

In the world of old money, connections matter. Nurture your personal and professional relationships, and take the time to network with individuals who share your values and interests. This will not only help you grow as a person, but it’s also an excellent way to access exclusive circles and events.

Old Money Style: My Insider Tips That Always Make Me Look Expensive

Grey Old Money Style Dress
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The Old Money Wardrobe

I know this is part of the article you’ve all been waiting for The old money style.

Here are my favorite tips:

You’ll want to invest in staple pieces like tailored blazers, quality cashmere sweaters, and well-fitted trousers.

Don’t forget the importance of accessories, like leather belts, silk scarves, and a timeless watch to make every outfit look expensive.

Focus on:

  • Neutral colors: Stick to earth tones, navy, and cream for a timeless color palette.
  • Timeless patterns: Opt for subtle plaids, stripes, or herringbone.
  • Quality over quantity: Choose clothing made with the finest materials, such as cashmere, silk, or high-quality cottons.
  • Classic silhouettes: A well-tailored outfit with clean lines is key.

Luxury Old Money Brands

  1. Ralph Lauren: Synonymous with American luxury, Ralph Lauren is a go-to brand for old money fashion. From their iconic polo shirts to their exquisite tailored suits, you know you’re investing in quality and tradition.
  2. Brooks Brothers: Founded in 1818, Brooks Brothers is known for its classic menswear and old money aesthetic. Their clothing has a sophisticated, Ivy League-inspired style emphasizing high-quality materials.
  3. Burberry: This iconic British fashion brand is well-known for their signature trench coats and its time-honored patterns like the classic check. Burberry embodies old money elegance and poise.
  4. Hermès: A true bastion of old money fashion, Hermès specializes in expertly crafted leather goods, such as their iconic Birkin bags and exquisite silks. This French brand boasts exceptional quality and timeless design.

Here, you can read more about 35 old money brands (we’re showing you 35 brands that make you look expensive – we’ve structured them for all price ranges).

My insider old money tips on how to always look expensive:

Firstly, wear pearls. Pearls are a classic and timeless accessory that can make every outfit look elegant. They are simple yet sophisticated and can be worn with anything from a little black dress to a casual blouse and jeans. I love my pearl jewelry and wear it daily (earrings, bracelet and necklace) because it makes every outfit look a thousand times more expensive. Try it out, trust me.

Secondly, avoid wearing jeans. Jeans are a staple in most wardrobes, but they can cheapen your look. Instead, opt for tailored pants or skirts from high-quality fabrics like wool or silk. They look way more expensive and classy than the jeans everyone wears.

Thirdly, don’t wear belly tops. Belly tops are not elegant and can make you look cheap. Instead, opt for blouses or shirts tailored to fit your body shape. These will look more sophisticated and elegant.

Fourthly, avoid cheap fabrics like polyester or nylon. These fabrics look cheap and tacky, and they don’t breathe well. Instead, opt for high-quality materials like silk, cotton, or wool.

Fifthly, avoid flashy brands that put their logos big and wide. These brands look too flashy and not effortless chic. Old money people don’t want to convince anyone of their wealth, so they wear more understated brands. Instead, opt for brands that are known for their quality and craftsmanship.

Sixthly, wear more hats, leather gloves, and silk scarves. These three accessories are scarce and make you stand out from the crowd and look elegant. They are timeless and can be worn with almost anything, from a casual outfit to a formal gown.

Seventhly, red nails are a must, but avoid other colorful ones. Red nails are a classic and timeless look that will make you look elegant and put-together. However, avoid bright nails, as they can look tacky and cheap.

Old Money Beauty & Aesthetics

Cream Elegant Tweed Old Money Outfit
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Old Money Makeup

It’s all about a simplistic yet refined finish; think soft brown eyeliners, rosy blush, and beige tones, all designed to create an understated, classy appearance reminiscent of old money beauty.

What are typical Old Money Things?

  • Cultivated elegance: Embrace well-tailored clothing that showcases your appreciation for high-quality, classic pieces. Old money style girl is all about polished blazers, tennis whites, and cable knit cashmere sweaters, popular among leisure activities like horse-riding, Ivy League parties, and racquet sports.
  • Oozing tradition: The old money aesthetic is enthralling because it fuses grace and tradition. It’s exemplified in iconic items such as pearl necklaces, vintage watches, and designer brooches. For the perfect balance, include some of these timeless, treasured pieces in your old money look.
  • Preppy flair: Add an element of sophistication to your old money look by incorporating monochromatic outfits, Oxford old money aesthetic shoes, and knee-length skirts. In other words, aim for the old money aesthetic makeup look that captures the essence of “quiet luxury” and lacks attention-seeking logos.

The Rich Aesthetic – How to Get it in 5 Easy Steps on a Budget

  1. Invest in timeless, high-quality pieces: Opt for clothing items made from durable materials, like wool or linen, that can last for years. Focus on classic silhouettes, such as tailored blazers and neutral-colored trousers.
  2. Embrace minimalism: Value simplicity and elegance over flashy branding. Keep your color palette neutral and consider quality over quantity for your wardrobe.
  3. Cultivate a sense of grace and etiquette: Old Money vibes extend beyond fashion. Emulate the poise and manners associated with this lifestyle through proper dining etiquette, polite conversation, and refined interests.
  4. Accessorize with subtlety: Just the right amount of jewelry or accessories can elevate any outfit. Opt for understated pieces such as pearl earrings or a classic wristwatch.
  5. Incorporate elements into your living space: Bring the old money aesthetic into your home by investing in a few antique pieces, like a brass candelabrum or a vintage Persian rug. Create a cozy, opulent atmosphere with plush fabrics, polished wood, and soft lighting.


How to act like old money?

To act like old money, embody understated elegance. Prioritize education, speak politely, dress in classic, high-quality clothing, and value privacy. Cultivate an appreciation for the arts and philanthropy.

What are some old money traits most old money people have?

Old money traits include discretion, a focus on education and culture, philanthropy, good manners, and long-term thinking. People with generational wealth often value tradition, invest wisely, and prefer classic over trendy in their lifestyle choices.

What are signs of old money?

You show signs of old money if you prefer timeless style, value privacy, invest conservatively, cherish education and culture, and engage in quiet philanthropy.

How to dress like old money?

Dress like old money by choosing classic, tailored pieces in neutral colors. Opt for quality over quantity, and avoid flashy logos. Keep it simple and elegant.

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