Scandi Girl Style 2023: 25 Timeless Outfits (#3 Will Surprise You)

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What does Matilda Djerf have to do with the Scandi Girl Style?

If you’re a fan of Matilda Djerf, then you already know. The Swedish fashion icon is almost the pioneer of the unique style that is timeless, elegant, and casual at the same time – a mix of oversized pieces and comfortable silhouettes that originated in Scandinavia.

Djerf’s style is a great inspiration for the classic Scandi-chic aesthetic that focuses on minimalism and high-quality materials. This aesthetic is commonly associated with Scandinavian countries like Sweden and Norway, but it has also been adopted by international fashion brands looking to capitalize on this popularity.

Scandinavian fashion is characterized by muted colors like black and white, neutral tones like gray and brown, muted prints like florals or stripes, and the absence of metallic or garish colors. Matilda Djerf wears all of these items on a daily basis (even if she doesn’t always wear them at the same time).

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Elisa Steffes
Elisa Steffes

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